The Best WordPress Store Locator Plugins to Download

In the age of online retail, brick and mortar shops are increasingly needing to move to the digital space. A big reason for this is drawing online traffic to their physical location.

The benefit of WordPress powering so much of the internet is that it provides many useful plugins to help stores navigate the web and do business. Using a WordPress store locator plugin for example is a great start.

Why Use a WordPress Store Locator Plugin?

These plugins allow stores to seamlessly integrate their physical locations into their online ones. They allow the owner to always direct customers to the physical store and potentially capitalize on any online business they get. Linking an online space with a physical location is also an asset for yellow pages sites, and can increase a store’s rating on online directories.

With a wealth of options out there for useful WordPress plugins, however, it can be hard to decide on which ones to use. To help you choose, we have put together a list of some of the best WordPress store locator plugins available on the platform.

24 of the Best WordPress Store Locator Plugins

1)   MapSVG Store Locator

A truly customizable plugin, MapSVG allows users to choose from thousands of map designs thanks to SnazzyMaps and a huge array of customizable options so you can create a custom map for your website.

Use filters to let visitors search by address, city, or any way you like. It even lets you add more map locations if you need to. This can help visitors to find stores that are nearby, and help drive internet traffic that will convert into real-world customer footfall in your physical stores.

2)   MapifyPro

Although it has only been available for the last five years, this has quickly become one of the most widely used store locator plugins.

Its success can be found down to its wide range of features, which lets the user create a simple yet beautiful store locator.

3)   Store Locator Plus Free WordPress Plugin

As a more involved plugin in terms of the amount of control that’s available, this plugin is nevertheless a great and powerful tool.

Use its admin tools to alter the plugin using CSS and HTML. This gives you an extra level of customizable options, letting the user categorize locations, activate and deactivate search tools, and much more.

4)   WP Multi Store Locator Pro

Here’s another great store locator plugin which lets the user include extra information along with the maps, such as website links, addresses, and directions. These features make it easy and quick for your visitors to view nearby stores while allowing you to potentially gain customers easily with minimal effort.

It also has other features such as statistics, adding store managers, and more.

5)   Gwebpro

This easy to use plugin offers flexibility without complications. The base version of this plugin lets the user add multiple store locations, allowing you to manage them all in one place.

The UI is simple and clean, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t effective. One of the many plusses is that you will not require any add-on software to complement it.

6)   Map List Pro

This plugin is focused on allowing its users to add multiple locations and addresses easily. The simple interface makes it a breeze to manage all of these locations in the same place.

A big bonus is the more than 35 designs you can choose from.

7)   Themify Store Locator

Although Themify Store Locator has fewer features than some of the others on this list, it does benefit from having a really great interface.

Add descriptions, addresses, and phone numbers, as well as change the display layout, all using a simple and easy to use interface. This is a great option for those who are unfamiliar with website design and are looking for a powerful and customizable plugin without the difficulties of coding them directly.

8)   SimpleMap Store Locator

This great plugin allows the user to create an SEO optimized international store locator with ease. There is also a huge array of customizable options. The big benefit of this plugin, and a major way it differs from others, is the use of great SEO tools. This will help your site rank much higher on search engine results, thereby driving traffic straight to your site and to your business.

Another big benefit of this plugin is its ability to list an unlimited amount of stores, letting you manage everything in one location.

9)   Advanced Google Maps Plugin for WordPress

With the powerful engine of Google Maps behind this plugin, it is a really reliable option.

It is best suited to a stable number of locations, as opposed to changing ones. It allows the user to alter map filters, offer different routes for each visitor, and allow the visitor to “search nearby”, allowing for more results, as well as much more.

10)  Locatoraid

This simple but powerful plugin is designed for any kind of business, from stores to restaurants. It is based on zip codes and shows nearby results based on the zip code given by the customer.

11) Local SEO for WordPress Plugin by Yoast

This plugin offers huge customization opportunities using shortcodes as well as a useful interface. Create store locators that rank locations by any parameter you want, from the state, zip code, and more. The shortcodes also allow the user to embed information on any page, publication, and placement page they would like.

It also lets you use a WordPress widget to create a store locator from your website.

While you do require a year-long license to use it, this plugin offers some rich features that others do not.

12) Responsive Store Locator Plugin for WordPress

This simple plugin is great for adding store locations and managing them easily. It uses shortcodes [wc_store_locator] to display the maps on your site pages. It includes multiple Google map types, such as satellite, roadmap, terrain, and hybrid types.

13) WP Store Locator

This handy plugin lets you add multiple store locations in a map, and offers full customization. The map and directions can be in whatever language the visitor desires, and offer many different ways of displaying instructions.

It also offers some shortcodes to help embed the maps wherever on your site you would like. They also help to allow the user to define addresses, add opening hours, and customize the store locator maps.

14) Super Store Finder

This fully responsive WordPress plugin offers a powerful store locator. Its customization suite is massive, allowing you to change styles, colors, labels, and much more. It also comes with a Marker Cluster add-on for WordPress, but must be purchased separately.

15) Bullseye Store Locator

This plugin comes with the standard options to create location maps for your site. But the bonus is that it also allows you to display a Google map directly above or next to your result list. It can also utilize GPS on a customer’s device to automatically detect their location and help them find nearby stores.

16) Google Maps WD

This is a great and reliable plugin that makes wonderful use of the heavy-hitting platform of Google Maps. It lets you add an unlimited number of locations and stores.

Along with offering full customization to the admin, it also has extra features, such as giving full information about a result when a visitor hovers over the listing.

17) As Store Locator

This great free plugin by Alfio Salanitri uses a dynamic but approachable interface to get the job done. This little-known plugin packs a big punch, offering a great store locator service for your website.

Don’t let the small number of downloads put you off. This a plugin that punches high above its weight and offers a great deal in a small package.

18) Store Locator (Google Maps) for WordPress

Use the vast service of Google Maps directly on your site with this plugin. Also, make use of the multiple options for layouts and designs available to you.

It includes all the usual admin controls for managing locations and categories, but also includes shortcodes for added customization. You can control everything from the units of distance (km/miles) to the size of your map.

19) Agile WordPress Store Locator

Perhaps one of the most customizable plugin on our list, Agile lets the user control a huge range of functions.

Use preset templates or create new designs for maps. Import and export multiple locations. Sort locations and information based on a variety of settings such as states, cities and more. The possibilities really are wide open to you.

20) 10Web Google Maps

This handy little plugin allows you to make use of the powerful engine of Google Maps. Embed multiple maps and use them to make store locators.

The big selling point of this plugin is the customization options – specifically its dedicated map builder.

21) Advanced Store Locator

This is perhaps one of the most widely used plugins for the creation of store locator tools on WordPress. It benefits from using AJAX technology as vital support.

A unique feature of this plugin is its geolocalization ability. This means that it takes an address and converts it into exact coordinates, giving pinpoint accurate locations for stores.

22) VO Store Locator

This great plugin is a solid choice for creating your very own store locator on your WordPress site. It includes many features that are commonplace in these types of plugins, with an added bonus.

This plugin makes it simple and easy to integrate its functions and controls directly into your visual composer, making the management of stores and locations that much easier and more fluid.

23) Store Locator Plus for WordPress

Before we list the benefits of this plugin, it is important to make note of one particular point: most of these features come with the premium add-ons which are paid for.

That being said, its features are great. It can support thousands of locations, use HTML and CSS to achieve a more unique design, and support multiple languages for visitors.

24) WordPress Store Locator

This helpful plugin is more than a simple store locator (although it is that too). It allows the user to embed and link products directly on the page. The visitor simply has to click on the product and the locator shows them where it is available. This can be a great boost to sales.

Combined with its great customizable options, such as over 10 inbuilt layouts and 90 map designs, this is a great choice for any eCommerce website.

The Right WordPress Store Locator Plugin Is Out There

When creating a website for a business, it is important to keep your brand consistent. Linking your physical location to your online location is a great way of doing this. As a result of this, including a store locator plugin to your site is a great way to increase foot traffic and get more sales.

Hopefully, we have helped you see that if you are using WordPress, there are many, many options out there for you. Whether you are fluent in the language of website coding, or a novice to the world of eCommerce, you are bound to find a plugin from this list to help you.

The important thing to consider, as ever, is what is the right thing for your business. While some of these plugins may seem very similar, they all offer something slightly different, which will fit various businesses differently. No two businesses are the same! Once you have figured out exactly what your business needs, your choice from this list should be a lot easier to make.

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What is a choropleth map and what tools to use to create one

When displaying data, it is important to do so in a way that is as clear and as accurate as possible. This is particularly important when presenting data to an audience that may not be experts in that field. One of the most popular and effective ways of doing this is by using a choropleth map.

What is a Choropleth map?

Choropleth maps are some of the most commonly used types of visual aids today. They use color to display data as shaded points, lines, and areas. A common example is the use of choropleth maps to show census data. The data is displayed as a map of shaded areas, each area using a different color or shade to denote a data point. They are useful tools as data is often collect as enumerated units. Choropleth maps help show these units visually, therefore making the data easier to understand for the layperson.

Points to Remember When Making a Choropleth Map

Advantages and Disadvantages to Choropleth Maps

The big advantage of using choropleth maps is that they are able to express large amounts of collected data in a succinct, visual way. For example, population density is best expressed through choropleth maps. The combination of space and population density can easily be mapped onto a visual aid to help show how the data relates to the reality of the land type.

Some big advantages of using choropleth maps:

  • Statistics and data can be displayed quickly and easily
  • Choropleth maps can be scaled to suit any amount of data, so long as areas do not become too small.

There is a drawback to displaying data in this way, however. Due to pre-existing boundaries, it can limit its ability to represent data realistically. This is because it does not allow for detailed fluctuations in the statistics to be shown.

It is important to remember that all maps are just one version of the reality they represent. They are not objective. They are dependent on many decisions about what is shown when they are being drawn.

Color Theme

It is important to choose the most effective color progressions to use when making your choropleth map. Always consider the data you want to represent, and think about how best to display it visually, using color.

Sometimes, cartographers use single-hue themes. This means that one color is used for the entire data set. The different data points are shown through a fading from dark to light, often including black and white at both ends of the spectrum. Dark usually represents the largest number, while white represents the smallest.

Classes of Map

As mentioned earlier, choropleth maps often handle numeric data. This means that the data must be standardized as opposed to raw. They are sorted into two types: classed and unclassed.

  • Classed maps present data using a single color, but in a variety of shades from dark to light.
  • Unclassed choropleth maps use a gradient display of multiple colors to depict data. The major benefit of this type is that it can aid in displaying the data ranges more realistically, as it mitigates for variations in the data set.

When a Choropleth Map Should Be Utilized

The most common usage of choropleth maps is in visualizing population data. For example, employment rates and population densities.

They are extremely effective at showing the contrast between different pieces of data and making the impact more pronounced, especially for non-experts. If the data you are representing does not include regional patterns that would benefit from this type of visualization, then it may be worth considering an alternative.

The main use of choropleth maps is to show a more overall view of a collection of data — the bigger picture of what the data and research represent. They are not as good at showing detailed results, as they do not account for small variations in numeric data. Intervals between colors may not line up directly with those in your numeric data. By their very nature, they generalize.

