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Interactive vector maps and floorplans - jQuery plugin

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Why MapSVG?

Amazing flexibility

More than 100 geo-calibrated maps of all major countries of the World.
You can edit built-in SVG maps in any vector editor.
Need a custom map? Draw it in any vector editor and use with MapSVG.
You are not limited to maps. Add interactivity to any images.
Geo-calibrated maps allow you to use markers with latitude/longitude coordinates.
Looks good on any device.
Sujata Tamang Sweden Web Designer
"I would definitely recommend this plugin to anyone who is looking to insert a map to their website. Believe me, you would get it to work just the way you have imagined."
Michael Rog USA Web Developer
"The MapSVG jQuery map plugin is extremely full-featured."

use cases

See what you can do with MapSVG

Alexander Gilmanov Serbia Envato Elite Author Author of WordPress wpDataTables plugin Director, Lead Developer @Touchmesoft
"We developed several projects together with Roman (the developer of MapSVG) and you can take my word that you can always count on a stable and reliable code from him."

Map editor with Live Preview

See instant changes as you move the mouse

No coding requied with HTML+JS standalone Map Builder.
You can easily integrate the Builder in any project, any CMS.

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