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Downloaded SVG map? Make it interactive with MapSVG.

Turn any SVG image into an interactive map.

More than 100+ countries and World maps are included in the plugin

Show tooltips & pop-ups.

With any HTML content.

Disable some regions.

Show number of votes, average income, weather by each region - with different shades of a color.

Show directory with a list of states / provinces / countries near your interactive map.

Create a list of objects with custom fields.

Possible field types:
text, textarea, radio, checkbox, WordPress post,
date, images, status, regions, marker.

Add markers by entering an address or lat/lon coordinates.

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Google Maps

Overlay vector map on Google Map.
Positioning is done automatically.

Map type:

Map style:

(works only with Roadmap / Terrain map types)
You can add custom styles from SnazzyMaps or Styling wizard

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