We have linked two great examples of choropleth maps below to show how they can be used to great effect.

9 of the Best Tools to Make Choropleth Maps With

Creating your own choropleth map can be tricky at first. Luckily, there are many useful tools available that can make the process much simpler.

1)   MapSVG

choropleth Map created with MapSVG

MapSVG allows the user to display content as a vector, image, or Google Maps. It is a commonly used plugin to make choropleth maps with and includes options to use filters and searches as well.

You can convert your numbers to colors on the map. In this way you can show statistical information and visualize your data.

It actually does more than this. You can create objects with custom fields: people, locations, events, real estate properties, or anything else. Import large data sets from a CSV file. Use a built-in template and CSS editors to set up the look of your content on the front-end.

2)   amMaps

This is a great tool that lets you make choropleth maps quickly and easily. When an area’s value changes, it automatically changes your map and the associated gradients.

3)   AnyChart

This is another great online tool that helps you to create choropleth maps by assisting you with the coding process, which in turn will allow the user to embed the maps wherever they wish.

4)   Datamatic

This editor is built on the data visualizer d3.js. It allows anyone to make easy choropleth maps with the speed and simplicity of familiar software such as Excel.

5)   Datawrapper

Datawrapper helps you simply map your data onto choropleth maps. The resulting maps are responsive and dynamic.

6)   Infogram

This tool has a huge range of styles of choropleth maps for you to choose from. There are over 500 available! Each one is shareable over social media, presentations, and more.

7)   JSCharting

This software offers more functionality than others. If you want to not only create maps but edit and customize them, then JSCharting is a good choice.

8)   Kartograph

Another great choice if you need to create clear and simple visualizations of your data is Kartograph. Easy to use for novices.

9)   Polymaps

This JavaScript library is free to use and offers a wide range of interactive maps to choose from. It is guaranteed to display your data in a dynamic way.

10) MS Paint (Yes, this is a joke)

But it’s doable:

Choropleth Map Examples

Earliest Choropleth Map

This map from 1826 is the first known example of a choropleth map. It was prepared by Charles Dupin (1784-1873). This map of France, in black and white, shows the number of inhabitants per department that had enjoyed a basic education.

Sale of Cigarettes in Europe

An interactive choropleth map that uses different shades of red to show the sales of cigarettes in Europe by country.

Anglicans in Australia

A green-shaded choropleth map with data of the 2011 census. It shows the percentage of Australians that consider themselves Church of England.

Interactive Choropleth Map

An example of a colorful interactive choropleth map. Hovering over the map of the U.S. shows the population density of a state.

The Coronavirus in China

Choropleth map example of how COVID-19 spread in China. The data shown is as of February 24, 2020.

Comparison Choropleth Map

A choropleth of the percentage of urbanization by country in 1960.

Population Change

The map above tells an interesting story. It shows the population change over 2014-2015 in the US. At a glance, it shows specific areas where the population is growing. These areas include the coasts, the North Dakota oil fields, and the Sun Belt.

Static Choropleth of the US

Life expectancy by US county

Trump Voters and their Medical Insurance

This bivariate choropleth links two variables in one chart. It shows the percentage of people that voted for Donald Trump against their Medicaid coverage. It led to the conclusion that Trump is meanest to his own voters.

World Coal Cons

Hispanic Percentage in Texas

Excessive drinking Figures

A choropleth map example showing the rate of excessive drinking by county. The shades of blue give an idea of the areas with high excessive drinking rates, such as Wisconsin. It also visualizes the parts of the US where drinking habits are less severe, like Utah.

UK Population Density

The data in this choropleth is the population per county in Great Brittain and Ireland. It is shown as an average per county. So, it is good to keep in mind that this is an approximation of the density.

Displacement Typologies

Visualization of urban displacement in the San Francisco Bay area.

Choropleth map with ggplot1 and plotly

ggplot2 is a popular tool for making simple choropleth maps. This post shows how to load geographical data, link with a numeric variable, and render it as a choropleth map. Another tool is plotly. This method makes a map interactive.

Unemployment in the US

This choropleth chart shows the level of unemployment in the U.S. at the county level.

The Hispanic population density by U.S. State

A single color scheme is used in this map. The population of Hispanics in the U.S. by state is shown using lighter and darker hues.

Population Aged 65+ in the UK

Males/Females Ratio

The subject of this map is the ratio between males and females for the 50 American states and Puerto Rico. Based on the 2000 census, the values are displayed as the number of males per 100 females.

Bivariate Choropleth Map

An example of a bivariate choropleth map. A bivariate map is an efficient method to display two variables and their interaction. It makes the data and their relationship easy to understand. A bivariate map is also composed of a color code. Where a univariate choropleth uses only one series of colors, the bivariate map uses two series of colors. The combination of the two-color series shows the relation between the two variables.

The COVID-19 rate across the USA

Food Insecurity and Obesity

Population Density around the World

This chart visualizes the world’s population density per country. A darker color corresponds with a higher population density.

Children per Female

The average number of children born alive to a woman during her lifetime. The factor that is considered is the fertility rate by age per year. The study assumes survival through the childbearing years.

Folium Choropleth Map

Confirmed COVID-19 cases in the United States

A choropleth map example of the number of confirmed Corona cases per 100,000 inhabitants as of April 2, 2020. The data is split up by county. The shade of blue is related to the number of cases and the legend at the bottom shows the ranges by shade.

Redistribution of the House of Representatives Seats

The seats in the House of representatives were reassigned based on the 2000 census. This map shows the gain and loss of seats. It is a variation of the choropleth map. The color scheme is used to show loss (red) or gain (blue). The number of seats in displayed by adding a number to those states that suffered a change. The states that did not see a change are assigned a grey color and no number is added.

Religions by County

AWAP Highest Maximum Temperature

Age and Employment Ratio among the Elderly in the UK

Minorities and Family Size

Another example of a bivariate thematic map. The color scale is used to express the minority population. A dot of varying size represents the average family size among the minority population.

Average income in New York City

In this choropleth map, the New York City area is divided by ZIP code. The data represented is the average income for each ZIP code area. The darker the color the higher the income.

Reported Coronavirus Cases Worldwide

A graph reporting the number of Coronacases worldwide per country. The data is based on the information available from CNBC on March 17, 2020.

Voter turnout at the latest elections in Europe

An interactive map showing the voter turnout in Europe by country. Two scales are used. Green shades are for countries where turnout was above the European average. Red is used for countries where less turned out at the last elections than the EU28 average. Just for comparison, at the last US elections in 2016, 61.4% of the electorate voted.

CO2 Emission per Capita

Unqualified Residents

United States Adult Ages

Map with a theme the percentage of adults ages 20 – 24 in the United States. A higher color saturation means a higher number.

Population density of Switzerland

Chinese Population Density

Australian Population

This map shows Australia’s population organized by state.

UK Election Results 2017

Change in population Density over 1990-2000

A bivariate map combining population density data and change in population density over 1990-2000. For the population density, lighter and darker colors are used. To indicate the population change intervals a series of colors is used.

Census Respondents Proportion

Percentage of Catholics in Ireland and Northern Ireland according to a 2011 census.

The world’s friendliest countries

A choropleth showing the friendliness of the world by country. The additional information presents Iceland as the most welcoming country in the world.

The countries in red are friendliest or most welcoming. In blue the twenty least friendly countries are shown. By the way, The UK finished 55th and the US ended 102nd.

The Benefits of Using a Choropleth Map Are Clear

There is a reason that choropleth maps are already so widely used. They display data in a visual way, that makes the meaning and consequences of that data clear for all to see — including non-experts.

It is important to remember the failings of these maps, however. By the very nature of their design, they cannot show nuanced differences in numeric data. They generalize results for an overview rather than an in-depth look at the results.

However, if this is kept under consideration, they can be utilized to great effect. As with everything, it is important to consider what exactly your data is, as well as what it is attempting to show. This will ultimately help you decide whether or not using a choropleth map is the right way to go.

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I take it you like maps as well so make sure to check out MapSVG, a great WordPress maps plugin you should check out.

How to Add Google Maps To WordPress Without a Plugin

Adding a map to your website is an excellent visual display to demonstrate all kinds of different information. Being able to add Google Maps to WordPress is relatively simple and a useful ability to have.

Google Maps is one of the most commonly used interactive map platforms. It is reliable and can display information in a wide variety of formats. This includes street view, terrain, satellite images, and a traditional map view.

Having a Google Map on WordPress allows visitors to see your location with directions, in relation to other points of interest. It’s also very easy to share in a blog post or page, email, or on social media.

How to add Google Maps to WordPress? It is easier than you think. Here are some ways to do it without using a WP Google Maps plugin.

Why You Might Want to Add Google Maps to WordPress

Of course, you could just display your address on your WordPress site, but then you’re leaving it up to your customer to look it up on a map. Including a map does the work for your visitor. It shows them where you are in relation to other nearby landmarks or recognizable points of interest.

Also, adding a Google Map to WordPress is superior to just a screenshot of a map. There are several reasons why it is better:

  • It can instantly provide potential customers with directions from wherever they are to your business.
  • Google Maps is a reputable platform and seeing your business on that platform thus makes your business look more reputable and legitimate.
  • Having a Google Map embedded in your WordPress website creates a good first impression because it looks organized and professional.
  • Seeing where your location is and what your hours make it easy for your potential client to decide when to visit.
  • If your potential customers see that your business happens to be close to them, they are more likely to pop by.
  • Google Maps is a popular app that is well-recognized by a majority of people who also already know how to use it. Therefore, you’re giving potential customers more reason to trust your business.

Adding Google Maps in WordPress Without a Plugin

Embedding Google Maps in WordPress without a plugin is a simple way of adding a map with a single location or a set of directions. Alternatively, you can use “My Maps” on Google Maps to create a more detailed map with your own customizations. With My Maps, you can add multiple locations, custom colors, and notes.

Here are the steps to embed Google Maps in WordPress:

Creating the map container

First, we need to create a container. This is the space on your webpage where the map will be placed. We do this by creating a div tag that has google-map as the attribute.

<div id="google-map">

Then we need to add the styling. Using CSS, we will include information about the height and width.

#google-map {

Creating the map that you want to embed

There are two options to create the Google Map that you can choose from. Either of these methods will generate a Google Maps embed code.

The first option is a standard Google Maps map. Go to Google Maps and enter the location that you want a map for. Then click on the Share button and select the option Embed Map. This will give you a code that you’ll need to copy. Keep this embed code handy for the next step.

The second option is to go to My Maps in Google Maps, which you’ll need to have a Google account for. Click on the button to Create a New Map and follow the steps to create your own custom map.

When you’re happy with your map, click on the Share button and change the viewing permissions from Private to Public. Then click the menu button that looks like three dots and select Embed on My Site. Like above, this will give you a code that you’ll need to copy to use in the next step.

Adding the Google Maps Embed Code To Your WordPress Site

Now you will put that code that you copied to good use. Go to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to the page or post that you want to include the map on and select to edit it. In the text editor, paste your code from above.

You can continue to make alterations to the width and height in the editor until it looks just like you want it to. When you’re satisfied, hit the Publish button and you’re done!

