Directory is a a clickable list of objects that is shown near you map.

Directory can contain the list of Regions or custom DB Objects.

How the Directory items look can be customized by editing the Directory item template and adding CSS styles for .mapsvg-directory-item class in MapSVG > Menu > CSS editor.

Fields Description
Directory Enables the Directory
Data source Choose what you want to show in your Directory: Regions or DB Objects.
Location Location of the Directory: chooose one of the default MapSVG containers or a custom container. MapSVG containers can be enabled in Menu > Settings tab. If you choose a custom container, provide container ID below. Custom empty container must be added to the WordPress page manually in WP page editor as HTML. Example: <div id="my-directory"></div>
Container ID If you have chosen "Custom" as a location of your Directory - provide container ID in this field.
Sort by
Sort direction
Filter out
Mobile: show first
Mobile: directory min-height
Mobile: switch to map view on click on a directory item
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