Moving maps to another server

  1. Open phpMyAdmin
  2. Select your WP database
  3. Go to the "Export" tab
  4. Choose "Advanced options"
  5. Select MapSVG tables for export: choose tables that start with "wpmapsvg6*" string. Please note that your table prefix may be different from "wp_"
  6. Click "Go" to download the .sql file
  7. If MySQL table prefix on the new server is different from the prefix on the old one (default WP table prefix is "wp_") then you have to open the .sql file in any text edit and replace all occurences of the old prefix with the new value.
  8. Open phpMyAdmin on the new server
  9. Select your WP database
  10. Go to the "Import" tab
  11. Click upload and choose your .sql file
  12. Done!
  13. If you have uploaded custom SVG files on the old server - upload them to the new server by clicking on the "Upload SVG file" button on MapSVG start screen. Or copy the files manually via FTP from wp-content/uploads/mapsvg folder to the same location on the new server.