How to Embed More Complicated Maps Without A Plugin

Using the official Google My Maps tool will allow you to create more complicated Google Maps for your website. If your business has multiple locations, you can use My Maps to include all of them on the same map. You can use custom location markers as well as additional information in the form of annotations.

Then you can add the map to WordPress by following the steps outlined above. Click the Share button, change the permissions from Private to Public, and copy the provided code.

Ending thoughts on how to add Google Maps to WordPress without a plugin

An interactive Google Map is truly the best way to display your business location. It is a highly recognizable medium for a majority of potential customers. Most people are very comfortable with using Google Maps. They will easily be able to identify nearby points of interest and navigate to your location. It also makes your business look more legitimate and professional.

Embedding Google Maps in WordPress is a very easy process with a number of methods to do so. You can even add a map to WordPress without having to use a plugin.

For simple maps, you can share a regular Google Maps map. Alternatively, if you have multiple locations or want to be able to customize your map, then you can use My Maps in Google Maps. Whatever map you choose, you’ll be making life easier for both you and potential customers.

And here’s where we’re advocating for using a plugin to add Google Maps to WordPress. The plugin that we suggest you use is MapSVG.

MapSVG is a WordPress map plugin that helps you create custom content (people, real estate, events, or anything else) and show it on a vector, image, or Google Maps – with filters and search.

Store locator section created with MapSVG

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Download a Blank Map of North America From This List

Blank maps are a common tool used when teaching geography. Students can use them as a template to color, highlight different areas, add names, and list other details, including physical features of different areas and political information. Common classroom uses of blank maps include adding in the names of countries, states, provinces, territories, bodies of water, mountains, time zones, and much more. Blank maps are an incredibly helpful tool for teachers to meet a variety of learning objectives.

North America is the third largest continent in the world, consisting of 9.5 million square miles of land. Within North America, there are 23 independent countries and 25 dependent territories. A blank map of North America can be used as a template by teachers to make numerous photocopies.

Here is a list of blank maps of North America with different outlines, color schemes, and organization. Each one provides excellent educational opportunities, and are great for use in schools.

Blank Maps of North America

SVG vector map of North America (USA + Canada)

Vector Map created with MapSVG

This blank map of North America includes the USA and Canada. It can be downloaded for use in classrooms as a hard copy sheet. Alternatively, it can be used online as an interactive learning tool by incorporating the MapSVG WordPress mapping plugin.

Blank Map of North America Continent – Digital File

The digital version of this blank North America map is available in several formats: AI, EPS, PDF, and JPEG. The JPEG file can be accessed in two different resolutions. The other formats can be opened and edited in Adobe Illustrator.

United States & Canada

This North America blank map allows you to edit the map legend, including the title and label colors. You can even change the colors on the map by clicking on them. This makes for great virtual education.

Printable time zone map

This is a blank map of America that displays all of the different time zones across the country.

Unlabeled Map Of North America

Just as the name indicates, this is a blank map of North America that is completely unlabeled.

Blank map of North America, Countries

This map of North America can be customized to omit state or capital names. This creates a perfect learning opportunity for students who can look up the names and fill them in on the map themselves.

North America

A simple black and white outline map of North America divided by countries. All of the countries are labeled.

PDF map of North America

PDF format is a universally used file format. It is more accessible than a map in AI or EPS format, which often requires costly software. This is a perfect solution for teachers looking for a blank map of North America.

Map of North America with Countries

This map of North America clearly depicts each of the 23 countries. It is available in AI, EPS, PDF, PNG, and JPEG formats. All are layered and can be fully edited.

North america98.svg

Available only in an SVG file format, this map of North America doesn’t include bodies of water, including the Great Lakes. Thus, the lands around the Great Lakes region look more unusual than they would on a normal map. This mapis based on the over-water boundaries between regions.

Map of North America continent political bathymetry

This North America map includes details about the countries, cities, capitals, and bathymetry. It is a layered and editable vector map and can also easily be printed for classroom use.

Free North America SVG Map

This North American map is ideal for web use and features a Lambert azimuthalequal-area projection. Regions are all identified by name and postal code.

Map of North America with US States and Canadian Provinces – Multicolor

A fully editable and layered map of North America that has a multicolor design to depict different regions.

Detailed map of north america continent vector image

A North America map outline that is shaded in with a color. This is a vector map that can be edited.

North America fill-in map

A blank map of North America that includes the oceans. There are label lines for each country and ocean in order for students to fill out the names.

Printable North and Central America countries map quiz

This is a North America map quiz that also includes Central America.

Outline Map of North America

This outline map of North America prints very well on regular letter-sized paper. It is a simple black and white outline that is ideal for use in the classroom.

Map of North America with Countries – Single Color

Available in AI, EPS, PDF, JPG, and PNG file formats that are fully editable and layered. The map is done in a single color.

North America map vector image

A patchwork of colors makes up this blank map of North America. Each color identifies a different region.

Map of North America with the United States and Canada – Single Color

This single-colored map only includes the United States and Canada, leaving out some of the more southern countries of North America.

Map of North America continent political

This colorful depiction of North America includes information such as the names of countries, capitals, and other physical features.

North America Blank Map

This is a detailed black and white outline of North America that includes not only the countries but defines states and provinces as well. Bodies of water are also denoted on the map.


A blank map of the United States and Canada with the states and provinces outlined as well. Hawaii is depicted as being closer to mainland USA than it actually is for the sake of making it easily printable.

Blank PDF map of North America

A free blank map of North America in PDF format. It includes a Lambert azimuthal equal-area projection.

Map of North America with Countries

This map of North America is available in AI, EPS, PDF, JPG, and PNG formats. The countries are distinguished from each other.

Map of North America drawing

A blank map of North America with a customizable legend. Perfect for students to color in each of the different countries.

North America blank map

A vertically oriented map that is perfect for printing.

North America Coasts

An outline of North America with the surrounding bodies of water.

Outline Map of North America with Countries

This is a detailed black and white outline of North America, including all of the countries. Available in AI, EPS, PDF, JPG, and PNG formats.

Political map of North America

A Lambert azimuthal equal-area projection. Includes the names of different regions, bodies of water, and mountain ranges.

Coasts, Latitude

This map of North America shows an outline of the continent surrounded by bodies of water. Lines of latitude are overlaid on the map as well.

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The Best WordPress Google Maps Plugins

Google has a popular suite of applications that are free for anyone to access. One of the cornerstone apps that they have is Google Maps. It is a highly interactive online map and navigation system that can help people find their way to any destination.

Google Maps has mapped the globe with satellite, terrain, and street view images. Adding one of these maps to your website is a critical step to helping potential clients find your business. There are a number of WordPress Google Maps plugins that make this a simple integration to undertake.

Why Integrate Google Maps in WordPress?

You can copy and paste a code from Google Maps into your site directory to add a map to your website. However, this map will not be interactive. It merely shows where your store is to customers.

However, using a WordPress Google Maps plugin will allow you to add an interactive map with more detail. This can include directions, markers, details about your location, and other points of interest.

A store locator plugin can help you customize your map so that your customers can easily find you without getting lost.

Store locator functionality from MapSVG

While a map of your office or store location is one of the most common uses for a WordPress map and store locator plugin, it can also be used for blog posts.

For example, if you are a travel blogger, then you can use an interactive Google Maps plugin to show some of your favorite spots in a particular city. Or if you are a food blogger, you can create a map of your favorite restaurants.

These visual representations are an important way to engage with your audience.

There are a number of options for WordPress Google Maps plugins that you can choose from. In this article, we have rounded up the best options and included both free and premium options to the list below. It’s never been easier to add a Google Maps plugin to your website.

Awesome WordPress Google Maps Plugins


Vector Map created with MapSVG

MapSVG is a WordPress map plugin that allows you to embed an interactive Google Map into your site. In addition, it has the capacity to add interactive vector maps, image maps, map statistics, and so much more.

It even has the ability to convert image files into interactive maps with tooltips, shading, pop-ups, highlights, and more. It is one of the best WordPress plugins for maps because of how diverse it is.

MapSVG has powerful tools that enhance your interactive map building. This includes things like markers, coordinates, forms, custom CSS, and more.

There is even the capacity to use choropleth maps in order to add statistics or other information. This is perfect for adding demographics or radar imaging to your map.

Very Simple Google Maps

The name of this WordPress Google Map plugin is perfectly accurate because it does just what it says. It adds very simple Google maps to your website. It’s the perfect solution for those with any level of experience. Anyone can easily add an interactive Google map to your website with the provided shortcode.

Very Simple Google Maps also has more advanced features to include custom CSS or your business listing as it appears on Google. It is an excellent solution for adding a Google map plugin to your website.

WP Google Maps

WP Google Maps allows users to add a map to their website. Their built-in tools allow you to add traffic or bike layers, directions, zoom features, and shapes to your map. It makes the process of adding a map relatively simple.

There are ten themes to choose from for your map style, which explains why it is a commonly used plugin. In fact, WP Google Maps is actively used on more than 400,000 websites.

Google Maps Travel Route

This WordPress Google Map plugin is very simple to use. A dashboard is used to edit the location that you hope to display on your map.

The map can then be embedded into your WordPress site. You can use a provided shortcode to insert the map onto a page. The associated Google Maps widget can also be used to insert the map onto a sidebar.

MapPress Easy Google Maps

This free Google Maps plugin uses the most current Google Maps API to embed maps on your website. It can be used on multiple sites and is adaptable to different styles of posts.

It supports street view, custom text, real-time traffic, and shortcode amongst other things. There is a pro version that you can upgrade to if you need more premium features.

Hero Maps Premium

Hero Maps has some really neat features that make it a popular choice. The drag-and-drop format of this WordPress plugin makes it particularly easy to use.

You can create an unlimited number of maps for your website and add an unlimited number of locations to each map, too.

If you are including multiple locations, there is a handy tool to bulk import locations in a CSV file. You can also create custom shapes, filter maps, and add extra information for each map marker.

Advanced Google Maps Plugin

The Advanced Google Maps plugin allows you to add as many maps to a page as you’d like with unlimited locations and categories. The admin panel for this WordPress map plugin offers a wide variety of style options.

The biggest benefit of this plugin option is the ability to create responsive and searchable maps that are adaptable to different devices. This is a particularly useful feature if you have a lot of information to include on your map.

Gutenberg Map Block for Google Maps

The Gutenberg Map Block is the best WordPress maps plugin if you are already using the Gutenberg block builder. This plugin is suited to all skill levels and is easy to navigate. Just install the plugin, activate it, and insert your map.

Google Maps Locator plugin for WordPress

This map plugin is unique in that it allows visitors to your site to submit additions to your map.

The maps themselves can be customized, including markers, automatic display of geolocation, and visitors can even draw on the map. Listings can be rated and accompanied by videos. The map is also searchable, and has the ability to search within a defined radius.

Basic Google Maps Placemarks

You can integrate maps with placemarks on your WordPress website using this plugin. The markers identifying locations along with other map features can be customized by using a meta box.

One of the most popular premium WordPress Google Maps plugins is Mapify. Mapify makes it easy to add a map to your site. The flexibility of this plugin allows for a lot of creativity. You can even use it on pictures and artwork to create tags or pins.

