Amazing Maps That Will Change Your World Perspective

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But first, let’s start with an intro.

Most people use maps to locate a specific place in the world. It presents a graphical representation of the geographical features of an area. As such, maps fulfill a similar function as graphs and charts. They organize information and help to get a better understanding of certain phenomena.

Combining maps with charts or graphs results in a really interesting new kind of amazing map. They give a new representation of data in relation to earth’s geography. Studying these maps satisfies the curiosity about our planet.

Our planet as well as our environment changes rapidly. Therefore, it is important to take a step back and have a different look at the planet where we live. It helps us to reset our brains and reassess our attitudes towards our surroundings. We may come to the realization that we need to change certain assumptions or attitudes, or we may conclude that we do not need to change anything.

Below are some examples of maps that give a different view of some places on the earth. These amazing maps help us to take that step back and reflect.

Those maps were made by very talented and skilled chart makers. They help us see the world from a different perspective than that we are familiar with. These representations go around and beyond the geography lessons commonly taught in most schools. This trip will show new little-known facts about the world and about our own countries.

Amazing maps examples


In this map, the territory size is not proportional to its geographical size, but rather to its global wealth. The southern hemisphere looks very skinny. The bloated countries in the northern hemisphere hint at the unequal distribution of riches.

Map of rivers

Favorite Fast Food Joint in Every State in U.S.

A European missionary’s map of Africa, circa 1908

This is a very interesting map from a historic point of view. The borders are very different from the way they are now and tell their own story. Above all, it is a reminder of Africa’s colonial history. Europeans claimed territory and divided the continent the way they wanted, without any consideration for the feelings of the local people.

Map of shadows in NYC

Non-military aircraft routes

This world map shows the concentration of civil air traffic. At a glance the concentration of air traffic in North America and Europe is striking. The other thing that is obvious is that there are specific traffic nodes. Not all cities have direct flights to a variety of places.

Classic Old World Map

This is a classic old map of the world. These kinds of old maps are beautiful and show what people back then thought the world looked like.

Languages and dialects of the Middle East and Central Asia

It is amazing to see how many languages are spoken in the Middle East. This part of the world has been inhabited by many different kinds of people since long ago. The map shows how languages are distributed from Iraq all the way to China and Russia.

Map of Medieval Bologna

Map of flight patterns

Map of Vikings


This world map shows the countries by percentage of the global population. The two most populous countries on this planet, China and India, appear much larger than their land areas indicate.

Netherlands building age map by Parallel

Maps are an amazing tool for showing data. There is so much information that one single map can show. This three-dimensional map of the Netherlands shows all 10 million buildings in this country. A color code shows the date of construction of each single one of them. This is a truly captivating example.

Medieval Map of Brugge

Much of America is uninhabited

This map was made by Nik Freeman. He gathered information about the distribution of population in the United States. Some 4,871,270 census blocks, covering around 4.6 million square kilometers report no inhabitants. That means that the area is uninhabitable. That could be because of the terrain, man-made restrictions on habitation, or that it is an industrial or commercial zone.

Cracow 1493

Budapest in 1617

Red Hair Population in Europe

Brazil Is Bigger Than The Entire Continuous USA

The next on this list of amazing maps shows a comparison of the sizes of the countries of Brazil and the United States. Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world. An overlay shows that Brazil is about 11% larger than the mainland of the United States, not counting offshore territories.

The Size of Vatican

This map shows an interesting fact. The entire state of Vatican City is in fact smaller than the largest building in the world, the Aalsmeer Flower Auction house in the Netherlands.

Geological Map of Ireland

Florence 1493


Australia is a huge country, that is a fact. It measures 7.7 million square kilometers. That is the same as the size of twenty countries. Albania, Austria, Cambodia, Ecuador, East Timor, Germany, Greece, France, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Portugal, Romania, South Africa, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, the United Kingdom, and West Malaysia together fit in the mainland of Australia. Denmark would fill the island of Tasmania.

The most popular brand from each U.S. State

The 7000 Rivers that Feed into the Mississippi River

World Map of Vegetation on Earth

If you swap water and land


This map from NASA shows the density of the world’s population. Red dots represent a high concentration of people. Many red dots together show high levels of urbanization. This is especially clear in China and India.

World Map of the Different Writing Systems

Comparison of the sizes of Pluto and Australia

Each U.S. County’s Closest Sports Team

What is the closest sports team in the highest tier of American Sports competitions? This map gives the answer by county. Included are the 120 teams in the MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL.

Hamburg 1572

Most frequently photographed places

Metric Vs. Imperial System

It was the Brits who introduced the imperial measurement system in the world. This map, however, shows that only three countries currently continue to use it. These are Liberia, Myanmar, and the United States. The rest of the world uses the metric system, including the United Kingdom.

Longest Land Route

The longest road journey that is possible on this planet is the subject of the map. The trip leads from Portugal all the way to Vietnam.

College Football Fandom

College football enjoys the interest of many fans. In fact, millions of fans have their own favorite college team. This map shows which college football teams dominate which areas. The influence of some teams spread over a large area. Others, like UCLA, can hardly win their own city.

Map of Contiguous United States Overlaid on the Moon

Venezia 1550

Paris 1550


The continents have not always looked the way they do now. Pushing the continents back together to the way they looked more or less 200 million years ago leads to interesting insights. For example, Australia and Indonesia are relatively close together at the present time. In ancient Pangea, they were on opposite sides of the globe.

Frequency of Lightning Strikes Throughout the World

You are a tiny speck of nothingness

The last of the amazing maps on this list may be the most spectacular. Most people’s universe revolves around themselves, or may one other human. But looking at this map of the part of the universe would make them think twice.

Scientists call this corner of the universe Laniakea. It contains more than 100,000 galaxies and measures an incredible 500 million light-years from end to end. In all this vastness, our planet is not even visible, let alone the cities or houses.

Ending thoughts on these amazing maps

These are some really amazing maps. They have the power to impress and surprise us, besides their educational value. Some simply show information, others interpret additional data in exciting and creative ways. Hopefully, some even make us smile.

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