Store locator map WordPress plugin

🚀 MapSVG, extremely customizable WordPress mapping plugin - now with the store locator functionality.

Search for nearby shops

Users can search by entering a full address (1 Brooklyn Ave, New York), city name (New York), or Zip (11786). Choose the distance units: miles or kilometers. Distance search works for any country.

1000 store locations? Easy.

Create custom fields. Add locations using a form.
Import large data sets from a CSV file.

Unique map styles

Import thousands of map styles with 2 clicks from
Give your store locator map an unique look.

Map containers

Show menu, filters and details - in sidebars, header and footer of the map. Show tooltips on mouseover and small pop-ups on click.

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Custom filters

Besides filter by address you can add filters by store type, state/province or by any other custom field.

Developer friendly

Are you a developer? Yes, we also dislike limited customization options. Get the full control with built-in Template (HTML/Handlebars), CSS and JS editors.

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