Download free Botswana SVG vector map - or make it interactive with MapSVG plugin and insert it to your website

Download free Botswana SVG map

Right-click on the button and choose "Download file by the link" from pop-up menu to download SVG map for free:
Download free SVG map of Botswana.

Or see below to see examples of what you can do with that map using MapSVG plugin: insert the map to your website, make it interactive, add custom objects, database, directory and search. Improve navigation and overall look and feel of your website.

Basic example with menu

This is an example of interactive map of Botswana with clickable Menu listing all available states/provinces. Clicking on a menu item opens a Popover message on the map. Tooltips, Zoom and Scroll are enabled.

Different colors, enabled / disabled regions

Example with different colors and some regions disabled - those regions have grey color.

Showing statistical data

This kind of map is called "Choropleth map". Such kind of map is used to show statistical information with different shades of a color. Hover the mouse over a state/province to see its statistical value.

Custom JavaScript event handlers

There are many event handlers which you can use to extend default functionality. Try to hover the mouse or click on any state/province to see what happens!

  • click.region
  • mouseover.region
  • mouseout.region
  • beforeLoad
  • afterLoad

Geo markers

This map supports Markers with geo-coordinates latitude/longitude. Try to enter any address in Botswana to add a Marker: