Some of the Best Online Mapping Tools Out There

Creating your own online maps used to be a very technical process. It required skills and knowledge in areas such as website coding and in-depth graphic design. However, thanks to a vast array of online tools it’s no longer such a chore. In fact, creating online maps can be an easy and enjoyable process, thanks to these online mapping tools.

Maps can be an excellent resource for many online spaces. There are numerous reasons why a company or brand might want to use a map on their website, just ask anyone in the tourism, healthcare, and e-commerce industries! They’ll all tell you the same thing —  online spaces can benefit hugely from access to real-time data and online visual aids such as maps.

While it’s true that the tools exist to make the process of creating an online map an easy one, it still takes a great amount of creativity, research, and optimization. Thankfully, many of the tools available also include a large number of features that can help with these aspects of online map creation.

However, the choice of which tool to use can be difficult to make when there are so many choices. To help with this decision, we put together a list of the best 21 online mapping tools available for you to use.

21 of the Best Online Mapping Tools

1)   MapSVG

This feature-rich WordPress mapping plugin is designed to enable users to create dynamic and responsive maps for their WordPress sites. One of the best selling points of this plug-in is the ability it gives the user to convert SVG files directly into an interactive map. It also has the more usual features and a huge range of customization options such as interface graphics, Google Maps, choropleth maps, image maps, floorplans, and much more.

The big draw of MapSVG is its vast array of features that allow users to create interactive maps easily and quickly. Interactive maps are a common request for many online projects. If the website is based on WordPress already, then this is the plugin to choose.

It provides almost 200 geo-calibrated and uncalibrated vector maps for a huge range of countries and areas. This variety is hard to find in any other online mapping tool. It will also provide support for map directories, search options, filters, custom fields, choropleth maps, and much more.

Some of the best features on MapSVG include:

  •  The ability to import JPEG/PNG images and edit them
  •  Filtering options such as by distance or location
  •  Interactive map markers
  •  Choropleth maps

2)   Google Maps API

With undoubtedly the best location data on the web, this mapping tool makes use of some of the most accurate data available. Google Maps API includes a huge range of APIs for various mapping purposes.

Google Maps already powers more location-based services on the internet than many realize. This is partly thanks to the sheer number of APIs available. For example:

  • Google Maps JavaScript API
  •  Google Static Maps API
  •  Google Maps embed API
  •  Google Maps Android API v2
  •  Google Maps SDK for iOS

3)   Mapbox

This fantastic geo-visualization platform offers many helpful tools to create engaging web and mobile interactive maps. It gives the user full control and great customization options. It also has a number of advanced features such as integrated satellite imagery, directions, and geocoding.

Mapbox allows users to utilize Vector Maps which enables real-time data to be used directly in the online map. In addition to this, it also offers a great Smart Directions API, which allows for live directions to be integrated directly into your map. This means that your map can automatically generate directions for anyone who needs them. This is a great benefit for those setting up delivery services online.

4)   OpenLayers

Originally developed by MetaCarter as an open-source equivalent to Google Maps, OpenLayers has been available since June 2006.

It uses a great JavaScript API to build great dynamic online maps in a similar way to the Google Maps API. The fast-paced development process of this tool, coupled with its open-source nature, means that there is a vast array of features making it suitable for the needs of almost anyone looking to build an online map.

5)   Zeemaps

Here is another great mapping software that has a huge amount of flexibility and customization. Zeemaps takes the data that the user inputs and creates a great map. It then turns over the customization to the user allowing them to change everything from icons, color, regions, multimedia, custom fields, and much more. The best part is that it allows all of this without the user needing any prior web design knowledge.

The design is based on a three-tiered access system. These are viewer, member, and admin. This makes it a great choice for the presentation of group data analysis projects.

Zeemaps also has some great unique features such as spreadsheets importing. The software takes the raw spreadsheet and renders the data as part of the base layer of the interactive map. This is a feature that is often a difficult and fiddly process in many other map creation tools. However, Zeemaps makes it an easy process that anyone can pick up.

6)   CARTO

Formerly known as CartoDB, this mapping software is one of the best out there for creating custom maps. The genius of CARTO is that it brings all these professional and complex tools into software that is easy to pick up for those without much web design experience. Carto even utilizes drag-and-drop tools.

Users can import data directly into the software in a huge array of formats such as CSV, KML, and Excel tables. It also uses data from much more common sources such as Google and OpenStreetMap. With this range of data, this tool allows the user to create great dynamic interactive online maps.

7)   Animaps

This brilliant map creation tool allows users to create informative maps in the style of animated videos. It utilizes the “My Maps” feature of Google Maps in a way that makes the map creation process easy for anyone. Once the map is created, it has options to easily insert markers, paths, and points of interest. The customization options in this tool make it a huge asset.

8)   ArcGIS Online

This popular and reliable mapping software enables the development of dynamic and fully interactive online maps. As a cloud-based system, it makes the job of map creation a fluid and creative process.

9)   My Maps

This offshoot of Google Maps is a great tool to help create easy and dynamic maps either on a computer or an Android device. This tool is free to use for anyone with a Google account and makes use of the brand’s vast resources and simple, clean design.

