Add interactive vector map of South-korea to Wordpress with MapSVG plugin

Basic example with menu

This is an example of the map of South-korea with clickable Menu listing all available regions. Clicking on a menu item opens a Popover message on the map. Tooltips, Zoom and Scroll are enabled.

Different colors, enabled / disabled regions

Example with different colors and some regions disabled - those regions have grey color.

Showing statistical data

This kind of map is being called "Choropleth map". You can represent statistical information with different shades of a color. Hover the mouse over a region to see its statistical value.

Custom JavaScript event handlers

There are 5 event handlers which you can use to add any custom functionality. Try to hover the mouse or click on any region to see what happens!

  • onClick
  • mouseOver
  • mouseOut
  • beforeLoad
  • afterLoad

Geo markers

This map supports Markers with geo-coordinates latitude/longitude. Try to enter any address in South-korea to add a Marker: