Download a Free Blank Map of South America (34 Examples)

This is the right place if you’re looking for a blank map of South America. A list of them is provided at the end. First, we’ll provide some fascinating facts about this continent.

The South American continent is one of extremes. It is where the driest desert is found, the Atacama Desert. It is also the continent with the largest river, the Amazon River.

Details about South America

  • South America forms around 12% of the total land area of our planet. In absolute terms, this is about 17,814,000 square kilometers or 6,878,000 square miles.
  • The name America comes from the Italian merchant and navigator Amerigo Vespucci.
  • The highest point of South America is in Argentina. It is the Andean mountain Cerro Aconcagua, which measures 6,901 meters or 22,641 feet above sea level.
  • The largest river by water discharge: Amazon River. The size of the river mouth is some 7 million square kilometers or 2.72 million square miles.
  • The world record of the highest waterfall is the Santo del Angel, in Venezuela. This waterfall, which is also called Angel Falls, measures nearly 1000 meters.
  • The largest country in South America is Brazil. It has the largest size and population.
  • The largest urban area is also in Brazil. Sao Paulo is also in the top 10 of the largest cities in the world.
  • Population density: 57 people per square kilometer.
  • Paraguay derives nearly all of its electricity (99.9%) from hydropower. That is a world record when it comes to sustainable electricity use.


The extremities extend farther south than any other continent. It has a coastline with the Atlantic Ocean to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west. In the northeast, the border is formed by the Caribbean Sea.

The Andes Mountain range runs all along the western part of the South American continent. It is from this mountain range that the sources of the Amazon spring, the largest river in the world. The beginnings of this river are in the west but flow eastward towards the Atlantic Ocean.

Geographically, South American can be divided into three different regions. These are the mountains and highlands, coastal plains, and river basins. Mountains, in particular the Andes, run north to south. The coastal plains extend in that direction also. River basins generally run east-west.

The continent covers the territory of twelve sovereign states. These are Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Surinam, Uruguay, and Venezuela. Included in the continent are also two dependent territories, which are the South Sandwich Islands and the Falkland Islands, and South Georgia. On the continent’s mainland is also the internal territory of French Guiana.

The interior of South America is not very densely populated. Most of the population lives in the coastal regions on the east and the west.


The original inhabitants entered the continent by crossing from Siberia to North America. Therefore, indigenous South Americans descended from the Asiatic people. This movement occurred during the last Wisconsin ice age.

One of the most prominent pre-Columbian civilizations in South America is that of the Incas. They built a powerful empire that covered big parts of the continent and they built the iconic city of Machu Picchu. This mountain city is often considered a contemporary Wonder of the World.

Spain and Portugal started colonizing South America in the 16th century. Later, during the 19th century, many of these colonies gained independence. Famous fighters for independence are José de San Martín and Simon Bolívar.

Before the arrival of the Europeans, the indigenous tribes thrived. However, their numbers dwindled during the Spanish and Portuguese rule. Even now, these indigenous, and mestizo (mixed), cultures remain separated. In this way, many retain their distinct characteristics.

Brazil in particular has a large population that descended from African slaves. Their ancestors were brought to America during the colonial period in the trans-Atlantic slave trade. Many of the ethnic groups in South America mingle, which results in new interesting social structures.

Brazil, the biggest country in South America, was under the influence of Portugal. Most other countries are former Spanish colonies. As a result, Spanish and Portuguese are the two main languages in South America. Three countries in the north have different social and cultural backgrounds. These are French Guiana (French), Guyana (English), and Suriname (Dutch). Of course, many Indigenous languages continue to be used.

Find a Free Blank Map of South America

This is a list of links to free blank maps. Use a map of South America for any personal or work project.

