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A blank map of Israel serves different purposes. A blank map shows the border outline of the country.

An added bonus of these maps is that they are free. For those needing to print using a black toner or a photocopier, a black and white image is most convenient.

A printed map is very practical for referencing or quizzing. It is also useful for students to use in class or while studying.

About Israel

Israel has a long history and so it has many different names. These include the Land of Israel, the Holy Land, and Palestine.

It is the place where the Jewish people have their roots. As such, Israel has large religious significance in different faiths.

It is where the Hebrew Bible finds its origin, and where Judaism and Christianity started.

The first thousand years or so of the history of the people of Israel is in the Bible. In fact, much of what historians know about Israel and the Jewish people comes from that ancient book.

During this period, the cultural, national, and religious identity of Israel took shape. Even after centuries of exile, this identity remained and is still perceived today.

Many consider Abraham to be the father of the nation of Israel. This assignment is also made based on information from the Bible.

It is possible to trace the origins of the Jewish people back to him, through his son Isaac. As the father of the nation, he is also the father of Judaism, and through his other son Ishmael, father of Islam.

The name Israel comes from the grandson of Abraham, Jacob. In the Bible, God renamed him “Israel”.

Later, Isaac’s descendants were slaves in Egypt before they settled in the land of Canaan. Ancient Canaan roughly corresponds to what is now Israel.

Scattered all over the world, the Jewish people never lost touch with the Promised Land. After 2000 years, the state of Israel was reestablished in 1948.

The official name of Israel is the “State of Israel”. It is at the eastern extremity of the Mediterranean Sea and it forms part of the Middle East.

In the north, it borders Lebanon and Syria. In the east and southeast, it shares a border with the country of Jordan and in the southwest with Egypt.

The western border is the Mediterranean Sea.

The capital and seat of government is the ancient city of Jerusalem. However, this assignment is in dispute at an international level.

Israel is not large in size, but its geography is very diverse.

In the west, there are coastal plains, highlands in the north and center, and the large Negev desert in the south. The Great Rift Valley cuts through the eastern part of the country from north to south.

Selection of Blank Maps of Israel

Blank SVG vector map of Israel

This map is created with MapSVG

Get a free blank map of Israel. Use this SVG vector map in combination with the MapSVG WordPress map plugin to add interactive features.

Use it for any work-related or personal project.

Satellite Image of Israel

Blank Transparent Map of Israel

Blank Physical Map of Israel

High Resolution Israel Blank Map

Map of Israel, Transparent Background

Administrative Map of Israel

Blank Physical Map of Israel with Transparent Background

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict – Blank Map

Israel Borders

Israel Physical map (with boundaries)

Simple outline map of Israel

Israel Borders with Hydrography

Israel boundaries, buffer zone, territories

Blank Outline Map of Israel

Israel relief location map

Israel with Nazareth and Tel Yavne Identified

Israel SVG Map

Bisan District Before 1948

Blank Satellite Map of Israel

International borders of Israel sketched with some parts of the neighboring countries

Topography of Israel

Israel boundaries, buffer zone, territories names

Israel Flag Map

Israel size and dimensions

Israel location map

Blank Map of the State of Israel’s sovereign land area (Area C included)

Israel coasts

Blank Printable Map of Israel

Blank Israel Map

Israel Outline

Israel blank map with antique sites

Israel Outline Map

Israel districts, buffer zone, territories names

Israel topo blank map

Israel antique regions

Outline map of Israel

Israel boundaries, buffer zone, territories, main cities

Map of Israel with Transparent Background

Israel Outline

Outline map of Israel districts

Outline map of Israel districts with names

Flag Map of Israel with Transparent Background

Israel cities outline map

Outline map of Israel districts in different colors

Israel districts with names, different colors

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