Being a premium plugin, you can expect premium features. There are videos and animations, different styles of markers, lightboxes, and multisite integration among others. You can even create and export drafts of maps in PSD format.

10Web Google Maps

10Web is a freemium plugin that allows you to create unlimited maps with unlimited markers even in its free version. You can also add a store locator function for visitors looking for the location nearest to them.

Progress Map

Progress Map is an ideal choice of WordPress map plugin for maps that include lists.

For example, if you want to include multiple locations for a hotel chain or stores, this would be perfect for you. The locations marked on the map are also populated into a list below the map for easy access.

Map Markers

Map Markers is a superior map plugin that is perfect for even the most inexperienced user. It can help you feature multiple store locations, restaurants, real estate listings, and more on your website.

It’s easy to create maps with custom styles and markers. Map Markers offers numerous features that make this plugin user friendly and convenient.

Google Maps Widget

While the free version of this widget allows you to create unlimited maps, it only allows for one map marker. For a business with a single location, this doesn’t create any problems. If you need to be able to create multiple markers then you’ll need to upgrade to the premium version.

Using a widget, you can edit the location marked on your map as well as the style of your map. This is different from most other plugins that tend to have a settings page. The premium version of the app can provide a shortcode to add to the body of your website.

Responsive Styled Google Maps

This plugin allows you to create multiple maps with multiple locations. These maps can be easily customized and are responsive.

This is a premium WordPress Google Maps plugin with a number of features to help you create stylish maps. It also does not require a Google Maps API key.

Map List Pro

This is a premium WordPress map plugin that is loaded with features that make it quick and easy to add maps to your website.

Maps can be customized and, on the front end, users can search or sort locations. It’s a perfect solution for office or store locations and even for contact lists.

Simple Google Maps Shortcode

As the name indicates, this plugin helps you in using a shortcode for you to add maps to your site. Using your Google Maps API key and desired location, you can generate a map and its associated shortcode.

This is a simplistic solution that doesn’t include a lot of customization. The maps you generate can also be saved in a WordPress Transients API cache for up to three months.

5Sec Google Maps

The highlighted feature in the 5Sec Google Maps plugin is the interactive and visual map builder. It allows you to see the location markers as you add them to your map. There are 15 different pin options as well as the ability to upload your own custom pin.

Individual pins can have information added to them such as animations and directions. This is a premium plugin and it shows. There are 10 skins created by the developer and you can add unlimited color layers to your Google map as well for simple customization.

Responsive Google Maps

This is another WordPress map plugin that allows you to see what you’ve created as you edit it. Simply enter your coordinates or the address of your desired location to generate the map.

There are 40 different colored skins to choose from and 10 colors of markers. Once you’ve finished your map, you can pull the associated shortcode and enter it into your website.

Extended Google Map for Elementor

This add-on is a convenient extension for Elementor and Google Maps that will help you add multiple pins to a map. It is a free WordPress Google Maps plugin that is easy to use.

You can use any map type with this one. This includes terrain, satellite, road maps, hybrid, and more. You can even create custom maps with their own unique style.

This extension adds the ability to use latitude and longitude coordinates in the Elementor page builder. It includes several different pin colors, zoom, language settings, and street view capability. You can also use your Google Maps API key.

Maps Marker

This WordPress maps plugin supports a variety of different mapping services. These include Google Maps, Open Street Map, Bing, Mapbox, and WMTS maps.

While it is more commonly known as Maps Marker, this plugin is sometimes referred to as Leaflet Maps Marker, particularly on

The pro version of this plugin has premium features that enhance your map creations. One highlighted feature is the ability to use GPX Tracks to display the distance, pace, and time of a run or bike ride to a map on your website.

CP Google Maps

This free WP Google Maps plugin allows you to add an unlimited number of locations to your custom map. CP Google Maps will also add extra location entries to your map based on related topics.

You can upload your own custom markers or use the options they provide. You can choose how your Google map appears on your page, whether that is the size, margins, type of map, and the ability to zoom.

Maps can even be displayed in multiple different languages to suit a wide audience of readers.

Google Maps Easy

Google Maps Easy is a freemium plugin that is commonly used to add WordPress maps. It was developed by Supsystic, which is a popular plugin developer with many available plugins on WordPress.

The features provided in the free version are generous. You can create as many maps as you’d like with as many location markers as you need.

Unlike many other free options, you can even categorize and group together your location markers for better organization. This is an excellent option for those with limited resources who need to be able to use more features to achieve a desired result.

Interactive Google Maps

Interactive Google Maps is an excellent plugin choice particularly for those with a global presence or travel bloggers. It has the ability to display international locations, which is especially important if you have offices all around the world. NGOs with various international projects will also find this plugin useful.

There are a number of helpful features available in the Interactive Google Maps plugin. Highlighting different areas on the Google map in a variety of colors can distinguish areas of importance.

Further, using different colored markers can zero in on important locations. Users can hover over locations and see a tooltip pop up with relevant information. Customized actions can be assigned to different clickable areas of the map.


The last of these WordPress Google Maps plugins is Cartogram. It allows users to integrate Google Maps into WordPress with all kinds of customizations. It supports unlimited numbers of layers on your Google map and has strong compatibility with Google’s drawing tools.

Additional information about particular locations can be added as pop-up windows that are triggered by clicking on a location marker. The information window that pops up can have an associated featured image that can further expand into the lightbox when clicked.

Ending thoughts on the best WordPress Google Maps plugins

There is such a wide variety of free, freemium, and premium map plugins available for WordPress.

Each of them has useful features that will allow you to create your desired map. A map on your site is the perfect solution for visually demonstrating your travels, activities, office locations, favorite spots, and so much more.

Google Maps is one of the most popular navigation apps in the world. Adding it to your website makes it look more professional and legitimate. This is particularly true if you are a business that would like to entice potential customers or clients to visit one of your locations.

Maps are also an important feature for travel or food bloggers to be able to showcase the destinations they have visited. It is an excellent way to drive business to attractions that you appreciate as a blogger. They add context to the content you are creating that nothing else can.

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What is a vector map? Examples you can download

All maps use a collection of data known as Geographical Information System (GIS) data. This collection of data covers the whole area of Earth.

GIS data has the capability to represent various levels of detail. When discussing the question: what is a Vector map? GIS data is key information.

All maps use GIS data that are in a visual format.

Technology, Online maps, and the Vector Map

Before advances in technology were made, maps were Raster tiles technology.

Raster maps use square tiles placed next to each other to represent a geographical region and scale. Raster maps displayed in an internet browser have limitations.

Vector technology delivers data in squared tiles too, buthas greater capabilities.

What is a Vector Map?

What is a Vector Map?

Vector maps are also known as Smart Maps. A Vector map has the capability to zoom in without losing its visual quality. These maps can better represent more detailed areas. Zoomed in, they can show greater data than any other digital map could.

Raster maps represent larger mapped areas.

In a lower resolution image, there are less squares that need to make up the image displayed. These squares are pixels. An image that is of low resolution will lose its quality and allow the squares to become visible.This is also true of Raster maps.

Raster maps use fewer pixels and are suited to larger style maps. Vector maps have a higher resolution and represent more detailed data.

Vector Maps Technical Features

Greater Data Capabilities

Greater Data Capabilities

A Vector map has the capability to allow a greater amount of data assigned to each tile. This means demographic data on the maps shows greater detail.

Analysis of the GIS data makes it a powerful decision-making tool.

Vector tiles can define map components such as rules for data representation. For example, street-level data layers can be set with constraints, such as always being on top. Other conditions can be set such as map design elements, fonts used for labels, the language used, as well as tags.

The Vector map data is also faster and easier to update and keep current. Vector tiles are flexible.

Levels of Resolution of Vector Maps Explained

There are three standard levels of resolution of Vector maps. Level 0 represents low resolution, level 1 represents medium resolution, and level 2 is high resolution. The following outlines each category with examples.

Level Zero (VMAP0)

Level Zero (VMAP0)

Level Zero covers the worldwide area of GIS data and is the smallest scale resolution. The data sets for this level are available for public use.

The data structure standard is the Vector Product Format (VPF).

This data is used to map large areas and/or data sets including the following:

  • North America
  • Europe and North Asia
  • South America, Africa, and Antarctica
  • South Asia and Australia

Level One (VMAP1)

Level One is subject to a standard named the MIL-V-89033 standard. This level must meet the following criteria:

  • Horizontal accuracy: 125-500m
  • Vertical accuracy: 0.5-2 Contour Interval (for example: if contour interval is 50 m, accuracy will be 25 to 100m)

Example Data sets that this level covers are as follows:

Level One covers 234 geographical areas. These include Costa Rica, Libya, United States, Mexico and Iraq.

Level Two (VMAP2)

Level Two data represents the largest scale resolution. Level Two tiles are subject to the MIL-V-89032 standard. This level must meet the following criteria:

  • Horizontal accuracy: 50-200m
  • Vertical accuracy: 0.5-2 Contour Interval (for example: if contour interval is 50 m, accuracy will be 25 to 100m)

Level Two data represents all data that covers the most detailed mapping information.

It is important to note that this data is subject to copyright. There are strict standards for its use in the creation of maps.

Vector Map Attributes

Vector Map Attributes

A vector map is a database of polygons, lines, and points which make up all the features on the map. Vector data is not made up of a grid of pixels. Instead, Vector images use vertices and avenues.

The three basic symbol types for vector data are points, lines, and polygons (areas). Cartographers use these symbols to signify attributes on maps.

Vector points are generally longitude and latitude, and use a spatial reference framework.

Enhanced Visual Display

There are limitations with large scale maps.

Raster data, for example, is represented in pixels. A good example of Raster data is imagery, having data saved in pixels.

Vector information has attributes saved against capabilities. A good example of vector data collection can be data for the road network of a city.

Raster tiles are images stitched together and do not have detail. Raster tiles have fixed styles, defined when created.

Vector maps have the capability to display:

  • major road networks
  • railroad networks
  • hydrologic drainage systems
  • utility networks (cross-country pipelines and communication lines)
  • major airports
  • elevation contours
  • coastlines
  • International boundaries
  • populated places
  • index of geographical names

More Benefits of Vector Maps

Vector Map created with MapSVG

Another element that makes vector tiles the better choice for rendering is that raster tiles are pre-rendered when viewed.

Vector tiles are smaller, approximately 20–50% of the size of Raster tiles. This means that they are more efficient, taking less time to and fewer resources to use.

Vector tiles offer high-resolution displays. Raster tile file sizes vary and don’t provide a high resolution on zoom levels.

Summary of Vector Maps Advantages

  • Reduced bandwidth consumption
  • Vector data displays streets, rivers, land
  • Useis easier than Raster data
  • No need for zoom levels , as consumerscan zoom and pan throughout all scales
  • De-facto mobile standard
  • Vector data are compatible with the relational database management program
  • Easy customization - with one small text file

Examples of Vector Maps Currently Used Online

Vector maps that are currently used on the web, for both private and commercial use, can be found below.Raster maps are still used for mapping requirements, but vector maps are gaining popularity.

The examples set out here show vector maps, their key features, and their technical capabilities.