Blank South America SVG Map

This map is created with MapSVG

South America Coasts

Blank Physical South America Map – Outline

Outline Printable Map of South America

Map of South America with Latitudes and Longitudes

Blank Map of South America with Transparent Background Pink

Map of South America Coast

Printable Outline Map of South America

Blank Political Map of South America

South America Physical Map Blank

South America Coasts with Latitude

South America Blank Physical Map

Blank SVG Map of South America

Coasts and Hydrography of South America

Blank Satellite Map of South America

Map of South America States

Map of South America labeled

Latin America Blank Map

Outline Map of South America

South America Blank Map Grey

Map of the South America States and Rivers

Map of South America Two Colors

Map of South America State Borders

Map of South America States with Names

Map of South America with Transparent Background

Map of South America with Transparent Background

Blank Flag Map of South America

Map of South America with the Main Cities

Map of South America with Transparent Background Green

Blank Transparent Map of South America

Blank Colored Map of South America

Blank Map of South America States in Different Colors

Map of South America with Transparent Background Blue

Map of South America with States with Names Colored

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Great Infographic Map Examples You Need to Check Out

A geographic infographic is when data is visually presented according to a location on a map.

Infographics are versatile and lend themselves to creativity. Original visual elements, like illustrations, photos, etcetera are elements suitable for infographics. One of the visual elements with high information density is a map.

So, when location is an important data element, a map is the best option for the infographic.

The purpose of an infographic map is to present data in a way that is easy to read within the geospatial context. Ultimately, it engages the viewer and makes information understandable.

When contemplating the use of an infographic map, think about a special angle, something that will interest people.

Types of Infographic Maps

Map infographics are useful in different settings and work well to present different types of information. Consider using an infographic map in the following cases. When presenting:

  • Demographic data.
  • Geographic data.
  • Information for travel guides, tours, and similar businesses.
  • Location-related information for companies, industries, or similar audiences.
  • Survey results with a geospatial relation.

A map type that is of particular use in infographic map presentations is the choropleth map. Choropleth maps use different colors to present information.

It is important to think beforehand about what story the map should convey. Some questions to consider are:

  • Will it focus on a small area, a larger region, or the whole country or world?
  • Will the map focus on the geography of the area, or will it be about specific patterns that are discernable in the area?

Here are some examples to get a better idea of what factors should be considered.

Before Creating a Map Infographic

Maps are excellent tools for telling stories and presenting information that is related to specific places. There are other reasons why a map infographic is the right tool in a certain setting.

Variety of Scales

A map can focus on different parts of the world, countries, states, counties, cities, or neighborhoods. Think about which scale setting brings out the story in the best way.

Maps are Abstractions

Maps are general representations of reality. Because they have the purpose of conveying information, it is important to ensure that the map is accurate. A mistake is easily made but can mislead people in serious ways.

There are some conventions when it comes to map-making. People are used to them and use these to read a map. These are some of them:

  • The north is usually positioned at the top of the map. This is especially true in the northern hemisphere. Consequently, the south is at the bottom, the east to the right, and the west to the left.
  • Lines in a map usually indicate borders of some sort.
  • Make sure that data is presented in such a way that it is easy for the reader to understand what they mean.

Tips for Creating Infographic Maps

With the topic clearly defined, creating the graphics will be easier. If the data spread over different countries, the choice for using a world map is justifiable. If not, the choice will be for a country map, or a selected region, such as a city or a state. It could even be a map of a neighborhood or factory site.

Most of the time it is best to use one single map for presenting the information. There are some exceptions to that rule. Maps can be used side by side to compare patterns in different regions. Another exception is when comparing the overall patterns in a large area and the more detailed information in a small area.

Many tools are available to mark different sections on the map. These tools include borders, names, labels, colors, and gradients. Often maps are used in combination with charts and diagrams. Certain map details can be explained in a legend or separate graphics. Another option is to use text layers on top of the map.

Great Infographic Map Examples

The internet is a treasure trove of examples of graphical and interactive maps. When planning to use an infographics map on a website, first think about where, when, and how to use it. Then think about what kind of illustration to use and what added technology will be beneficial.

This article contains 26 original examples of infographics maps. They are useful to gain inspiration for a personal project. Hopefully, they lead to new designs that are effective in reaching the goal, engaging the audience.

You can create something similar in Canva, Venngage, Illustrator, Photoshop, or even Affinity Designer.