Its integration with Google allows for easy collaboration and map sharing. There are some trade-offs to direct Google integration, however. The maps that are created in My Maps are designed to only be used online and do not download as easily as image files.

10)   QGIS 3

This brilliant and unique map design software is open source and has all the benefits that come with it. Now on their third version, QGIS 3 allows the user to dynamically and simply create maps in 3D.

11)   MultiPlottr

This handy software allows the user to easily plot pushpins for PowerPoint visuals. Simply copy and paste your addresses, click “plot”, and you’re done! This fast and brilliantly designed software allows the user to create maps which will either be hugely detailed, or quick and specific.

12)   Click2Map

Click2Map is fantastic map design software that delivers advanced online mapping tools with an easy-to-use interface. Add your own custom images, markers, icons, text, and videos. Create your own custom data fields as well and import your own address databases. This allows for auto-repositioning of markers in realtime based on a vast library of icons.

13)   Snazzy Maps

This online map solution is not technically a map builder. However, it uses Google Maps API to make any map on your site look great and work perfectly. It includes several design templates, which is important for any web designer that wants to create a professional-looking map.

If you want to use Snazzy Maps but you also want to use a more advanced mapping tool, you can try MapSVG. MapSVG already has a Snazzy Maps integration that you can use.


Standing for Geographic Resources Analysis Support System, GRASS GIS was originally developed by the US Army Corps of engineers to help with land management and environmental planning. Since its beginning, it has evolved and developed into free GISsoftware.

It includes over 350 vector manipulation tools. This software is mainly an option for analysis and image processing of digital terrain.

15)   Mapme

This custom map creator offers all the basic tools you need to create your own interactive maps. One of its key features is its ability to embed the maps that you create onto external websites as well as your own. Mapme is particularly designed for industries such as real estate, travel, and government. This is because you can quickly share information and locations with potential clients and users, without any additional coding or designing.

16)   D3.js library

This brilliant JavaScript library provides a powerful data visualization tool. This allows the user to create interactive and dynamic data visualizations for any web platform.

17)   Tableau Public

Out of all 21 options listed here, this is perhaps the most challenging piece of software to learn for a beginner. However, the rewards behind learning the software are great, as it boasts the most flexibility of any similar tool.

Once the map is created all that is required is for the correct address and geographical information to be plugged in, and users can quickly customize their maps to correlate with this relevant information. For example, create shaded zone maps, flow maps, or dot plots.

18)   MapTiler

This mapping tool includes some fascinating features. One of these is its ability to process images and convert them into custom maps that can be embedded on any online platform. It offers a host of useful features such as geo-referencing, inbuilt support for multiple map layers, offline customization of maps, full platform integration, and much more.

19)   Leaflet Javascript library

This software is great for creating mobile-friendly custom maps. While it doesn’t have the most features out of any of the options on this list, it does offer the basics that are often enough for most users.

However, Leaflet has the potential to be expanded upon by the user with a vast array of plugins that are easy to add on top of the basic functionality. Leaflet is also one of the only options here that was designed entirely with mobile support at the forefront of its design philosophy.

This is a mapping tool that is easy to pick up for any user and has a simple source code that is widely available and opensource. Due to this, it offers potential through a huge array of features without the complexity of some of the other options on this list.

20)    Scribble Maps

Scribble Maps is a great piece of software that will allow anyone to easily create interactive maps for their online presence. Users can embed maps in a document or print them off.

While Scribble Maps can be augmented with more tools for more technically proficient users, it is primarily designed as a basic map creation interface that can be used even by beginners in web design.

21)    mapGIS

This fantastic map creation tool is a great option for those looking to make static maps, such as satellite, street, or hybrid maps. This software provides the user with map-drawing tools that enable them to mark and label all the information that will be necessary on a map. It is also set up to allow embedding on multiple sites on a variety of platforms.

Which Online Mapping Tool Will You Choose?

Location-based services are becoming more and more important in the modern marketplace. This is increasingly true for the digital domain of businesses. Services that were once entirely real-world based are now moving online.

This will only become truer as time goes on, especially in a post-pandemic world. Because of this, it will become increasingly important for online businesses and brands to create their own interactive maps.

These types of mapping tools are gradually being used by more businesses and organizations for multiple reasons. These reasons extend beyond doing business in the traditional sense and now incorporate such activities as locating business partners and identifying networks of similar retailers in specific geographical areas.

Not to mention those businesses who increasingly find new customer bases online thanks to the increasing reach that this type of platform offers. These are just more reasons why even the smallest of businesses should become familiar with the techniques behind online map creation.

As we’ve seen in this list of the best online mapping tools there is a huge range of choices for those looking to create their own dynamic interactive maps for their online platforms. While it may seem daunting to select which one to use, you should first consider exactly what you need from your online map.

Each of these options offers something slightly different as well as basic tools. When you consider exactly what you need, we have no doubt that you will find the map creation tool that’s best for you. We hope this comprehensive list will help make that decision easier!

