Google Maps

In this tab you can enable Google Maps. If you use one of the geo-calibrated maps - you can overlay them on the Google Map. Positioning is done automatically by MapSVG.

To use this functionality you need to get 2 Google API keys. See how on this page.

Fields Description
Maps API key This key is copied from MapSVG start screen, where you enter 2 Google API keys. But you can change the key individually for each map too.
Enable Enable Google Maps
Go to location Go to location on the Google Map. To fix the location as initial map position, click Menu > Settings > Position > Set current.
Map type Choose on the Google Map types: Road / Satellite / Hybrid / Terrain
Map style Choose on the Google Map styles. Please note that the style works only with Road and Terrain map types.

You can import custom map styles from SnazzyMaps.