Details View

There are 3 types of pop-up windows in MapSVG that can be used to show your custom content: Tooltips, Popovers, Details view.

Details view is can be shown on click/touch on a Region or Marker. It is the largest scrollable window, which works best for long texts with images.

The Details view location is always fixed (unlike Popovers, which move around the map, or Tooltips, which follow the mouse pointer).

How the Details view look can be customized by editing the Region Details view template and DB Object Details view template. Also, you can add CSS styles for .mapsvg-details-container class in MapSVG > Menu > CSS editor.

Fields Description
Location Location of the Details view: chooose one of the default MapSVG containers or a custom container. MapSVG containers can be enabled in Menu > Settings tab. If you choose a custom container, provide container ID below. Custom empty container must be added to the WordPress page manually in WP page editor as HTML. Example: <div id="my-details"></div>
Container ID If you have chosen "Custom" as a location of your Details view - provide container ID in this field.
Width Enter value in pixels (example: 200px) or in percents (example: 100%).
Auto height If this option is enabled, the Details view height will automatically adjust to its content.
Margin Margins around the details view in CSS format. Example: 10px 20px (top-bottom: 10px, left-right: 20px)
Fullscreen on mobile devices Choose if you want to show Details view fullscreen on mobile devices.