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SVG Path Generator Tools and Builders You Can Use

Images are a vital part of any successful website. They help connect users and content in a more intimate way. The file formats that are employed to create these images are often the same, with the exception of one: SVG. This handy file format lets users maintain small file sizes and scale images up or down without losing quality. To make the most of online images, we recommend finding a handy SVG path generator to help do the more complex heavy lifting.

It is important to become familiar with the language of the SVG format in order to understand how to best put it to use. So what is it about the SVG file format that has made it one of the fastest-growing formats available?

Why Use SVG?

With the usual JPG or PNG formats, the user often needs to employ GUI software to interact with and make changes to their images. This is not the case with SVG. It is an XML-based markup language, and as such can be created and edited directly in a text editor.

SVG files can be manipulated directly in a much more dynamic and fluid way. As they contain two-dimensional vectors, SVG files can be directly altered using code. They are more similar to web pages than other image formats such as a JPEG. This gives the user some powerful and exciting possibilities when using the format that would otherwise be either impossible or difficult to achieve with any other file type.

If you wanted to achieve the same results in a JPG or PNG file (for example, making and changing shapes and graphics in a text-based format), then the user would need to use other applications such as Adobe Illustrator or Sketch, before exporting them to SVG. This adds extra steps and overcomplicates a process that is simple to do with SVG files.

Using an SVG Path Generator

To help you get to grips with the basics behind using SVG files, it can help to use some prebuilt tools to make the process even easier. We’ve put together a list of the 15 best tools that can put you on the right track to start utilizing the SVG file format.

15 Best SVG Path Generator Tools

1)   Snap.svg

This free software enables its users to create and edit SVG files easily and with no hassle.

As well as these great tools, it also makes use of a Javascript library, making working with your SVG assets even easier.

2)   SVG Path Generator by mathisonian

This tool gives you the power to create SVG paths easily, without having to memorize any shortcodes or specs. This is a great example of how independent users find ways of making the use of SVG file formats simpler all the time.

3)   Anthony Dugois’s SVG Path Builder

This tool lets you create SVG paths directly in your browser.

With its minimal, intuitive interface, SVG Path Builder utilizes keyboard shortcuts and import and export options to great effect, making the process simple even for a novice.

It also has a great feature that shows the user the different kinds of curve commands that are available.

4)   Random SVG Path Generator

This is another fantastic online-based path generator. Its interface is similar to the previous one, making use of a streamlined and intuitive workflow.

5)   Quasi-SVG

This handy tool allows the user to engage with SVG creation while still being as creative as possible. Make quasicrystalline patterns to take your projects to the next level.

The options section gives you all the tools necessary to make customs patterns.

6)   d3/d3path

D3-path makes your code much easier to work with. It uses the canvas element’s Context2D interface. D3-path is great at making path generation code used to involve a huge amount of chained path commands such as M0,0 or L2,2. With the help of d3-path, users can engage in a much easier and intuitive way with their work. It also draws straight to canvas rather than SVG.

7)   Clip Path

Here’s another simple tool that allows the user to create CSS clip path code without the need for fiddly coding. It’s a great way to make CSS masking for your page, without needing any previous coding knowledge.

8)   Chartist.js

Chartist offers users a library of banked knowledge and solutions to draw from. Its philosophy is that most problems have already been solved, so when you come across one, the solution may well have already been found previously. Just search through the library on offer here and utilize a wider spectrum of knowledge.

9)   Yann Armelin’s SVGPathEditor

A very simple tool that allows you to copy and paste path data. Once done, it should work immediately. It also allows for some basic visual editing, such as dragging points, and the ability to edit path data itself.

10) Method Draw

Another great free SVG path editor app. The main interface lets users create, while a path section shows the selected paths parameters. There are also a great number of tools to aid in the creation and editing of SVGs.

11) Path Generator on SVG Animated Board

This fun app allows users to practice how to generate points along a path of bézier curves. Made in the theme of a space board game, it will help teach you the basics!

12) Sten Hougaard’s SVG Manipulate Paths

This software lets you draw and create shapes and patterns directly on the main interface. It uses premade curves to do this. It then creates the relevant code automatically.

13) SVG Cubic Bézier Curve Generator

Another great app that transforms designs made by you the user, into useable and accessible code.


This one offers the ability to randomly create wave shapes, as well as other curves and rectangles. Unlike the previous few examples, this app generates the entire SVG structure.

15) DrawSVG

This is perhaps the most tool-heavy on this list. DrawSVG gives users the ability to create vector graphics and edit the SVG paths all in one system. It is basically a full-blown drawing app, which also lets you generate them in SVG paths. Its nine tools (such as elements, shapes, media, and more) really offer a wide range of options.

The SVG Path Generator for Your Needs?

SVGs are here to stay, and their popularity among web designers is only going to continue to grow. The flexibility they offer with online graphic creation is unmatched. The benefits of working with smaller file sizes in a world increasingly dominated by remote cloud working are also clear.

With this list of useful SVG tools, hopefully we have proven that you don’t need to have a background in coding to start taking advantage of the benefits of SVG creation. Each one of these tools offers something slightly different, so be sure to consider what you need before deciding on one.