Free blank SVG vector map of the world

World Map Vector that you can download for free, courtesy of MapSVG

Map of Larger scale earth and side by side visual examples of the data levels

Map of Larger scale earth and side by side visual examples of the data levels

This example outlines the three levels of data as mentioned above. It provides an excellent representation of all three levels in use. Shown side by side, it provides an excellent visual explanation of each data set.

Vector map of Japan customisable and scalable

Vector map of Japan customisable and scalable

Vector map of Japan which covers the area of Japan. This map is customisable and editable. It has the ability to zoom into the province level and create maps of smaller areas.

Map of Portland interactive 3D map

Map of Portland interactive 3D map

This vector map demonstrates its ability to create interactive maps. It has 3D feature capability, is customisable, multi-layered, and includes many other features. This map is a good example of the features of high-quality vector maps.

Example of mapping product that incorporates directional data

Example of mapping product that incorporates directional data

This vector map combines features in many geographical areas and shows directions.

Map of Germany with States – Single Color Product other options available

Map of Germany with States - Single Color Product other options available

This vector map covers the country area of Germany. It contains several attributes that are unique to vector maps. It is one colour with many more features and attributes available.

Map of London Centre – Multi-layer design options with single format output

Map of London Centre – Multi-layer design options with single format output

This is a vector map of the London Centre. It includes features that include major landmarks. It is available in Adobe Illustrator format which will accommodate extra design features.

Map of Washington in the United States – outline format

Map of Washington in the United States – outline format

This vector map covers the state of Washington. It is customisable and is available in various formats. Features include flags, name state, name state area, state area, texture and vignette.

Map of France and it surrounds

Map of France and it surrounds

This vector map covers France and surrounding countries. It is customisable and is available in several formats.

Colour maps of Rio de Janeiro Brazil Map

Colour maps of Rio de Janeiro Brazil Map

This colour vector map of Rio de Janeiro Brazil covers a 1200 square mile area. It includes features such as arterial and major road networks. It has various other details and is customisable. It is available in Adobe Illustrator format.

Outline map of the world

Outline map of the world

This vector map is an outline map of the world and includes outlines of each country. Each country is in alphabetical order with one country per layer.

There is a free version and paid version of this map.

Vector map of Italy outline

Vector map of Italy outline

This vectormap is a free map of Italy. It is printable and customisable. Its layers include country area, flag, name capital, name of country and vignette.

Map of Iceland broken down by regions in multicolour

Map of Iceland broken down by regions in multicolour

This map covers Iceland and has region level detail represented in different colours. It is available in many formats. It is a free version with an option for the user to provide attributes.

Globe Map Europe and Africa Centred (outline)

Globe Map Europe and Africa Centred (outline)

Thisvector map represents Europe and Africa. This is a paid product and is available in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe PDF formats. It is a compressed ZIP file. This map has a high-quality range and magnification features.

Single Colour High level map of Australia

Single Colour High level map of Australia

This map of Australia covers the whole country. This is a high-level vectormap that covers the country in a solid colour. It is available in customisable formats. There is a paid and free version depending on whether you wish to provide attribution.

Vector map of New York region

Vector map of New York region

This coloured vector map covers the region of New York. It includes features such as a landscape overview. The details displayed are urban areas, parks, major roads, and other significant landmarks. This map is available in a printable version and JPEG or PDF format.

Solid single colour Vector Map of the Netherlands with Provinces

Solid single colour Vector Map of the Netherlands with Provinces

This is a solid colour vector map of the Netherlands with a breakdown of provinces. This version is free and available in many formats.

Vector Map of the World – Blue

Vector Map of the World - Blue

This vector map covers the world as a whole and is in a blue visual display. It is editable and layered. It is available in many formats and is suggested for use in backgrounds and presentations. Paid and free options are available.

Vector map of the United States of America

Vector map of the United States of America

This is a vectormap of the United States which includes land and oceanfloorterrain data. This vector map is a digital page size map for illustration and display purposes. It customisable within Photoshop.

Vector map of Greece (outline)

Vector map of Greece outline

This vector map of Greece is printable and customisable. It covers the whole area of the country. It is free and available for download in limited formats to use for its display quality.

Vector map of Sweden

Vector map of Sweden

This vector map of Sweden covers the whole area of the country. It is available as a free download in many formats.

Vector World map of the United States and Canadian Provinces centred

Vector World map of the United States and Canadian Provinces centred

This vectormap of the United States featuresland andoceanfloorterrain data. It features the United States and Canadian Provinces and is a large yet detailed map. It displays the digital terrain that covers the entire world area.

Details include rivers, lakes, capital cities and other world terrain data. The map has high display quality for Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator formats.

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Huge list of free map vector examples you can download now

A map vector is a tool that is often used by presenters and businesses to demonstrate their global market. They are map illustrations that can be included in a variety of business materials including websites, presentations, and other literature. Vector maps of the world or country vector maps can highlight office locations as well as international relations.

This is a comprehensive list of free vector maps that includes world map illustration as well as some more specific maps of countries or cities. There is a lot of variation in the level of detail depending on which vector map you choose. Some are highly detailed while others may have more of a creative theme.

Each description includes information about the formats available. The most common formats for free vector maps are Adobe Illustrator (AI), Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), and Encapsulated Postscript (EPS). However, some also have PDF, JPG, and PNG files for people who have less design experience.

Free map vector examples

Map of the United States Electoral Votes

This vector map of the United States electoral votes is available in AI, EPS, PDF, JPG, and PNG formats. It can be completely edited and is a layered image that is an accurate depiction of political information by state.

Map of the World – Stamp

This vector map of the world has a stamp effect that gives it a vintage appearance. It is available in AI, EPS, PDF, JPG, and PNG formats. It is a layered image and can be edited.

Vector abstract telecommunication earth map

This free vector world map is a colorful demonstration of connectivity using networks of dots transposed over the globe. It comes in an EPS format.

Outline Map of the World with Antarctica

An earth map vector that includes Antarctica and is styled as a black and white outline. Available in AI, SVG, EPS, PDF, JPG, and PNG formats with full editing capabilities.

Free Accurate World Map

This world map illustration is both accurate and highly detailed. Countries and country names in the illustration can be selected individually. Countries are also distinguished from one another using different colors. It can be downloaded in AI, EPS, JPG, PNG, or even CDR and GIF formats. Lower down on this page there is a related vector world map that is black and white.

New York Maps

This set of detailed map vector of New York City is perfect for any depictions of the city required in your literature, on your website, or in your presentations. This royalty free map does require attribution if you decide to use it.

World map background in abstract style

This free world map vector is an abstract depiction using a network of connected dots with long shadows. It is available in EPS format.

Map of North America with multicolor Countries

This map vector contains only North America with each of the countries distinguished by a different color. It is available in AI, SVG, EPS, PDF, JPG, and PNG formats, which all allow for full editing capabilities.

Map of Italy with Regions – Outline

A detailed map of Italy that distinguishes each different region within the country. It is a black and white depiction but can be fully edited. It can be downloaded in AI, EPS, PDF, JPG, and PNG formats.

Simple Vector World map

An intricate world map vector portrayed in grey and black. It can be downloaded as an image or customized.

Countries Vector Map

A global map vector that is highly detailed in order to point out specific locations on any of the continents. It can be fully edited and is available as an AI or EPS file.

Map of Globe of Africa

This depiction of the map of Africa is also portrayed as being on a globe. In this way, it displays Africa in relation to other countries as well. It is a layered and fully editable vector map available in AI, EPS, PDF, JPG, and PNG formats.

Map Of Lyon City

Lyon is a city in France. This vector map is detailed with a colored border to distinguish the city of Lyon. It is a royalty free map but the creator has stipulated that attribution is required.

World map icons modern shiny colored flat design

This world map illustration is available in EPS format. There is a focal point of light that gives the map a shiny metallic appearance and it can be seen in different colors.

Map of the World with Countries – Single Color

A grey and white map vector of the world with individual countries outlined by a thin black line. Includes Antarctica as well. It can be downloaded as AI, EPS, PDF, JPG, and PNG formats and can also be fully edited.

Multicolor Map of Jamaica with Parishes

This colorful map vector of Jamaica has chosen to depict each parish in a different color. It is available in AI, SVG, EPS, PDF, JPG, and PNG formats that can each be fully edited.

Map of the United Kingdom – Dots

A free vector map of the United Kingdom that has been designed as a pattern of perfectly aligned dots. It comes in AI, EPS, PDF, JPG, and PNG formats that all have editing capabilities.

Vintage World Map Vector

This map vector portrays a world map illustration as a weather-beaten paper map. In this way, it has a vintage theme. It is a royalty free map but does require attribution.

Travel Map with Landmarks

A playful depiction of a vector world map, there are popular landmarks scattered across the map to denote common tourist destinations. It is available in EPS formatting and attribution is required.

Political Map of the World

A free map image of the world that has all of the countries labeled and distinctly colored. Available as a royalty free EPS file but attribution is required.

Outline Map of Europe with Countries

This free vector map is an outline of Europe with lines to define each of the countries that make up the European Union in simple black and white. It is available as AI, SVG, EPS, PDF, JPG, and PNG formats that can all be fully edited.

Map of Canada

A royalty free map of Canada that has been layered with a Canadian flag. There are thin lines to outline each of the provinces and territories. It comes in AI, EPS, PDF, JPG, and PNG formats that can all be edited.

Digital World Map

A stylized world map with vibrant colors and dots that are connected by beams of light to depict a network. It is a free map vector that comes in EPS format but attribution is required.

Free Futuristic Worldwide Map

An infographic that includes a world map illustration with points and text on it that can be edited to include relevant information. Available in AI, EPS, PDF, and PNG formats.

Airplane Map Vector

This simple earth map has airplanes with dotted flight paths to different destinations. The vector map is free but requires attribution.

Map of Africa with Multicolor Countries

A vectorized map of Africa with each of the countries depicted as a different color. It is available for download as AI, SVG, EPS, PDF, JPG, and PNG formats.

Grey World Map

A simple world map vector designed in grey and white. It is available in EPS format with required attribution.

Free vectorial world map

An AI map is a highly detailed world map vector free for personal use and the cost of a donation to a local charity for commercial use.

Map of India – Sketch

This map of India has been stylized to look like it has been shaded in with a charcoal pencil. It is a creative illustration of the country and is available in AI, EPS, PDF, JPG, and PNG formats.

Free Word Map Illustration with Landmarks

This world map illustration has been creatively designed to have text fill the continents and countries with their respective names. In addition, there are popular landmark silhouettes at the bottom of the illustration. It can be used for free with attribution.

World map with connection and blue background

This world map looks quite futuristic with a series of connected dots displaying a network. It comes in EPS format and can be fully edited.

Outline Map of South America with Countries

A map vector of South America that outlines each of the countries individually. It is a simple black and white design and comes in AI, SVG, EPS, PDF, JPG, and PNG formats. It is a layered illustration that can be edited.

World map drawing colored

This world map has intricate details and resembles the type of map you might see on a globe. It is colorful with accurately labeled countries. It is an AI map available for free personal use.

Map of the World – Outline

This black and white outline is a simple world map vector that could be a blank canvas for your next project. Available in AI, EPS, PDF, JPG, and PNG formats.

