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🚀 Features / Improvements

  • Fullscreen Details Views option (Map / Details View / Location / Fullscreen);

🐞 Fixes

  • Reduced the size of the buttons in the toolbar in wp-admin area for smaller screens;
  • Stopped throwing an exception if Google Maps API key is unavailable (instead just showing an error in the console);
  • Fixed custom preloader text not displaying;


🐞 Fixes

  • Resolved an issue where visibility toggles were not being saved in the admin panel;
  • Addressed a bug causing SVG file loading to fail with error 500 on certain systems, which also prevented map loading;
  • Corrected the implementation to ensure custom preloader text is utilized as intended;
  • Fixed an issue with the visibility of mobile buttons (map/list).


🐞 Fixes

  • Fixed the non-functional drop-down list and buttons on the start screen of the MapSVG admin panel, caused by missing dependencies in some environments;


🐞 Fixes

  • Fixed SVG file not loading on some servers due to PHP setting;
  • Fixed the maps no randomly not loading on the front-end in some environments;
  • Removed circular dependencies.


We continue working on increasing the performance of MapSVG. This update adds lazy loading and changes the way the maps are initialized.

It is highly recommended to use the lazy loading feature if your map is located below the top visible area of the website and is not immediately visible to the user. Example:

[mapsvg id="1" lazy="true"]

🚀 Features / Improvements

  • Added 'lazy loading" functionality. Now you can add lazy="true" parameter to the shortcode to postpone map loading and increase page loading speed;
  • Map initialization scripts are no longer injected into the page body. This reduces the page size and increases loading speed. All the code is now downloaded on demand from the server. If you need to reinitialize the maps, use MapSVG.loadMaps() and MapSVG.unloadMaps() functions;
  • Google Maps API is now loaded asynchronously;
  • All JS dependencies have been updated to the latest version (Handlebars, Bootstrap, etc).


🚀 Features

  • Replaced outdated Font-Awesome icons with new thin ones from Bootstrap package

🐞 Fixes

  • Fixed directory sorting


🐞 Fixes

  • Fix deletion of images in the "Images" field in the forms


🐞 Fixes

  • Clustering


After a long break, we're happy to announce a new version of MapSVG that has important bug fixes and new features.

Additionally, we've added the new MapSVG logo, signaling the start of a complete product redesign. Other exciting enhancements and innovative features are already in the development!

🚀 Features / Improvements

  • MapSVG.Gallery: this has been sold as an add-on previously. Now it's free of extra charge! If you have a separate MapSVG.Gallery plugin - please disable it;
  • New MapSVG logo;
  • Initial JS bundle size has been reduced by 100Kb - which means faster page loading speed. We're going to continue recuding the JS file size by implementing modules and "tree shaking";

🐞 Fixes

  • Fixed "Download SVG with Google Map" feature (which got broken due to the changes in Google Maps engine)
  • Fixed ACF plugin integration
  • Fixed custom posts connection



  • fix "duplicate map" functionality