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The Best WordPress Store Locator Plugins to Download

In the age of online retail, brick and mortar shops are increasingly needing to move to the digital space. A big reason for this is drawing online traffic to their physical location.

The benefit of WordPress powering so much of the internet is that it provides many useful plugins to help stores navigate the web and do business. Using a WordPress store locator plugin for example is a great start.

Why Use a WordPress Store Locator Plugin?

These plugins allow stores to seamlessly integrate their physical locations into their online ones. They allow the owner to always direct customers to the physical store and potentially capitalize on any online business they get. Linking an online space with a physical location is also an asset for yellow pages sites, and can increase a store’s rating on online directories.

With a wealth of options out there for useful WordPress plugins, however, it can be hard to decide on which ones to use. To help you choose, we have put together a list of some of the best WordPress store locator plugins available on the platform.

24 of the Best WordPress Store Locator Plugins

1)   MapSVG Store Locator

A truly customizable plugin, MapSVG allows users to choose from thousands of map designs thanks to SnazzyMaps and a huge array of customizable options so you can create a custom map for your website.

Use filters to let visitors search by address, city, or any way you like. It even lets you add more map locations if you need to. This can help visitors to find stores that are nearby, and help drive internet traffic that will convert into real-world customer footfall in your physical stores.

2)   MapifyPro

Although it has only been available for the last five years, this has quickly become one of the most widely used store locator plugins.

Its success can be found down to its wide range of features, which lets the user create a simple yet beautiful store locator.

3)   Store Locator Plus Free WordPress Plugin

As a more involved plugin in terms of the amount of control that’s available, this plugin is nevertheless a great and powerful tool.

Use its admin tools to alter the plugin using CSS and HTML. This gives you an extra level of customizable options, letting the user categorize locations, activate and deactivate search tools, and much more.

4)   WP Multi Store Locator Pro

Here’s another great store locator plugin which lets the user include extra information along with the maps, such as website links, addresses, and directions. These features make it easy and quick for your visitors to view nearby stores while allowing you to potentially gain customers easily with minimal effort.

It also has other features such as statistics, adding store managers, and more.

5)   Gwebpro

This easy to use plugin offers flexibility without complications. The base version of this plugin lets the user add multiple store locations, allowing you to manage them all in one place.

The UI is simple and clean, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t effective. One of the many plusses is that you will not require any add-on software to complement it.

6)   Map List Pro

This plugin is focused on allowing its users to add multiple locations and addresses easily. The simple interface makes it a breeze to manage all of these locations in the same place.

A big bonus is the more than 35 designs you can choose from.

7)   Themify Store Locator

Although Themify Store Locator has fewer features than some of the others on this list, it does benefit from having a really great interface.

Add descriptions, addresses, and phone numbers, as well as change the display layout, all using a simple and easy to use interface. This is a great option for those who are unfamiliar with website design and are looking for a powerful and customizable plugin without the difficulties of coding them directly.

8)   SimpleMap Store Locator

This great plugin allows the user to create an SEO optimized international store locator with ease. There is also a huge array of customizable options. The big benefit of this plugin, and a major way it differs from others, is the use of great SEO tools. This will help your site rank much higher on search engine results, thereby driving traffic straight to your site and to your business.

Another big benefit of this plugin is its ability to list an unlimited amount of stores, letting you manage everything in one location.

9)   Advanced Google Maps Plugin for WordPress

With the powerful engine of Google Maps behind this plugin, it is a really reliable option.

It is best suited to a stable number of locations, as opposed to changing ones. It allows the user to alter map filters, offer different routes for each visitor, and allow the visitor to “search nearby”, allowing for more results, as well as much more.

10)  Locatoraid

This simple but powerful plugin is designed for any kind of business, from stores to restaurants. It is based on zip codes and shows nearby results based on the zip code given by the customer.

11) Local SEO for WordPress Plugin by Yoast

This plugin offers huge customization opportunities using shortcodes as well as a useful interface. Create store locators that rank locations by any parameter you want, from the state, zip code, and more. The shortcodes also allow the user to embed information on any page, publication, and placement page they would like.

It also lets you use a WordPress widget to create a store locator from your website.

While you do require a year-long license to use it, this plugin offers some rich features that others do not.

12) Responsive Store Locator Plugin for WordPress

This simple plugin is great for adding store locations and managing them easily. It uses shortcodes [wc_store_locator] to display the maps on your site pages. It includes multiple Google map types, such as satellite, roadmap, terrain, and hybrid types.

13) WP Store Locator

This handy plugin lets you add multiple store locations in a map, and offers full customization. The map and directions can be in whatever language the visitor desires, and offer many different ways of displaying instructions.

It also offers some shortcodes to help embed the maps wherever on your site you would like. They also help to allow the user to define addresses, add opening hours, and customize the store locator maps.

14) Super Store Finder

This fully responsive WordPress plugin offers a powerful store locator. Its customization suite is massive, allowing you to change styles, colors, labels, and much more. It also comes with a Marker Cluster add-on for WordPress, but must be purchased separately.

