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MapSVG roadmap 2024

· 3 min read

MapSVG WordPress map plugin

The journey of MapSVG development has started 13 years ago. It all began at the end of 2011, born out of an abandoned project left unpaid by the client.

The initial version emerged as a simple jQuery plugin, designed to create maps out of SVG files – hence the name MapSVG. Uploaded to CodeCanyon with no expectations, within just a month, it ascended to become the most sought-after mapping plugin on the marketplace. Subsequently, the MapSVG WordPress plugin was introduced, boasting a plethora of enhanced features.

Presently, MapSVG is under the ownership of Northern Lights Production, a company nestled in Indonesia. This marks a new period of development, where we are committed to enhancing MapSVG's features and functionality to make it the best mapping software in the world.

And today, we want to unveil our roadmap for the future of MapSVG development!

New design

We are embarking on a ground-up redesign of MapSVG! A sleek, minimalist logo has already been unveiled on our website (which we like a lot for its simplicity). The comprehensive redesign of the product is well underway.

WordPress integration

Improved integration with ACF plugin, Gutenberg blocks, and more.

SaaS Features

Over the past few years, we've sensed that the functionality of MapSVG has been hindered by the constraints of WordPress. Consequently, we've opted to introduce additional MapSVG features as a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering, available via subscription. These features will reside on our servers, ensuring optimal performance.


In the era dominated by Artificial Intelligence (AI) spanning 2023-2024, MapSVG is eager to embrace this technological wave. We intend to integrate AI capabilities to streamline the setup process for complex maps.

Headless CMS and Cloud data storage

MapSVG's integration of a Headless CMS not only revolutionizes content management for maps but extends its utility beyond. It empowers users to utilize their data not only with maps but also with various other elements, such as tables, providing unmatched versatility and adaptability to diverse project needs. With Cloud data storage seamlessly integrated into MapSVG, users can securely store and access their datasets from anywhere, ensuring scalability, reliability, and optimal performance for their mapping projects.

Our upcoming "Search" SaaS feature, powered by Typesense, promises to revolutionize how users navigate and explore data within MapSVG. By leveraging the advanced capabilities of Typesense, we're poised to deliver lightning-fast search functionality, enabling users to effortlessly sift through vast datasets.


In the near future, we are poised to unveil our proprietary Geocoding service, serving as a viable alternative to the Google Geocoding API.

OpenStreetMap Support

Numerous users have expressed a desire for OpenStreetMap support as an alternative to Google Maps. We're delighted to announce that work has commenced on this front!