The last WordPress map plugin you'll ever need.

Interactive vector maps, Google Maps, Image maps.

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MapSVG is a WordPress map plugin
which is able create all 3 kinds of maps:

1. Interactive vector maps (SVG)
2. Google maps
3. Image maps


Interactive SVG vector maps

Turn any vector image into an interactive map with MapSVG WordPress plugin.

SVG maps of countries included in the WordPress plugin:

Also there is a World map.

You're free to use your own SVG images: custom maps, floor plans, any image which you want to make interactive.

Show tooltips & pop-ups.

Add HTML with custom fields in template editor.

Disable some regions.

Show statistical information with different shades of a color.
Such kind of map is called "Choropleth map".

Show directory with a list of states / provinces / countries near your interactive map.

Or create a list of objects with custom fields.

Possible custom field types:
text, textarea, radio, checkbox, WordPress post,
date, images, status, regions, marker.

Add markers by entering an address or lat/lon coordinates.

Add search and filters.

Show Details View.


Google Maps

Combine interactive SVG vector map with Google Map.
Vector maps are positioned on Google Map automatically.

Choose type of Google Map:

Draw your artwork in any vector editing software.
Put it on Google Map.

Try to scroll & zoom the map!
Hover the mouse pointer on airport buildings.

Add layers visibility toggles.


Image maps

MapSVG has drawing tools which allow you to create interactive Image Maps from raster JPEG/PNG images.



MapSVG is extremely extendable with numerous javaScript event handlers.
Try to click on any building!



Fine-tune any styles with built-in CSS editor.