15) Bullseye Store Locator

This plugin comes with the standard options to create location maps for your site. But the bonus is that it also allows you to display a Google map directly above or next to your result list. It can also utilize GPS on a customer’s device to automatically detect their location and help them find nearby stores.

16) Google Maps WD

This is a great and reliable plugin that makes wonderful use of the heavy-hitting platform of Google Maps. It lets you add an unlimited number of locations and stores.

Along with offering full customization to the admin, it also has extra features, such as giving full information about a result when a visitor hovers over the listing.

17) As Store Locator

This great free plugin by Alfio Salanitri uses a dynamic but approachable interface to get the job done. This little-known plugin packs a big punch, offering a great store locator service for your website.

Don’t let the small number of downloads put you off. This a plugin that punches high above its weight and offers a great deal in a small package.

18) Store Locator (Google Maps) for WordPress

Use the vast service of Google Maps directly on your site with this plugin. Also, make use of the multiple options for layouts and designs available to you.

It includes all the usual admin controls for managing locations and categories, but also includes shortcodes for added customization. You can control everything from the units of distance (km/miles) to the size of your map.

19) Agile WordPress Store Locator

Perhaps one of the most customizable plugin on our list, Agile lets the user control a huge range of functions.

Use preset templates or create new designs for maps. Import and export multiple locations. Sort locations and information based on a variety of settings such as states, cities and more. The possibilities really are wide open to you.

20) 10Web Google Maps

This handy little plugin allows you to make use of the powerful engine of Google Maps. Embed multiple maps and use them to make store locators.

The big selling point of this plugin is the customization options – specifically its dedicated map builder.

21) Advanced Store Locator

This is perhaps one of the most widely used plugins for the creation of store locator tools on WordPress. It benefits from using AJAX technology as vital support.

A unique feature of this plugin is its geolocalization ability. This means that it takes an address and converts it into exact coordinates, giving pinpoint accurate locations for stores.

22) VO Store Locator

This great plugin is a solid choice for creating your very own store locator on your WordPress site. It includes many features that are commonplace in these types of plugins, with an added bonus.

This plugin makes it simple and easy to integrate its functions and controls directly into your visual composer, making the management of stores and locations that much easier and more fluid.

23) Store Locator Plus for WordPress

Before we list the benefits of this plugin, it is important to make note of one particular point: most of these features come with the premium add-ons which are paid for.

That being said, its features are great. It can support thousands of locations, use HTML and CSS to achieve a more unique design, and support multiple languages for visitors.

24) WordPress Store Locator

This helpful plugin is more than a simple store locator (although it is that too). It allows the user to embed and link products directly on the page. The visitor simply has to click on the product and the locator shows them where it is available. This can be a great boost to sales.

Combined with its great customizable options, such as over 10 inbuilt layouts and 90 map designs, this is a great choice for any eCommerce website.

The Right WordPress Store Locator Plugin Is Out There

When creating a website for a business, it is important to keep your brand consistent. Linking your physical location to your online location is a great way of doing this. As a result of this, including a store locator plugin to your site is a great way to increase foot traffic and get more sales.

Hopefully, we have helped you see that if you are using WordPress, there are many, many options out there for you. Whether you are fluent in the language of website coding, or a novice to the world of eCommerce, you are bound to find a plugin from this list to help you.

The important thing to consider, as ever, is what is the right thing for your business. While some of these plugins may seem very similar, they all offer something slightly different, which will fit various businesses differently. No two businesses are the same! Once you have figured out exactly what your business needs, your choice from this list should be a lot easier to make.

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The Best WordPress Google Maps Plugins

Google has a popular suite of applications that are free for anyone to access. One of the cornerstone apps that they have is Google Maps. It is a highly interactive online map and navigation system that can help people find their way to any destination.

Google Maps has mapped the globe with satellite, terrain, and street view images. Adding one of these maps to your website is a critical step to helping potential clients find your business. There are a number of WordPress Google Maps plugins that make this a simple integration to undertake.

Why Integrate Google Maps in WordPress?

You can copy and paste a code from Google Maps into your site directory to add a map to your website. However, this map will not be interactive. It merely shows where your store is to customers.

However, using a WordPress Google Maps plugin will allow you to add an interactive map with more detail. This can include directions, markers, details about your location, and other points of interest.

A store locator plugin can help you customize your map so that your customers can easily find you without getting lost.

Store locator functionality from MapSVG

While a map of your office or store location is one of the most common uses for a WordPress map and store locator plugin, it can also be used for blog posts.

For example, if you are a travel blogger, then you can use an interactive Google Maps plugin to show some of your favorite spots in a particular city. Or if you are a food blogger, you can create a map of your favorite restaurants.

These visual representations are an important way to engage with your audience.

There are a number of options for WordPress Google Maps plugins that you can choose from. In this article, we have rounded up the best options and included both free and premium options to the list below. It’s never been easier to add a Google Maps plugin to your website.