Travel map infographic

This fun infographic includes a world map illustration with airplanes and destination dots as well as symbols along the bottom with a travel theme. It is a free map image available in EPS format.

Map of Asia with multicolor Countries

This depiction of Asia and all of its countries is a colorful and detailed map that can be fully edited. It is available in AI, SVG, EPS, PDF, JPG, and PNG formats.

Creative color world maps vector

Warm colors are the basis for this world map illustration. It outlines individual countries and includes the names in black text. Available in AI format only.

White World Map

This global map vector is an elegant white with long shadows on a grey background. It is available in EPS format and attribution is required.

Green world map

Just as the name indicates, this is a green-colored world map. It also includes a banner underneath and red-colored destination dots of differing sizes. Provided in EPS format only and requires attribution.

Outline Map of Oceania

The content of Oceania includes Australia, New Zealand, and a number of islands such as the Polynesians. This is a simple map vector of the outline of the continent. It is available in AI, SVG, EPS, PDF, JPG, and PNG formats.

Pack of Vector Maps

Set of highly detailed world maps with a number of layers each with their own set of details.

World Map 3D Silhouette Vector

Grey gradients give this vector map a simple and refined look. It is styled like a silhouette of the world map with some shadowing. It is a free download but requires attribution.

World Map Painting in Watercolor

This map vector is styled like a watercolor painting and rounded at the edges to depict the spherical nature of the globe. It is a highly detailed map illustration that is available only in AI format.

White world map infographic

The design of this vector map infographic is crisp and clean. The map is white with long shadows on a grey background. There are destination dots with lines connecting them to informative text. It is available in EPS and must be attributed.

Free vector world map countries Mercator

This world map illustration takes on a vintage style that looks like weathered paper. It is a Mercator projection that is highly accurate and centrally aligned to Europe-Africa.

Map of the United States of America with Counties

This American map vector is grey and white with white lines separating all of the various counties in the country. Each state has its own layer and all are fully editable. It is available in AI, EPS, PDF, JPG, and PNG formats.

Flag Map of Australia

A map of Australia interposed with the Australian flag. Available in AI, SVG, EPS, PDF, JPG, and PNG formats.

Green Global Maps Vector

A creative cartoonish illustration of the world map. Attribution is required.

Map of the United States of America – Stamp

This map of the USA includes Hawaii and Alaska. It is styled like an ink stamp, giving it a grunge look.

Vector world map design graphics set

A world map vector with countries depicted in a variety of jewel-tone colors that are visually bright and appealing. Available only in EPS format.

Free vector map of Middle America political with shaded relief

This map of Middle (or Central) America has a number of layers each with the countries, capitals, and bodies of water. All layers can be fully edited and file formats available include AI, PDF, and JPG.

Dot world connection map with blue background

The silhouette of the world map has been created with dots. There are a number of bright spots on the map connected with curved lines. Available in EPS format for free with attribution.

Triangled Vector World Map

Abstract vector world map depicted with triangle shapes that have various shadows. The download includes AI, EPS, PDF, and JPG files.

Free vector map of United Kingdom outline

A simple map outline of the United Kingdom that is layered over a faded Union Jack flag. London has a pinpoint with an appropriate label. The package includes AI, EPS, PDF, and JPG formats.

Map of the World with Glaciated Areas

This simple world map is green and blue but also includes areas of glaciers in white. Available in AI, EPS, PDF, JPG, and PNG formats.

Hand drawn world map

With a hand-drawn style, this map takes on the artistic appearance of a pencil sketch. It is available in EPS format with attribution.

World map background blue silhouette design curves decoration

This world map vector is in different gradients of blue with yellow curves interposed overtop. It is available in EPS format.

Map of the World – Sketch

A global map vector that includes Antarctica and is styled to look like it has been shaded in with a charcoal pencil. Available in AI, EPS, PDF, JPG, and PNG formats.

Free vector map of United States of America outline

This map vector shows an outline of the USA in an aged style. The American flag serves as a faded background and a point of interest denotes the country’s capital. It is available in AI, EPS, PDF, and JPG formats.

Red world maps pattern

These world maps are designed with different patterns that shade in the bodies of land in the color red. Available only in AI format.

Seagreen technical world map

A detailed depiction of the world map in various shades of sea green. There are points of interest with lines for labels or text. Available only in EPS format.

World Map Vector Background

This world map vector has countries separated with a thin line and each country is shaded in a different neutral color.

Free vector map of Australia continent political

This map of Oceania is centrally focused on Australia. It is highly detailed with different countries shown in different colors. Available in AI, EPS, PDF, and JPG.

Map of the World with Countries and US, Canadian and Australian States – Multicolor

Different shades of pastel colors define each of the different countries across the globe in this extremely detailed world map vector. There are over 240 layers for each of the countries as well as sublayers for the states and provinces in each of the USA, Canada, and Australia. Available in AI, EPS, PDF, JPG, and PNG formats.

Earth and world map vector design

This world map illustration shows the world map in green as well as different views of the globe depending on how it is turned. Available in EPS format only.

Blue globes and world map

Similar to the above vector map, this world map is displayed in blue and is accompanied by different views of the globe in the same color scheme. Available in EPS format with attribution.

Free vector map of France political sci-fi

This vector map of France takes on a bit of an apocalyptic sci-fi style in dark blues and greys. It displays various political boundaries and can be fully edited. Available in AI, EPS, and PDF formats.

Grunge painted world map

The grunge style of this world map illustration gives it a rough-around-the-edges look. Key countries have labels in a steampunk metal design. Available only in EPS or JPG formats.

Blue vector world map background

This world map has a futuristic style in different gradient shades of blue. Available in EPS format only.

Map of North America with Countries – Single Color

A simple vector map of North America in grey with each of the countries separated by a thin line. Available in AI, EPS, PDF, JPG, and PNG formats.

Free vector map of Costa Rica political

A map of Costa Rica in relation to the other Central America countries. Political borders for different state, province, and department levels are included. Available in AI, EPS, and JPG formats that are all editable.

Polygonal world map

A world map vector made up of different polygons in different gradient shades of blue and aquamarine. Available in EPS format with attribution.

Map of the World – Dots

A globe map vector that is shaded in by dots in uniform rows. Includes Antarctica and is available in AI, EPS, PDF, JPG, and PNG formats.

Free vector map of Brazil outline

This outline of the country of Brazil is layered over a shaded version of the Brazilian flag. Available in AI, EPS, and PDF formats that are fully editable as well as JPG that is printable.

World map design blue dots decoration dark style

This world map is filled in by uniformly spaced blue dots over a black background. Available in AI format only.

Modern world map

Vibrant colors in modern designs make up this world map in rich blues and pinks. Available in EPS format with attribution.

Flag Map of Japan

This map vector of Japan is colored in with the Japanese flag. It is available in AI, EPS, SVG, PDF, JPG, and PNG formats.

Ending thoughts on this huge list of free map vectors

There is no shortage of free map vectors available for download. Globe map vectors are an excellent way to demonstrate to potential clients your international reach, office locations, or act as a planning tool for international expansion. Even vector maps of an individual country or continent can be a powerful tool in presentations or business materials.

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A bit obvious by now, but we really like maps so we wrote even more about subjects like funny maps, metro maps, fantasy maps, and even the US electoral map.

I take it you like maps as well so make sure to check out MapSVG, a great WordPress map plugin you should check out.

Amazing Map Illustration Examples and Tips on How to Create Them

We know you won’t replace Google Maps or Waze with an out-dated traditional map. Digital maps make locating, wayfinding, and traffic avoiding so easy. On the other side, a traditional map can be a beautiful piece of design. Map illustration is now an entire industry that produces a wide variety of illustrations. From sketch doodles to fine art complex drawings, people are reinventing the concept of maps.

The past few years have been crucial in building up this new map culture. It is mostly for fellow travellers when discovering new cities. Unlike an insipid virtual map, paper maps can save the notes, memories, and atmosphere of your trip. It may be challenging to build your own map illustrations, but it’s a great addition to your experience portfolio.

If you’re not a passionate drawer, don’t feel distraught. You can still dip your toes into the world of map illustration. However,a lot of professional artists specialize in map illustrations, using a multitude of techniques, compatible with all tastes.We think these artists are true heroes.

They master a domain that needs not only technical skills but also a lot of vision and imagination. They have a deep understanding of distances, areas, and the relationship between objects. Analyzing data, architecture, and atmosphere helps them build unique and astonishing map illustrations.

If you are curious about the techniques and tools they use, keep reading this article. We included the best map illustration we could find.

Map Illustration Examples

African Ventures

Scotland Map – HOG Magazine

South East London

Flight Map



Nutella Gemella – Map Details

Uber Boston

Two Dots Reindeer Realm


South America Map – HOG Magazine


White City Living

ESPN: Bron Bron Land Map


Lviv city cartoon map

Sandy City

Oscar Junior Mondadori 10 year Special Edition – Fantastic Map

Switzerland map flat hand drawn vector illustration

Hand Drawn Map of Berlin

Hand Drawn Map of Berlin

Berlin’s rich cultural heritage is entirely depicted on this hand-drawn map. It’s unlike other maps due to its hallmarks, landmarks, and local haunts included. You won’t only discover Berlin authentically, but you’ll surely see all important tourist attractions when using this map.

Italy’s Food on the Map Illustration

Italy’s Food on the Map Illustration

Antoine Corbineau, the designer of this map, made sure you will know what Italy is most appreciated for – the food. The entire Italian cuisine is represented on this map, each region presenting its traditional meal.

Homes & Antiques – San Francisco map

Homes & Antiques - San Francisco map

If you visit Homes & Antiques, you will want to have this map with you. It will guide you through all pieces of interest in San Fransisco. With this simplistic map, you won’t miss any antique hotspot.

The Future of Thailand

The Future of Thailand

Thailand may be a mystery for you. But with this map, you’ll see this country and all its wonders with a fresh perspective. Plus, the inset map on the corner shows the position of the country on the entire Earth.



This map was created for the guide “Milano confidential”project curated by Studio Pym, Milan.

Some of these maps are included in the “Milano Confidential” guide. The curator was the Studio Pym from the city of fashion.

World map print for kids

World map print for kids

A Map of Ice and Fire

A Map of Ice and Fire

This map will pleasantly remind you of the popular TV-series Game of Thrones. The designers got inspired from the Middle Age theme and atmosphere. They originally and mysteriously represented each magical locationof this fantasy world in their map.


Collection of map illustrations by Jan Kallwejt

Collection of map illustrations by Jan Kallwejt

Betty Turbo Map of Anchorage

Betty Turbo Map of Anchorage

Betty Turbo from Oregon specialized her illustrations and makes us all drown in the amazing atmospherethey create. What makes these kitsch designs so special are their bright colors, striking typography, and catchy slogans. All in all, they are a lot of fun. It’s a pleasure to scan this map and read the little info-boxes next to each tourist attraction. This Anchorage illustrated map will help you find your way through the city, and also points out not-to-miss attractions such as, “ravens ravishing rubbish!”

Illustrated map of Cape Town

Illustrated map of Cape Town

This map combines the beauty of natural pieces of wonder and man-made tourist attractions from Cape Town. It includes famous stadiums and natural places, such as Table Mountain.

