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New version 7.0

ยท 2 min read

MapSVG WordPress map plugin

Finally, the the new version of MapSVG 7.0 has been released!

The new version includes fixes for all the issues that arose due to incompatibilities with the latest versions of PHP and WordPress.

We've also decided to include MapSVG.Gallery in the main MapSVG plugin. Previously, MapSVG.Gallery was sold as a paid add-on, but now it's part of the main plugin.

Another important change is that we have started working on reducing the MapSVG JS bundle size. We've already managed to reduce it by 140KB (from 650KB to 510KB), resulting in faster page loading speeds and better SEO rankings. We're continuing to work on this and aim to bring it under 100KB in total.

Have you seen the new chat window in the corner of our website? Feel free to use it anytime for quick support requests. The chat also connects to Discord and Telegram bots, which you can use if you prefer. In the future, we plan to embed the chat into the plugin itself, so you won't need to leave MapSVG to get help.

The full changelog can be found here

If you have any feature requests or ideas, don't hesitate to contact us using the new chat!