Awesome WordPress Google Maps Plugins


Vector Map created with MapSVG

MapSVG is a WordPress map plugin that allows you to embed an interactive Google Map into your site. In addition, it has the capacity to add interactive vector maps, image maps, map statistics, and so much more.

It even has the ability to convert image files into interactive maps with tooltips, shading, pop-ups, highlights, and more. It is one of the best WordPress plugins for maps because of how diverse it is.

MapSVG has powerful tools that enhance your interactive map building. This includes things like markers, coordinates, forms, custom CSS, and more.

There is even the capacity to use choropleth maps in order to add statistics or other information. This is perfect for adding demographics or radar imaging to your map.

Very Simple Google Maps

The name of this WordPress Google Map plugin is perfectly accurate because it does just what it says. It adds very simple Google maps to your website. It’s the perfect solution for those with any level of experience. Anyone can easily add an interactive Google map to your website with the provided shortcode.

Very Simple Google Maps also has more advanced features to include custom CSS or your business listing as it appears on Google. It is an excellent solution for adding a Google map plugin to your website.

WP Google Maps

WP Google Maps allows users to add a map to their website. Their built-in tools allow you to add traffic or bike layers, directions, zoom features, and shapes to your map. It makes the process of adding a map relatively simple.

There are ten themes to choose from for your map style, which explains why it is a commonly used plugin. In fact, WP Google Maps is actively used on more than 400,000 websites.

Google Maps Travel Route

This WordPress Google Map plugin is very simple to use. A dashboard is used to edit the location that you hope to display on your map.

The map can then be embedded into your WordPress site. You can use a provided shortcode to insert the map onto a page. The associated Google Maps widget can also be used to insert the map onto a sidebar.

MapPress Easy Google Maps

This free Google Maps plugin uses the most current Google Maps API to embed maps on your website. It can be used on multiple sites and is adaptable to different styles of posts.

It supports street view, custom text, real-time traffic, and shortcode amongst other things. There is a pro version that you can upgrade to if you need more premium features.

Hero Maps Premium

Hero Maps has some really neat features that make it a popular choice. The drag-and-drop format of this WordPress plugin makes it particularly easy to use.

You can create an unlimited number of maps for your website and add an unlimited number of locations to each map, too.

If you are including multiple locations, there is a handy tool to bulk import locations in a CSV file. You can also create custom shapes, filter maps, and add extra information for each map marker.

Advanced Google Maps Plugin

The Advanced Google Maps plugin allows you to add as many maps to a page as you’d like with unlimited locations and categories. The admin panel for this WordPress map plugin offers a wide variety of style options.

The biggest benefit of this plugin option is the ability to create responsive and searchable maps that are adaptable to different devices. This is a particularly useful feature if you have a lot of information to include on your map.

Gutenberg Map Block for Google Maps

The Gutenberg Map Block is the best WordPress maps plugin if you are already using the Gutenberg block builder. This plugin is suited to all skill levels and is easy to navigate. Just install the plugin, activate it, and insert your map.

Google Maps Locator plugin for WordPress

This map plugin is unique in that it allows visitors to your site to submit additions to your map.

The maps themselves can be customized, including markers, automatic display of geolocation, and visitors can even draw on the map. Listings can be rated and accompanied by videos. The map is also searchable, and has the ability to search within a defined radius.

Basic Google Maps Placemarks

You can integrate maps with placemarks on your WordPress website using this plugin. The markers identifying locations along with other map features can be customized by using a meta box.

One of the most popular premium WordPress Google Maps plugins is Mapify. Mapify makes it easy to add a map to your site. The flexibility of this plugin allows for a lot of creativity. You can even use it on pictures and artwork to create tags or pins.

Being a premium plugin, you can expect premium features. There are videos and animations, different styles of markers, lightboxes, and multisite integration among others. You can even create and export drafts of maps in PSD format.

10Web Google Maps

10Web is a freemium plugin that allows you to create unlimited maps with unlimited markers even in its free version. You can also add a store locator function for visitors looking for the location nearest to them.

Progress Map

Progress Map is an ideal choice of WordPress map plugin for maps that include lists.

For example, if you want to include multiple locations for a hotel chain or stores, this would be perfect for you. The locations marked on the map are also populated into a list below the map for easy access.

Map Markers

Map Markers is a superior map plugin that is perfect for even the most inexperienced user. It can help you feature multiple store locations, restaurants, real estate listings, and more on your website.

It’s easy to create maps with custom styles and markers. Map Markers offers numerous features that make this plugin user friendly and convenient.

Google Maps Widget

While the free version of this widget allows you to create unlimited maps, it only allows for one map marker. For a business with a single location, this doesn’t create any problems. If you need to be able to create multiple markers then you’ll need to upgrade to the premium version.

Using a widget, you can edit the location marked on your map as well as the style of your map. This is different from most other plugins that tend to have a settings page. The premium version of the app can provide a shortcode to add to the body of your website.

Responsive Styled Google Maps

This plugin allows you to create multiple maps with multiple locations. These maps can be easily customized and are responsive.