The Earth’s Oldest Trees

Infamous Volcanoes Around the World

Foods US States are Known For

World’s Best Carnivals

The Most Famous Brand From Each State In The US

Where Jobs Have Been Hiding

Tour de France

Map of the Most Popular Surnames in the United States

Poland and California Comparison

Hubspot Twitter Territory

US Map Underwater Mortgages

Market Share by Continent

Global Traffic Map 2010

USA GDP by State

An Economic Snapshot of Every US State

World Nuclear Power Reactors

The National Flag

The World’s Resources by Country

Healthcare Costs in the USA

Starbucks and McDonald’s Infographic World Map

The Percent of American Indian and Alaska Native People

Oil Imports to the US

10 Best Places to Buy a House

Facts about Iceland

Interactive or Static Maps

In an interactive map, a viewer needs some form of interaction with it to access information. This could be by clicking, hovering, scrolling, or some other way. For example, a visitor needs to click an icon for information about a location to appear.

In a static map, all information is already present, like in a poster or image. There is nothing that is hidden that must be revealed.

n excellent place to start to create an interactive infographic is MapSVG. It allows the user to modify an existing map and make an impressive map infographic that is ready to add to any website.

Tools to Create Infographic Maps


Many consider Canva the best infographic tool available. It offers an all-in-one solution for creating content of different kinds. Infographics are one of the sections that Canva offers. It is in the marketing section, mixed in with all the social media templates.


Visme is straightforward and easy to use. It uses content blocks that the user can adapt to his needs. That makes it easy to make changes. Only one specific block can be customized without changing everything else. This makes updating an icon or infographic easy and fast.


The focus of Venngage is on infographics. From its very start, that is what they were known for and that is what they continue to be famous for. Besides templates for infographics, they also offer tools for different types of graphic design.


Piktochart too is a tool that was mainly designed to create infographics. It is most similar to Visme in that it mainly caters to the needs of businesses, rather than bloggers and individual content creators.

Piktochart has been around for some time but continues to be up to date and offer trendy designs.

Ending thoughts on these infographic map examples

Maps are just one element of infographics. Other visualizations, like icons, illustrations, and text are other common elements. Well thought-through and designed maps tell a story that captivates the audience.

Avoid putting too many visuals and text into a map. It overwhelms the viewer and the goal of logically presenting information is missed. Instead, direct their attention by using clear titles, and effective use of different sizes and colors.

The templates by Venngage are a great help. These were made by professionals and are editable to suit the needs of the user.

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Download A Blank Map of The World from This Great List

Looking for a blank map of the world?

We’ve got plenty for you in this article.

But first, let’s talk a bit about the world map that we know and love.

Humans have a limited view and can hardly imagine the vast complexity of the real world. Maps are an aid to understanding these surroundings.

They are simple graphic representations of the real world. A map of the world gives an idea of what this planet looks like.

Map Projection

A mapmaker always needs to make concessions. It is impossible to perfectly represent the Earth on a map.

It represents some features of the planet at the expense of leaving out or distorting others.

Most obvious, the Earth is a globe. So, printing it on a flat piece of paper is already a distortion.

To overcome this last problem cartographers have come up with different solutions. They developed various ways of projecting the surface of a globe on a two-dimensional map.

All these transformations result in some degree of distortion of reality. These deformations have a specific effect on one or more of the geographic properties on the map.

These are seven of the many different world map projections.

Mercator projection

On a Mercator map, longitude and latitude lines appear straight. As a result, they intersect at right angles.

The Mercator projection is therefore very easy to recognize. This transformation of the world results in a clean and tidy-looking world map.

The disadvantage is that most parts will appear in distorted geographical features. Sizes and shapes are particularly modified further away from the equator.

Robinson projection

The latitudinal lines of the Robinson projection are straight. The longitudinal lines curve gently as they approach either pole.

However, they never meet. The distortions in this projection are similar to those of the Mercator projection.

Gall-Peters projection

The Gall-Peters map is a cylindrical projection. This has the advantage of the surface areas retaining their accuracy.

Land surfaces of different countries on the map are thus proportional. It corrects some of the problems encountered with the Mercator projection.

Miller Cylindrical projection

The Miller cylindrical projection of the Earth results in a rectangular representation.

It is produced by using mathematical transformations. In this case, the Earth projected on a cylindrical tangent at the equator.

The Miller projection is a derivative of the Mercator map, correcting some of the distortions.

Winkel-Tripel projection

The Winkel-Tripel projection was first developed in 1921 by German cartographer Oswald Winkel.

This map type is very different from the Robinson-based maps. The design’s objective was to correct misrepresentations in area, distance, and direction.

