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Automatic updates in WP Admin

This feature is available since version 5.8.0. Go to WP Admin > MapSVG and enter your purchase code (you can get on CodeCanyon). Click Activate. 2

Now WordPress will do periodical checks for updates. You can check for updates manually: go to WP Admin > Plugins. Find "MapSVG" in the list of installed plugins and click on Check for updates link.

To update the plugin click on Update now: 1

Manual update: uploading .zip in WP Admin

Download the .zip with the new plugin version from the CodeCanyon > Downloads page to your computer.

Now you need to upload MapSVG to your WordPress website. There are 2 ways to do this:

Open your WordPress admin panel, go to Plugins. Find MapSVG, click Deactivate. When the page reloads, find MapSVG again and click Delete. Now go to Plugins > Add new > Upload. Upload .zip with the plugin, click Activate.

Updating from versions <5.4.0

If you uploaded custom marker images to mapsvg/markers folder they will be lost with this method of updating. You'll need to upload them again or use the second method of updating shown below that doesn't delete the mapsvg/ folder. Since v5.4.0 markers are uploaded into a separate folder.

Updating from versions 1.x or 2.x

If you uploaded custom maps - they will be lost if you delete the plugin folder. Backup your custom maps from mapsvg/maps folder via FTP.

Manual update: uploading via FTP

An alternative, in case the WordPress Admin Upload does not work: unzip the file that you downloaded from CodeCanyon. Open your WordPress installation folder using any FTP manager: it could be Cyberduck, FileZilla, Total Commander. Go to the wp-content/plugins/ folder and upload the mapsvg folder you previously unzipped, overwriting the existing wp-content/plugins/mapsvg folder and all files inside of it.

Now in your WordPress admin panel go to Plugins > Installed plugins, find MapSVG and click Activate. MapSVG will appear in the main WP Menu on the left.