This is a premium WordPress Google Maps plugin with a number of features to help you create stylish maps. It also does not require a Google Maps API key.

Map List Pro

This is a premium WordPress map plugin that is loaded with features that make it quick and easy to add maps to your website.

Maps can be customized and, on the front end, users can search or sort locations. It’s a perfect solution for office or store locations and even for contact lists.

Simple Google Maps Shortcode

As the name indicates, this plugin helps you in using a shortcode for you to add maps to your site. Using your Google Maps API key and desired location, you can generate a map and its associated shortcode.

This is a simplistic solution that doesn’t include a lot of customization. The maps you generate can also be saved in a WordPress Transients API cache for up to three months.

5Sec Google Maps

The highlighted feature in the 5Sec Google Maps plugin is the interactive and visual map builder. It allows you to see the location markers as you add them to your map. There are 15 different pin options as well as the ability to upload your own custom pin.

Individual pins can have information added to them such as animations and directions. This is a premium plugin and it shows. There are 10 skins created by the developer and you can add unlimited color layers to your Google map as well for simple customization.

Responsive Google Maps

This is another WordPress map plugin that allows you to see what you’ve created as you edit it. Simply enter your coordinates or the address of your desired location to generate the map.

There are 40 different colored skins to choose from and 10 colors of markers. Once you’ve finished your map, you can pull the associated shortcode and enter it into your website.

Extended Google Map for Elementor

This add-on is a convenient extension for Elementor and Google Maps that will help you add multiple pins to a map. It is a free WordPress Google Maps plugin that is easy to use.

You can use any map type with this one. This includes terrain, satellite, road maps, hybrid, and more. You can even create custom maps with their own unique style.

This extension adds the ability to use latitude and longitude coordinates in the Elementor page builder. It includes several different pin colors, zoom, language settings, and street view capability. You can also use your Google Maps API key.

Maps Marker

This WordPress maps plugin supports a variety of different mapping services. These include Google Maps, Open Street Map, Bing, Mapbox, and WMTS maps.

While it is more commonly known as Maps Marker, this plugin is sometimes referred to as Leaflet Maps Marker, particularly on

The pro version of this plugin has premium features that enhance your map creations. One highlighted feature is the ability to use GPX Tracks to display the distance, pace, and time of a run or bike ride to a map on your website.

CP Google Maps

This free WP Google Maps plugin allows you to add an unlimited number of locations to your custom map. CP Google Maps will also add extra location entries to your map based on related topics.

You can upload your own custom markers or use the options they provide. You can choose how your Google map appears on your page, whether that is the size, margins, type of map, and the ability to zoom.

Maps can even be displayed in multiple different languages to suit a wide audience of readers.

Google Maps Easy

Google Maps Easy is a freemium plugin that is commonly used to add WordPress maps. It was developed by Supsystic, which is a popular plugin developer with many available plugins on WordPress.

The features provided in the free version are generous. You can create as many maps as you’d like with as many location markers as you need.

Unlike many other free options, you can even categorize and group together your location markers for better organization. This is an excellent option for those with limited resources who need to be able to use more features to achieve a desired result.

Interactive Google Maps

Interactive Google Maps is an excellent plugin choice particularly for those with a global presence or travel bloggers. It has the ability to display international locations, which is especially important if you have offices all around the world. NGOs with various international projects will also find this plugin useful.

There are a number of helpful features available in the Interactive Google Maps plugin. Highlighting different areas on the Google map in a variety of colors can distinguish areas of importance.

Further, using different colored markers can zero in on important locations. Users can hover over locations and see a tooltip pop up with relevant information. Customized actions can be assigned to different clickable areas of the map.


The last of these WordPress Google Maps plugins is Cartogram. It allows users to integrate Google Maps into WordPress with all kinds of customizations. It supports unlimited numbers of layers on your Google map and has strong compatibility with Google’s drawing tools.

Additional information about particular locations can be added as pop-up windows that are triggered by clicking on a location marker. The information window that pops up can have an associated featured image that can further expand into the lightbox when clicked.

Ending thoughts on the best WordPress Google Maps plugins

There is such a wide variety of free, freemium, and premium map plugins available for WordPress.

Each of them has useful features that will allow you to create your desired map. A map on your site is the perfect solution for visually demonstrating your travels, activities, office locations, favorite spots, and so much more.

Google Maps is one of the most popular navigation apps in the world. Adding it to your website makes it look more professional and legitimate. This is particularly true if you are a business that would like to entice potential customers or clients to visit one of your locations.

Maps are also an important feature for travel or food bloggers to be able to showcase the destinations they have visited. It is an excellent way to drive business to attractions that you appreciate as a blogger. They add context to the content you are creating that nothing else can.

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The Best SVG to PNG Converter Tools

We know the struggle of opening a file in an online editing program only to realize that the program simply doesn’t work. Most of the time, the problem is that the program you use doesn’t recognize the file format you upload. When working with images, the trouble-causing format is .svg.

Most images have the extension .jpg or even .png and these are widely recognized formats. That’s why the simplest solution to this problem is to use a SVG to PNG converter.

