MapSVG has a Database with user-defined DB objects. This Database may contain a list of your offices, sales representatives, event locations and anything else. DB Objects can be shown on a map as Markers and as HTML blocks in a Directory, Details view, Popover, Tooltips.


DB Objects are loaded with pagination.

Default number is 30 items per page. It means that you'll see only 30 markers on the map and 30 rows in the Directory. You can change this number (or turn off the pagination entirely): Menu > Settings > Pagination. Pagination buttons < Prev. and Next > can be added to the map container and/or to the Directory container: Menu > Settings > Pagination > Location


DB Objects can be shown on a map as Markers.

Adding markers by address or lat/lng coordinates requires 2 Google API keys: How to get Google API keys.


DB Objects can be shown as a list in the Directory: Menu > Directory > Source: Database. Read Directory docs

Filters & search

DB Objects can be filtered and searched: Menu > Filters. Read Filters docs.

DB Objects to Regions

DB Object can be attached to one or multiple Regions. This allows you to filter objects by Region or show all
DB objects in a pop-up on click on a Region.

Custom fields

DB Objects can have the following custom fields:

  • Text: short text, 255 characters max.
  • Textarea: long text, with optional HTML support
  • Select / Multiselect: drop-down list of values
  • Checkbox: any value that can be on/off
  • Radio: list of values
  • WP Post: WordPress post
  • Images: set of images. Each image comes in 3 different sizes: thumbnail, medium, full
  • Date: datepicker field, supports many international formats
  • Location: this field contains lat/lng coordinates and all parts for the address: city, country, zip, state, etc. When a DB object has a Location field, the object is shown on the map as clickable Marker.
  • Regions: this field allows you to attach a DB Object to one or many Regions.