Edit fields

Currently there are 3 types of filters in MapSVG:

1. Select

This is a "drop-down list" filter. This filter can be applied to the following types of fields: select / radio / regions

Example #1: You have custom objects in the Database. Objects have a Status field (type = Select) with the following list of values:


If you want to filter results on the map by Status field, you should add a Select filter for the Object.status field.

Example #2: Your objects in the Database are attached to Regions (they have a Regions type field). If you want to filter objects by Region you need to add a Select type filter for the Object.regions field.

2. Distance

This is a "find nearby objects" filter. This filter is applied to the Location field of your custom DB Objects. This filter allows entering a full address, or just a city or postal code, plus search radius (in miles or kilometers).

3. Search

This is a "text search" filter. Many Regions' and Database fields can be marked as Searchable in Database > Edit fields and Regions > Edit fields sections. When you add a Text search filter to the map - it is applied to all fields that you have marked as Searchable.