Blank Map of France? Plenty of Them Here

This is the right place if you are looking for clear maps of France that only show boundaries, states, and cities. Below is you have several examples of a blank map of France, which will satisfy all your map needs. These French map examples are printable and usable for any other purpose.

About France

Of all the European countries, France is the one with the most variation in landscape. There are coastal plains and sunny coastlines. Leaving the shores and beaches, one finds rolling hills and high mountain peaks.

In the south, France borders the Mediterranean Sea. The French Riviera is fringed with stunning beaches and sophisticated cities. No wonder that this area is one of the most popular holiday destinations. Whereas the coastline on the west, which meets the Atlantic Ocean, is much more rugged and wild. The south has plains and heading north becomes hillier and rocky.

In the northwest, along the English Channel, is the Cotentin Peninsula. A little further to the west the Brittany peninsula protrudes into the Atlantic Ocean. The white sandy beaches give a view of some of the small islands that are spread down to the Spanish border. Also on the Mediterranean coastline, one can find islands close to the French coast, of which Corsica is the largest.

In the east, towards the borders with Italy, Switzerland, and Germany, the landscape is dominated by the high mountains of the Alps. The highest peak of France is found in this area. The Mont Blanc measures 15,770 feet or 4,807 meters. It is the second-highest mountain in Europe. The map above shows the exact location of this peak.

When thinking of France, iconic images like the Eiffel Tower and the world-famous French cuisine come to the fore. The cuisine includes delicious freshly baked baguettes and the young Beaujolais wine. All of these are sold at the market in the middle of any small, sleepy town, where the locals play a game of pétanque in the hot afternoon.

So if you want to spend a holiday in France and enjoy all these lovely foods and scenes, use this blank map of France. Whether you want to see the countryside or the island of Corsica, have lunch in  Provence next to a purple lavender field, or see the beaches of the Côte d’Azur.

Apart from the European mainland, France includes various overseas territories and regions. The total land surface measures 247,368 square miles, or 640,679 square kilometers.

Regions of France

  • The French Alps
  • Massif Central

Administrative regions

  • Alsace – Strasbourg, Mulhouse
  • Aquitaine – Bordeaux, Pau, Bayonne
  • Auvergne – Clermont Ferrand
  • Bretagne (Brittany) – Rennes, Brest
  • Bourgogne (Burgundy) – Dijon, Macon
  • Centre – Tours, Orléans, Bourges
  • Champagne-Ardenne – Châlons en Champagne, Reims, Troyes, Charleville-Mézières
  • Corse (Corsica) – Bastia (Not shown – off the southeast of France), Ajaccio
  • Franche-Comté – Besançon, Belfort
  • Languedoc-Roussillon – Montpellier, Nîmes, Perpignan
  • Limousin – Limoges
  • Lorraine – Metz, Nancy
  • Basse-Normandie – Caen, Cherbourg
  • Midi-Pyrénées – Toulouse, Albi, Rodez, Tarbes
  • Nord-Pas-de-Calais – Lille, Calais, Valenciennes, Dunkerque
  • Paris region (IdF) – Paris  
  • Pays-de-la-Loire – Nantes, Angers, Saint Nazaire
  • Picardy – Amiens
  • Poitou-Charentes – Poitiers, La Rochelle
  • Provence-Alpes-Azur – Marseille, Toulon, Cannes, Nice, Avignon
  • Rhône-Alpes – Lyon, Grenoble, Saint Etienne, Valence
  • Haute-Normandie – Rouen, Le Havre

Overseas regions of France

  • French Guiana
  • Guadeloupe
  • Martinique
  • Mayotte
  • Réunion

Collection of Blank Maps of France

There are many ways to use blank maps of France, which very clearly show the borders of the country. Indicating specific locations on these maps is very easy. Here are some blank maps that will help you in your work or other personal projects.

SVG vector map of France

This map is created with MapSVG

Here you can find a blank vector map of France, as well as other countries. It can be used as-is, or it is modifiable. To make it interactive, use the MapSVG WordPress plugin.

SVG Map of France Departments

This map is created with MapSVG

This link leads to another blank vector map that highlights the French Departments.

Blank Vector Map of France New

This map is created with MapSVG

France Regions

France Satellite Map

Map of France regions and cities

French Coasts

Simple black and white outline map of the 13 regions

The 13 color-filled regions of France

French Coasts and Boundaries

The names of the 13 regions

French Hydrography

The capitals of each region

France Regions and Departments

Outlines of the departments in the 13 regions

Blank Green Map of France

Simple black and white outline of the 22 regions of France

France Departments and Regions in Color

Outline showing the 22 French regions

Relief map of France with departments and regions

Coasts, borders, and hydrography

Blank Map of French Regions

All the regions and their capital cities

Grey Map of Regions and Departments

Regions Outlines

Blank Map of France with Transparent Background

Neighboring Countries

Regions with names

Blank Map of French Departments with Transparent Background

French Departments

Main Cities of France

Map of French Hydrography with Neighboring Countries

Outline Map of France

Flag Map of France

Map of France with Flag

French Departments in Colors

Map of France with Wine Regions

Simple Blank Map of France

Flag Map of France with Transparent Background

3D Blank Map of France

Colored Regions With Capitals

Printable Outline Map of French Regions

Blank Map of France with Communes and Departments

France Outline Map

Monochrome Map of France

Hydrography Map with Transparent Background

Outline Map with Transparent Background

Simple Blank Map of France in Two Colors

France Stub Map

France With Corsica

France Region Department

France Regions

France Regions Blank Map

Transparent France png

Border Black And White transparent PNG

France, border, angle, white

Card Paper Blank Map

Blank Map of France Regions, Red Borders

Ending thoughts on these blank maps of France

The maps in this list are great for studying or other types of analysis. They can make a task more efficient. These maps are also useful to show locations or geographical features, like cities, rivers, etcetera.

Maps are also often used for measuring or calculations and these maps are also useful for this purpose. If a budget prevents you from buying one, use one of the above. They are free.

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