The Best WordPress Google Maps Plugins

Google has a popular suite of applications that are free for anyone to access. One of the cornerstone apps that they have is Google Maps. It is a highly interactive online map and navigation system that can help people find their way to any destination.

Google Maps has mapped the globe with satellite, terrain, and street view images. Adding one of these maps to your website is a critical step to helping potential clients find your business. There are a number of WordPress Google Maps plugins that make this a simple integration to undertake.

Why Integrate Google Maps in WordPress?

You can copy and paste a code from Google Maps into your site directory to add a map to your website. However, this map will not be interactive. It merely shows where your store is to customers.

However, using a WordPress Google Maps plugin will allow you to add an interactive map with more detail. This can include directions, markers, details about your location, and other points of interest.

A store locator plugin can help you customize your map so that your customers can easily find you without getting lost.

Store locator functionality from MapSVG

While a map of your office or store location is one of the most common uses for a WordPress map and store locator plugin, it can also be used for blog posts.

For example, if you are a travel blogger, then you can use an interactive Google Maps plugin to show some of your favorite spots in a particular city. Or if you are a food blogger, you can create a map of your favorite restaurants.

These visual representations are an important way to engage with your audience.

There are a number of options for WordPress Google Maps plugins that you can choose from. In this article, we have rounded up the best options and included both free and premium options to the list below. It’s never been easier to add a Google Maps plugin to your website.

Awesome WordPress Google Maps Plugins


Vector Map created with MapSVG

MapSVG is a WordPress map plugin that allows you to embed an interactive Google Map into your site. In addition, it has the capacity to add interactive vector maps, image maps, map statistics, and so much more.

It even has the ability to convert image files into interactive maps with tooltips, shading, pop-ups, highlights, and more. It is one of the best WordPress plugins for maps because of how diverse it is.

MapSVG has powerful tools that enhance your interactive map building. This includes things like markers, coordinates, forms, custom CSS, and more.

There is even the capacity to use choropleth maps in order to add statistics or other information. This is perfect for adding demographics or radar imaging to your map.

Very Simple Google Maps

The name of this WordPress Google Map plugin is perfectly accurate because it does just what it says. It adds very simple Google maps to your website. It’s the perfect solution for those with any level of experience. Anyone can easily add an interactive Google map to your website with the provided shortcode.

Very Simple Google Maps also has more advanced features to include custom CSS or your business listing as it appears on Google. It is an excellent solution for adding a Google map plugin to your website.

WP Google Maps

WP Google Maps allows users to add a map to their website. Their built-in tools allow you to add traffic or bike layers, directions, zoom features, and shapes to your map. It makes the process of adding a map relatively simple.

There are ten themes to choose from for your map style, which explains why it is a commonly used plugin. In fact, WP Google Maps is actively used on more than 400,000 websites.

Google Maps Travel Route

This WordPress Google Map plugin is very simple to use. A dashboard is used to edit the location that you hope to display on your map.

The map can then be embedded into your WordPress site. You can use a provided shortcode to insert the map onto a page. The associated Google Maps widget can also be used to insert the map onto a sidebar.

MapPress Easy Google Maps

This free Google Maps plugin uses the most current Google Maps API to embed maps on your website. It can be used on multiple sites and is adaptable to different styles of posts.

It supports street view, custom text, real-time traffic, and shortcode amongst other things. There is a pro version that you can upgrade to if you need more premium features.

Hero Maps Premium

Hero Maps has some really neat features that make it a popular choice. The drag-and-drop format of this WordPress plugin makes it particularly easy to use.

You can create an unlimited number of maps for your website and add an unlimited number of locations to each map, too.

If you are including multiple locations, there is a handy tool to bulk import locations in a CSV file. You can also create custom shapes, filter maps, and add extra information for each map marker.

Advanced Google Maps Plugin

The Advanced Google Maps plugin allows you to add as many maps to a page as you’d like with unlimited locations and categories. The admin panel for this WordPress map plugin offers a wide variety of style options.

The biggest benefit of this plugin option is the ability to create responsive and searchable maps that are adaptable to different devices. This is a particularly useful feature if you have a lot of information to include on your map.

Gutenberg Map Block for Google Maps

The Gutenberg Map Block is the best WordPress maps plugin if you are already using the Gutenberg block builder. This plugin is suited to all skill levels and is easy to navigate. Just install the plugin, activate it, and insert your map.

Google Maps Locator plugin for WordPress

This map plugin is unique in that it allows visitors to your site to submit additions to your map.

The maps themselves can be customized, including markers, automatic display of geolocation, and visitors can even draw on the map. Listings can be rated and accompanied by videos. The map is also searchable, and has the ability to search within a defined radius.

Basic Google Maps Placemarks

You can integrate maps with placemarks on your WordPress website using this plugin. The markers identifying locations along with other map features can be customized by using a meta box.

One of the most popular premium WordPress Google Maps plugins is Mapify. Mapify makes it easy to add a map to your site. The flexibility of this plugin allows for a lot of creativity. You can even use it on pictures and artwork to create tags or pins.

Being a premium plugin, you can expect premium features. There are videos and animations, different styles of markers, lightboxes, and multisite integration among others. You can even create and export drafts of maps in PSD format.

10Web Google Maps

10Web is a freemium plugin that allows you to create unlimited maps with unlimited markers even in its free version. You can also add a store locator function for visitors looking for the location nearest to them.

Progress Map

Progress Map is an ideal choice of WordPress map plugin for maps that include lists.

For example, if you want to include multiple locations for a hotel chain or stores, this would be perfect for you. The locations marked on the map are also populated into a list below the map for easy access.

