jQuery().mapSvg is not a function

If then map doesn't load at all and you see the following error in browser's console:

jQuery().mapSvg is not a function

It means that there's something wrong with the attachment of MapSVG to jQuery.

If you use MapSVG-WordPress plugin

Check that you have only 1 jQuery library loaded on your page. WordPress loads jquery.js library by default but some plugins or themes add their own jQuery. If you've found that you have 2 jQuerys - try to find what plugin or theme adds it and contact plugin/theme developers.

If you use MapSVG-jQuery plugin

  1. Check that mapsvg.min.js (or mapsvg.js) is added to your page;
  2. Check that jquery.js (or jquery.min.js) is added to your page and there is only 1 version of jQuery;
  3. Check that mapsvg.min.js file is added AFTER jquery.js (not before).