The process is simple once you find the right SVG converter. Finally, you will be able to use those great images you’ve found, without having to worry about whether or not it’s in the right format. Converting some images will also make them suitable for even more purposes.

Why aren’t SVG and PNG compatible? The answer is simple – SVG is a vectorial format and PNG is a raster one. Programs have specific reading features, most of them being limited to the raster format. That’s why, online programs, most probably, won’t recognize the files with an SVG extension.

With a good tool, all you have to do is take your file and convert SVG to PNG. You can also opt for a .jpg extension for your final file if that works better for you.This will ensure total compatibility between the image and your editing program.

Learn below more about this topic in this article created by our team at MapSVG.

What is SVG?

Created by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), SVG is a vectorial format mostly used by graphic designers and animators. It supports static and animated graphics, but cannot display three-dimensional objects. The basis of SVG VML formed markup languages and PGML.

The SVG format contains and compresses all graphic and text data that you’ll need after converting the file. This is what makes a SVG to PNG converter so usefuls. A good converter will also help you resize your .svg file or export it from your Mac or Windows machine for further use.

What is PNG?

Unlike SVG, PNG is a raster format type that doesn’t work with vectors. Yet, it has a similar lossless algorithm that stores data and deflate files. It does a great job compressing the data it saves.

This appears as an alternative for GIFs. As a result, the PNG files support the main types of raster images, including color, grayscale, and indexed images.

As far as the color range it supports, it is limited to RGB codes. If you have a CMYK color image, you can’t convert it into PNG.An important advantage of the PNG format is the lack of copyright limitations. This adds to the transparent background feature and its compatibility with most web pages. You can easily and innovatively work with a PNG file in an editing program, too.

Which is the Best SVG to PNG Converter?

Choosing only one program from this big market isn’t that easy. That’s why we chose to show you some of the best we found and their main features. There’s more that goes into a SVG to PNG converter than you might think. With the help of our short selection, you can choose the program you consider to be the best.

Downloadable SVG To PNG Converters

File Converter

File Converter

This is a simple-to-use downloadable converter. Once you install it on your device, it will add SVG on the context menu of the supported formats. Using this menu, select your file and convert it to PNG. You can select and convert multiple files at once.

Here are some other features of File Converter that may be appealing to you:

  • It can convert to GIF, JPG, WebP, ICO, and PDF.
  • It has a wide range of file format it covers, meaning you can use it for audio and video files, too. Converting FLAC to MP3, WAV to MP3, AVI to MP4, MP4 to MKV is much easier with File Converter.



This is a downloadable program mostly used by illustrators and graphic designers. Its main purpose is to help artistic minds draw their thoughts from scratch. You can create icons, logos, images, and download them for further use.

You can use this program on Mac, Windows, and Linux. And no matter the device you have, you always receive precious pieces of advice from Inkscape’s community members.

But, if you’re not a designer and you’re looking for a SVG to PNG converter, you’re in the right place, too. This program can solve your little problem in no time and with minimal effort. Plus, we haven’t yet mentioned the best part. It’s free.

Online Tools



If you don’t want to download any unknown program to your device, you can always opt for the online ones. SVG to PNG is a simple, quick, and efficient program. You can upload and convert up to 20 files at a time.

Even for so many images, the process doesn’t take much time. After it’s done, you can download the files individually or in a group.



MyScale is another online free and efficient program that converts SVG to PNG.

You can even consult its codes before downloading, which are displayed on GitHub. The most important advantage is that MyScale gives you the possibility to download and save the files on your web host. This app is not for everyone, as it doesn’t have many features. But it can be useful too.



As its name suggests, this SVG to PNG converter is free. It allows you to convert batches of files in just a few moments. Drag, upload, click on the “Convert to PNG” button, and download. That’s all you have to do.

SVG to PNG online converter by Egzif

SVG to PNG online converter by Egzif

This tool rasterizes images so that they can be read by more viewers. You can either choose the format and the dimensions you want or let the soft do this for you. What you should know is that you won’t lose the quality of an SVG file no matter the size you opt for.

Yet, if you need to convert into an animated PNG format, you will have to look for another program.

SVG to PNG Converter by cloudconvert

SVG to PNG Converter by cloudconvert

Cloudconvert coded this soft paying special attention to the quality of the output file. Thus, this SVG to PNG Converter preserves the transparency and the clarity of the files no matter the size.

This is due to their trustworthy and professional partners. They assure complete adaptability of the program to users’ needs.



This one is a more complex program with more features and specification possibilities. It seamlessly converts from any file format you have ever heard of.

You don’t have to provide any personal data or create an account. Just drag & drop your files, convert, and download them in the new format. You can even find them there later, too.



We have nothing bad to say about ZamZar. It supports a bunch of formats, making it useful and accessible to many people. Also, it is quick and easy to use. It doesn’t require you to sign in or download anything. That’s something to appreciate.

Yet, a fastidious user can find it slower than other similar sites. Still, we recommend you give it a try.

All you have to do is open their website, upload your files, and convert them. In just a moment they’ll be ready for you to download or send them through email. And you’re done.

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