Map Markers

Map Markers is a superior map plugin that is perfect for even the most inexperienced user. It can help you feature multiple store locations, restaurants, real estate listings, and more on your website.

It’s easy to create maps with custom styles and markers. Map Markers offers numerous features that make this plugin user friendly and convenient.

Google Maps Widget

While the free version of this widget allows you to create unlimited maps, it only allows for one map marker. For a business with a single location, this doesn’t create any problems. If you need to be able to create multiple markers then you’ll need to upgrade to the premium version.

Using a widget, you can edit the location marked on your map as well as the style of your map. This is different from most other plugins that tend to have a settings page. The premium version of the app can provide a shortcode to add to the body of your website.

Responsive Styled Google Maps

This plugin allows you to create multiple maps with multiple locations. These maps can be easily customized and are responsive.

This is a premium WordPress Google Maps plugin with a number of features to help you create stylish maps. It also does not require a Google Maps API key.

Map List Pro

This is a premium WordPress map plugin that is loaded with features that make it quick and easy to add maps to your website.

Maps can be customized and, on the front end, users can search or sort locations. It’s a perfect solution for office or store locations and even for contact lists.

Simple Google Maps Shortcode

As the name indicates, this plugin helps you in using a shortcode for you to add maps to your site. Using your Google Maps API key and desired location, you can generate a map and its associated shortcode.

This is a simplistic solution that doesn’t include a lot of customization. The maps you generate can also be saved in a WordPress Transients API cache for up to three months.

5Sec Google Maps

The highlighted feature in the 5Sec Google Maps plugin is the interactive and visual map builder. It allows you to see the location markers as you add them to your map. There are 15 different pin options as well as the ability to upload your own custom pin.

Individual pins can have information added to them such as animations and directions. This is a premium plugin and it shows. There are 10 skins created by the developer and you can add unlimited color layers to your Google map as well for simple customization.

Responsive Google Maps

This is another WordPress map plugin that allows you to see what you’ve created as you edit it. Simply enter your coordinates or the address of your desired location to generate the map.

There are 40 different colored skins to choose from and 10 colors of markers. Once you’ve finished your map, you can pull the associated shortcode and enter it into your website.

Extended Google Map for Elementor

This add-on is a convenient extension for Elementor and Google Maps that will help you add multiple pins to a map. It is a free WordPress Google Maps plugin that is easy to use.

You can use any map type with this one. This includes terrain, satellite, road maps, hybrid, and more. You can even create custom maps with their own unique style.

This extension adds the ability to use latitude and longitude coordinates in the Elementor page builder. It includes several different pin colors, zoom, language settings, and street view capability. You can also use your Google Maps API key.

Maps Marker

This WordPress maps plugin supports a variety of different mapping services. These include Google Maps, Open Street Map, Bing, Mapbox, and WMTS maps.

While it is more commonly known as Maps Marker, this plugin is sometimes referred to as Leaflet Maps Marker, particularly on

The pro version of this plugin has premium features that enhance your map creations. One highlighted feature is the ability to use GPX Tracks to display the distance, pace, and time of a run or bike ride to a map on your website.

CP Google Maps

This free WP Google Maps plugin allows you to add an unlimited number of locations to your custom map. CP Google Maps will also add extra location entries to your map based on related topics.

You can upload your own custom markers or use the options they provide. You can choose how your Google map appears on your page, whether that is the size, margins, type of map, and the ability to zoom.

Maps can even be displayed in multiple different languages to suit a wide audience of readers.

Google Maps Easy

Google Maps Easy is a freemium plugin that is commonly used to add WordPress maps. It was developed by Supsystic, which is a popular plugin developer with many available plugins on WordPress.

The features provided in the free version are generous. You can create as many maps as you’d like with as many location markers as you need.

Unlike many other free options, you can even categorize and group together your location markers for better organization. This is an excellent option for those with limited resources who need to be able to use more features to achieve a desired result.

Interactive Google Maps

Interactive Google Maps is an excellent plugin choice particularly for those with a global presence or travel bloggers. It has the ability to display international locations, which is especially important if you have offices all around the world. NGOs with various international projects will also find this plugin useful.

There are a number of helpful features available in the Interactive Google Maps plugin. Highlighting different areas on the Google map in a variety of colors can distinguish areas of importance.

Further, using different colored markers can zero in on important locations. Users can hover over locations and see a tooltip pop up with relevant information. Customized actions can be assigned to different clickable areas of the map.


The last of these WordPress Google Maps plugins is Cartogram. It allows users to integrate Google Maps into WordPress with all kinds of customizations. It supports unlimited numbers of layers on your Google map and has strong compatibility with Google’s drawing tools.

Additional information about particular locations can be added as pop-up windows that are triggered by clicking on a location marker. The information window that pops up can have an associated featured image that can further expand into the lightbox when clicked.

Ending thoughts on the best WordPress Google Maps plugins

There is such a wide variety of free, freemium, and premium map plugins available for WordPress.

Each of them has useful features that will allow you to create your desired map. A map on your site is the perfect solution for visually demonstrating your travels, activities, office locations, favorite spots, and so much more.

Google Maps is one of the most popular navigation apps in the world. Adding it to your website makes it look more professional and legitimate. This is particularly true if you are a business that would like to entice potential customers or clients to visit one of your locations.

Maps are also an important feature for travel or food bloggers to be able to showcase the destinations they have visited. It is an excellent way to drive business to attractions that you appreciate as a blogger. They add context to the content you are creating that nothing else can.

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