Ireland Illustrated Map

Ireland Illustrated Map

Some very talented Irish folks designed this illustrated map and you can definitely feel the vibe they were going for.

Groningen Cityguide

Groningen Cityguide

Nate Padavick Map of Jackson, Wyoming

Nate Padavick Map of Jackson, Wyoming

We could look at Nate Padavick’s works forever. He is not only a master of distances and accuracy, but is a master artist as well. He lets inspiration and art combine with precision and math, which draws the user’s attention. Padavick’s map illustrations cover big areas and you will never be able to visit all the locations he proposes. His maps are simply too beautiful to rush through.Each one covers a huge space, yet he fills in every nook and crannywith another amazing, relevant illustration.

Illustrated Map of California Wine Regions

Illustrated Map of California Wine Regions

Vietnam map illustration

Vietnam map illustration

When trying to depict the essence of Vietnam on an illustrated map, you will always get a bright-coloredresult. That is exactly what you get with this Vietnam map illustration.

This Vietnam map uses scale to capture the feel of Vietnam in a tourist map depicting some of the sights and flavorsone may see along their travels.

Blue Illustrated Map of South America

Blue Illustrated Map of South America

Crocodile Creek Puzzle

Crocodile Creek Puzzle

This map has an interesting story. Apparently, the artist didn’t have time to make sketch after sketch and multiple drafts. They had to work fast to get their map idea approved. When they did, they built the digital version, and realized that the final result was even better than expected.

He wanted to make it precise but also interactive, and he fulfilled both of these goals. Each region of Australia is equally represented and you can also play around with the location icons. This map has everything that Australia is popular for – from weirdly-shaped buildings to indigenous nature.

Nik and Marina Neves Map of Recife, Brazil

Nik and Marina Neves Map of Recife, Brazil

Nik and Marina are two young fellow travellers who grew up in Brazil, but they discovered the world together. After moving to Berlin, they wanted to rebuild their homeland creatively. This is how their Brazil map illustration came to be. They were both pragmatic and artistic when designing it.

Vintage Disneyland Inspired Fun Map Illustration

Vintage Disneyland Inspired Fun Map Illustration

Discover Disneyland from another point of view.

Scottish Whiskey Illustrated Map

Scottish Whiskey Illustrated Map

Dark Side of Typography

Dark Side of Typography

This one is so aesthetically-pleasing due to its simplicity. It proves that the bare work of lines and contours can build an entire world. And don’t worry! You won’t get lost. There are different kinds of lines, symbols, and icons that will help you find your way. Just look at the diagonal and dotted lines to differentiate some areas from the hiking trails.

Illustrated Map of the Bay Area

Illustrated Map of the Bay Area

Eva Naccari Map of Palma diMontichiaro

Eva Naccari Map of Palma diMontichiaro

Eva Neccari did a great job when choosing to graphically illustrate the streets of Palma di Montechiaro. This simple map makes it incredibly easy fortravellers to find the main attractions. Plus, you may notice that the linear background makes a pleasant contrast with the icons of the buildings.

London Landmarks

London Landmarks

Meet London’s raw and natural spirit.

Illustrated State Map Collection

Illustrated State Map Collection

This unique illustrated map oozes the Wisconsin vibe. This is mostly due to the typography and the icons. It is also an example of pragmatism due to the way they used negative space. Just take a look at the lake area.

Places to Visit in London

Places to Visit in London

One may find this map too heavy and overloaded with stuff. But this is exactly how London is. You will findplaces to visit on every street and you shouldn’t miss any.

Rome map illustrated print

Rome map illustrated print

Les grands sites touristiques de Paris

Les grands sites touristiques de Paris

A clear legend, contrasting color, and simple icons are what makes this map so good. Its designer is a master of the layering technique. She managed to add new information on top of the existing info without making the map look too cluttered. 

Tom Woolley Map of Newcastle

Tom Woolley Map of Newcastle

In this map, the buildings and the background look like two different pieces of art. It even gives off the vague impression that the icons have a 3D-effect. This is because of the plain, simple aspect of the background. Its simplicity gives you time to take everything in. You can almost hear the musical notes and the singing man.

Hunger Games Map

Hunger Games Map

This map is bright and striking. The texture of the image alone makes you think about a surreal world. Every time you look at it you notice a new detail.

Illustrated Map of Dominica

Illustrated Map of Dominica

Manhattan New York Map

Manhattan New York Map

This map is remeniscent of old mapping techniques, with its pale green and grey colors and mathematical layout. You could easily confuse it with a map from the Middle Ages if it weren’t for the tall buildings and modern districts.

New York Map by Ruby Taylor

New York Map by Ruby Taylor

Ruby Taylor combines colors, textures, and shades to get a cool, modern, and playful look in her illustrations. This map, in particular, is very colorful and easy to follow. She equally represented all New York areas and made it intricate enough for both a newNew Yorker and a fellow traveller to enjoy.

Illustrated Map of USA Sports & Outdoor Adventures by Nate PAdavick

Illustrated Map of USA Sports & Outdoor Adventures by Nate PAdavick

Kate Mason Map of Adelaide

Kate Mason Map of Adelaide

This map looks like the illustrations from a kids’ storybook. It has a lot of kindly smiling koalas, pastel colors, numerous icons, and little to no writing.

We explain this by the fact that Kate Mason spent a lot of time with inspiring children. Their vivid way of seeing the world has surely influenced her and we are happy with this result.

Map of Prague

Map of Prague

This map gives you a raw insight into the Czech spirit. The center of Prague is hand-drawn and the most important attractions are appealingly illustrated.

Illustrated Map of London

Illustrated Map of London

The Illustrated Map of Bali

The Illustrated Map of Bali

This map represents the things we all know Bali for – yoga centers and monkey forests. Enjoy!



The bright green background of this map is so appealing. It has a childish drawing aspect but with well-organized paths and anaesthetically-pleasing design. It’s incredibly detailed and well-thought out. You will want to visit Austin only due to this map.

Illustrated map of downtown Baltimore, MD

Illustrated map of downtown Baltimore, MD

9 Brilliant Tips for Creating Illustrated Maps

Making an illustrated map can be more complicated than building a classic one.

That’s why we researchedsome special tips professional cartographers use that will help you through the entire process.

Follow them step-by-step and improve both your technique and your sense of observation.

Find your landmarks

The landmarks are the main characters of your map. You have to choose them carefully. Follow your client’s instructions and desires, but keep the following tips in mind:

  • Select the area you want to represent
  • Use Google Maps to approximate distances.
  • Opt for landmarks from the entire area you chose. This way, the composition of your map will be balanced.

Pay attention to color

Colors deserve more attention than some designers think they do. The color contrasts are the first thing a viewer sees on your map.

If you struggle with choosing the right color, start with the main landmark on your map. For example, on San Francisco’s map, we will start with the Golden Gate Bridge. Pick a representative color for this particular landmark and then build your palette around that.

Search for the symbols

Map illustration is not only about locations and streets; they should depict the entire atmosphere of a place. That’s why you will need to do serious research on the buildings, history, cuisine, and society of the area you represent.

Traditional food and beverage icons, for example, can bring your map to life and make it more attractive. Think outside of the box and use the materials the Internet offers.

Be creative

Unlike a traditional map, this one doesn’t necessarily have to follow the geographical details. You can play with distances, heights, and sizes. This can make your map look more interesting. After all, map illustration is a way to personalize an area, not to reproduce it.

Don’t overdo

All designers are tempted to add more and more visual information in their works, thinking that this adds value. But this is not always the case. We want you to understand how important clarity is for map illustration. Limit the range of colors you use, and stick to a specific font and style. All in all, be consistent and keep things simple.

Give it that pop!

Think about something you want the viewers to remember from your map. This element should show off and be representative of the entire map. It can be a graphic icon, a slogan, a smart line, or any other thing you can think of.

Harmonize the composition

When you think your map is ready, close it for some hours and then get back to it with a fresh mind. This will help you see the little details that don’t fit and the flaws that must be taken care of. Don’t be afraid to change some color nuances, some icon frames, or add some cool fonts. It is important if you want to have a harmonious composition.

Make it for others, not for you

When you work on this map, think about how travellers will eventually use it. Don’t think only about your tastes and needs. Let it Inspire. It will be rewarding to know that you helped someone discover new places in their way by using your map. 

Things to take into considerations:

  • Think about how your map will be used. Will you print it on an A5 leaflet or as a billboard? This drastically influences the resolution and the size you set.
  • How important are the details? The answer to this question helps you realize whether you need special icons for the landmarks or whether you can just use a dot. And this is only an example.
  • Who will use it? The target audience determines the style you approach. If you make a campus map for the new students at a university, you will want it to be as informative as possible. On the other side, if you want to attract people to a specific location, you will have to be more creative.
  • How much money should you would invest? Think about the production costs and adapt your style and materials to your budget.

Ending thoughts on these map illustration examples

If you got to this point in the article, you may still have that natural question in mind. “Why should I use an illustrated map when Google Maps is just a click away?”

We totally understand your reasons for thinking this way. Yet, we have enough arguments to convince you why you need to buy an illustrated map for your next trip or for your business. These are just some of them:

It makes youstand out from the crowd. You should have an original image of your brand or company. And Google Maps won’t do this for you. A personalized map draws the attention of the users and makes them remember you.

No matter the type of facility or area you manage, you surely have some important points you want to highlight. Guide your visitors and help them transform a simple visit into a great experience. A map illustration will also make you look more professional in your clients’ eyes.

Now that you understand the advantages of having a map illustration, we hope you will use our advice and our tips. They will guide you in making something creative and innovative that showcases your business’ personality.

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A bit obvious by now, but we really like maps so we wrote even more about subjects like funny maps, metro maps, fantasy maps, and even the US electoral map.

I take it you like maps as well so make sure to check out MapSVG, a great WordPress map plugin you should check out.

The Map Elements You Should Know (Crucial Parts of a Map)

Maps are not just tools you had to use during history or geography lessons. They are an important part of your adult life. You need one anytime you go to a new place. You might brush this off and say, “Why do I need a map when I have my smartphone with me at all times?” That’s a valid point, however, a good WiFi connection isn’t going to be found everywhere, and if your phone can’t connect, or dies when you don’t know where you are, you’ll wish you knew how to read a map.

To read a map, you have to know the parts of a map. These parts have special meanings and are used in specific ways.

The map elements we’ve described below are among the most important ones. You will need to know how to decode them every time you read a map. How will you orient yourself without knowing the title, the short description, or the scale of the map? Plus, you’ll need to understand the legend symbols, labels, and grids, too.Without understanding these tools, a map will be nothing but a pretty picture to you.

Learn the meanings of the map elements which appear on the layout and you will always know exactly where you are. We chose ten of the most important things to know about reading maps and thoroughly presented them below in this article created by our team at MapSVG.

1. The Importance of the Title

The Importance of the Title

The title is the first thing you see on a map layout. It should answer your “What,” “Where,”and “When” questions. It is useful to read the map’s title even when you already know its topic because you will avoid any misunderstandings. There are a lot of similar maps, and the title will help you avoid any possible confusion.

