Moving maps to another server

  1. Migrate your WordPress with any WordPress import/export tool. Part of map settings is stored in wp_posts table (note: you may have a prefix different from "wp_") - so this step migrates that part;
  2. Manually copy all wp_mapsvg_* tables from old server to the new one via phpMyAdmin
  3. If WordPress on the old server was installed in a /subfolder and WordPress on the new server is installed in the root - you'll need to fix the SVG file path:
    1. Open your WordPress MySQL database in phpMyAdmin
    2. Find a table wp_posts
    3. Find a post with ID = your map ID
    4. Edit post_content field. The field content is long so it may be easier to copy the content to a text editor.
    5. Search for a word "source". SVG file path goes right after it. Remove the subfolder from the filepath and save the content back to post_content field.
  4. If you uploaded custom SVG files - upload them again to the new server by clicking "Upload SVG file" button on MapSVG initial screen. Or copy the files manually via FTP from /wp-content/uploads/mapsvg folder to the same location on the new server.