The most important thing it depicts is the area covered in the image. Imagine a map of the Wichita Falls city area of Texas, or the entire USA. These are big areas. A map can also represent the area of your backyard. The title is crucial when trying to decipher between them.

2. Read the Scale

Read the Scale

This is a basic feature of a map that will help you imagine the distance between you and different points or objects. One cm/inch of the map represents a number of cm/inches in the real world. This is what they mean when a map says 1:10000 ratio, for example.

There is another way to interpret the scale and calculate distances. This applies to when two different units are compared, like in the following example: 1″:100′. 1″ stands for one inch and 100′ represents 100 feet. Decoded, this means that one inch on the map compresses 100 feet from the real world.

The third type of scale representation is the graphic one. It works on the same principles, only that the measurement unit is graphically represented on a bar scale. Once you determine the unit on the map, you will automatically see under the bar its equivalent in the real territory.

3. Orientation. Find Your Pins on the Map

Unlike a virtual map, a traditional one doesn’t have a moving pin on its surface. So, it can’t possibly detect your position and move along as you change it. However, you can imagine and control such a pin on a traditional map.

For this, you will need to learn to use the compass rose. Its main purpose is to help you orient according to the cardinal points. In most cases,the Northernmost part of the map is at the top of the page. However, that’s not for all maps. Sometimes, maps are adapted, transformed, or rotated for more convenience. That’s why the position of the cardinal points may differ.

But, as long as you follow the rose and keep the directions, you will be on the right track.

For more precision, you can also use the grid marks of the maps. By keeping track of the latitude and longitude, you can pin your position more easily.

4. Read and Understand the Map Key Legend Symbols

Map Key Legend Symbols

When figuring out your position, you may have to find different landmarks in the region that have been marked on your map. This is the main purpose of the legend. It defines either colors or certain symbols that represent different landmarks or landmasses. Every type of map has a different legend, but the majority subscribe to some general graphic rules. Some maps don’t even contain the map key legend because they use intuitive and simple symbols.

Yet, complex maps require complex legends. For better usage, you should know what every type of line and every shade of color mean. Without understanding the legend, you won’t be able to properly read the map.

On a climatic map, for example, cold colors (shades of blue) represent cold temperatures and vice versa. On a relief map, green stands for plains, low altitudes, and brown for mountains and high altitudes. The darker the color, the higher the mountain. It’s the same with the blue for the aquatic relief.

5. Borders and Contours

Borders and contours

You won’t find this on every map, but it is always good to be informed about this map tool. Borders are bold lines that limit territories with specific characteristics. Neat line contours do a similar thing, but with elevation (height). Contour lines are helpful for seeing the height of a mountain or the depth of a valley.

For small territories, the border emphasizes the end of the map and the area it covers. You can’t miss it because it is the thickest and darkest line on the entire map.

All information represented by the map, including the legend and title, are surrounded by another, smaller. They are thinner and help the viewer restrain their eye movement.

6. Gridlines and Graticules

Gridlines and Graticules

We’ve already mentioned the crisscrossing parallels and meridian lines that form the gridlines of a map. These map elements usually appear on professional maps, representing big territories on Earth. When talking about graticules, each horizontal and vertical line represents a certain longitude and latitude of the Earth. The geographical position of an object is the intersection between the corresponding lines.

In smaller areas, gridlines can be used differently. You’ve probably noticed that these lines build a network of squares. You can name/number each square and use them as references. Imagine the map of your backyard. Let’s say your cellar is in the C3 square. If you want somebody to find something in your cellar, all you have to do is send him to “C3.”

The graticules aren’t compulsory on most types of maps. Yet, they can be of great help during the orientation process. For experienced map readers, they are of the utmost importance when trying to read latitudes and longitudes.

7. The Visual Path

The Visual Path

Image Source:

Most graphic objects have a certain visual path established by its creator. Both artistic painting and technical maps have a certain visual hierarchy. This means that there is a sequence of dots, objects, and areas that will successively draw your attention. The authors will emphasize something they want you to see first. Then, they will attract your gaze to another object and so on.

The most important parts of a map have greater prominence – they are on the top of the hierarchy. The not-so-crucial information is smaller, unbold, and de-emphasized. This is one of the map elements that help you efficiently read the map. You discover the information layer by layer and use it according to your needs.

8. Perspective Inset Map

Perspective Inset Map

The best inset map example is the representation of Alaska and Hawaii on the USA map. They are used either for spatially discontinuous areas or as a close-up view for a smaller territory. Inset maps are included on a bigger map and must be read with respect to the main map only. It’s essential for certain regions of types of maps.

Another type of inset map is the keymap. This represents wide areas on bigger scales for a better perspective over a certain territory. It helps the viewer understand the extent of the bigger map from a bird’s eye view.

On the other side, some inset maps can focus on small areas to emphasize some special features and properties of an area.

9. Citation and Description

Citation and Description

Image Source:

Just like any other information, a map needs to be legitimate. That’s why the source citation is utterly important when making or reading a map. In most cases, the source list is inserted as a footnote. Based on the citation,you can determine whether a map is trustworthy or not.

As part of the citation, map makers can also include a short description of the map. This would depict the criteria they took into account when building the map. Thus, the users know how the map is meant to be used.

Ending thoughts on the map elements you should know

Maps are useful and this is indisputable. Their purpose is clear.

When building maps, cartographers firstly think about peoples’ needs. If a lot of people would like to discover a certain area in a certain way, they will take that into account when making their map. They build a concept, choose the main parts of a map, and set the purpose.

The main requirement for map=making is “keeping it simple.” You want people to look at a map and automatically understand all the meanings and symbols. For complex territories, there’s always the possibility to explain everything in a legend. However, map elements such as title, scale, and grids must be intuitive and well-thought.

If you want to build a map, think about simple, clean design and include as much information as possible on that display. Stylize it, make it easy to depict and decode, and people will be more than grateful for your work.

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The Best SVG to PNG Converter Tools

We know the struggle of opening a file in an online editing program only to realize that the program simply doesn’t work. Most of the time, the problem is that the program you use doesn’t recognize the file format you upload. When working with images, the trouble-causing format is .svg.

Most images have the extension .jpg or even .png and these are widely recognized formats. That’s why the simplest solution to this problem is to use a SVG to PNG converter.

The process is simple once you find the right SVG converter. Finally, you will be able to use those great images you’ve found, without having to worry about whether or not it’s in the right format. Converting some images will also make them suitable for even more purposes.

Why aren’t SVG and PNG compatible? The answer is simple – SVG is a vectorial format and PNG is a raster one. Programs have specific reading features, most of them being limited to the raster format. That’s why, online programs, most probably, won’t recognize the files with an SVG extension.

With a good tool, all you have to do is take your file and convert SVG to PNG. You can also opt for a .jpg extension for your final file if that works better for you.This will ensure total compatibility between the image and your editing program.

Learn below more about this topic in this article created by our team at MapSVG.

What is SVG?

Created by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), SVG is a vectorial format mostly used by graphic designers and animators. It supports static and animated graphics, but cannot display three-dimensional objects. The basis of SVG VML formed markup languages and PGML.

The SVG format contains and compresses all graphic and text data that you’ll need after converting the file. This is what makes a SVG to PNG converter so usefuls. A good converter will also help you resize your .svg file or export it from your Mac or Windows machine for further use.

What is PNG?

Unlike SVG, PNG is a raster format type that doesn’t work with vectors. Yet, it has a similar lossless algorithm that stores data and deflate files. It does a great job compressing the data it saves.

This appears as an alternative for GIFs. As a result, the PNG files support the main types of raster images, including color, grayscale, and indexed images.

As far as the color range it supports, it is limited to RGB codes. If you have a CMYK color image, you can’t convert it into PNG.An important advantage of the PNG format is the lack of copyright limitations. This adds to the transparent background feature and its compatibility with most web pages. You can easily and innovatively work with a PNG file in an editing program, too.

Which is the Best SVG to PNG Converter?

Choosing only one program from this big market isn’t that easy. That’s why we chose to show you some of the best we found and their main features. There’s more that goes into a SVG to PNG converter than you might think. With the help of our short selection, you can choose the program you consider to be the best.

Downloadable SVG To PNG Converters

File Converter

File Converter

This is a simple-to-use downloadable converter. Once you install it on your device, it will add SVG on the context menu of the supported formats. Using this menu, select your file and convert it to PNG. You can select and convert multiple files at once.

Here are some other features of File Converter that may be appealing to you:

  • It can convert to GIF, JPG, WebP, ICO, and PDF.
  • It has a wide range of file format it covers, meaning you can use it for audio and video files, too. Converting FLAC to MP3, WAV to MP3, AVI to MP4, MP4 to MKV is much easier with File Converter.



This is a downloadable program mostly used by illustrators and graphic designers. Its main purpose is to help artistic minds draw their thoughts from scratch. You can create icons, logos, images, and download them for further use.

You can use this program on Mac, Windows, and Linux. And no matter the device you have, you always receive precious pieces of advice from Inkscape’s community members.

But, if you’re not a designer and you’re looking for a SVG to PNG converter, you’re in the right place, too. This program can solve your little problem in no time and with minimal effort. Plus, we haven’t yet mentioned the best part. It’s free.

Online Tools



If you don’t want to download any unknown program to your device, you can always opt for the online ones. SVG to PNG is a simple, quick, and efficient program. You can upload and convert up to 20 files at a time.

Even for so many images, the process doesn’t take much time. After it’s done, you can download the files individually or in a group.



MyScale is another online free and efficient program that converts SVG to PNG.

You can even consult its codes before downloading, which are displayed on GitHub. The most important advantage is that MyScale gives you the possibility to download and save the files on your web host. This app is not for everyone, as it doesn’t have many features. But it can be useful too.



As its name suggests, this SVG to PNG converter is free. It allows you to convert batches of files in just a few moments. Drag, upload, click on the “Convert to PNG” button, and download. That’s all you have to do.

SVG to PNG online converter by Egzif

SVG to PNG online converter by Egzif

This tool rasterizes images so that they can be read by more viewers. You can either choose the format and the dimensions you want or let the soft do this for you. What you should know is that you won’t lose the quality of an SVG file no matter the size you opt for.

Yet, if you need to convert into an animated PNG format, you will have to look for another program.

SVG to PNG Converter by cloudconvert

SVG to PNG Converter by cloudconvert

Cloudconvert coded this soft paying special attention to the quality of the output file. Thus, this SVG to PNG Converter preserves the transparency and the clarity of the files no matter the size.

This is due to their trustworthy and professional partners. They assure complete adaptability of the program to users’ needs.



This one is a more complex program with more features and specification possibilities. It seamlessly converts from any file format you have ever heard of.

You don’t have to provide any personal data or create an account. Just drag & drop your files, convert, and download them in the new format. You can even find them there later, too.



We have nothing bad to say about ZamZar. It supports a bunch of formats, making it useful and accessible to many people. Also, it is quick and easy to use. It doesn’t require you to sign in or download anything. That’s something to appreciate.

Yet, a fastidious user can find it slower than other similar sites. Still, we recommend you give it a try.

All you have to do is open their website, upload your files, and convert them. In just a moment they’ll be ready for you to download or send them through email. And you’re done.

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