For example, Greenland now has a size similar to Argentina. In other projections, Greenland was the same size as the whole continent of South America.

Goode’s Homolosine projection

This projection was invented in 1925 by John Paul Goode. It contains interruptions compared to a regular map, like a flattened-out orange peel.

Adding these white spaces retains the accuracies in area proportionalities.

Hobo-Dyer projection

Developed in 2002, the Hobo-Dyer projection is relatively new.  

It is also a cylindrical representation. The longitudinal and latitudinal lines appear straight.

The advantage is that land areas are comparable across the map. This was possible by modifying the shapes of countries in certain places.

The List of Great Blank Maps of the World

Below is a list of blank world maps. Choose a blank map of the world for any kind of project.

There is a choice of maps that employ different kinds of projections.

Blank World SVG Map

This map is created with MapSVG

Map of the World Showing Major Countries

Ali Macar Reis World Map

World Outline Mercator Projection

Map of the World America-Centered

Map of the World in Robinson Projection

Planisphere World Blank Map Coasts

Outline Map of the World Goode’s Homolosine Projection

Map of the World Blue Ocean

Blank World Map in Robinson Projection Blue

Blank Map of the World Goode’s Homolosine Projection

Blank Physical World Map

Mercator Blank Map of the World

Map of the World America-Centered with Hydrography and Main Cities

Physical Map of the World in Robinson Projection

Planisphere World Blank Map Coasts White

Countries of the World Blank Map Hobo-Dyer Projection

Map of the World Gall-Peters Projection

Map of the World America-Centered with States

Poster World Map

Blank Map of the World with Transparent Background Mercator Projection

Eckert IV projection with the central meridian set at 0° (Atlantic-centered) Blank Map

Blank Transparent Map of the World in Gall-Peters Projection

Physical World Blank Map Hobo-Dyer Projection

Printable Blank World Map with Countries

Map of the World America-Centered with States in Different Colors

Planisphere World Blank Map Latitude

Physical Map of the World in Gall-Peters Projection

Blank World Map

Blank World Map Black and White

Planisphere World Blank Map Coasts, Main Towns, Names

Transparent Green Map of the World in Gall-Peters Projection

Eckert IV projection with the central meridian set at 155° (Pacific-centered) Blank Map

Planisphere World Blank Map with States

Blank Peters Projection Map

World Satellite Map

Planisphere World with States in Different Colors

Physical Map of the World

Map of The World with Transparent Background Green

Political Map of the World

World Map Vector with Countries Outline – World Map Mercator Projection

Blank Map of World States Goode’s Homolosine Projection

World map in Mercator style projection

Blank Physical Map of the World

Blank Physical Map of the World Goode’s Homolosine Projection

World map Globe Blank map

Location of Prime Meridian. Robinson map projection

Blank World Map Goode’s Homolosine Projection

Blank World Topographic Map

Whole World Satellite Map

World map blank gmt

World Topography Bathymetry Map

World Map In Robinson Projection With Meridians And Parallels Grid. Asia And Australia Centered

Map of the World with Countries in Different Colors

World Blank Map With Countries

World Outline Robinson Projection

Map of the World in Green

Blank Map of the World with Transparent Background Green

Map of the World with Transparent Background Colored

Robinson Projection World Map

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Download a Blank Map of The United States From This Selection

A blank map of the United States is a tool for learning, drawing, referencing, and measuring. Many educational institutions use them.

A student can, for example, draw in some of the geographical features of the country. Blank maps of the USA are also used to learn the location of cities, states, and rivers.

The United States of America is widely regarded as one of the leading countries on the planet. It is also one of the most developed ones.

Located in North America, it shares land borders with only two other countries. These countries are Canada to the north and Mexico to the south.

Only a small percentage are indigenous peoples. Most of the population consists of immigrants and descendants of immigrants.

The US is a true melting pot of nationalities and cultures.

Eight Facts About the United States of America

The Size of the US

It measures 3.8 million square miles.

To put this into perspective: it takes the same time to fly from New York to London, as it does to fly from New York to Los Angeles. For many Americans, a commute of two hours every day is completely normal.

Regions and States

The United States is generally divided into 4 regions – the West, Midwest, Northwest, and South. In an administrative sense, the US consists of 50 states.

Tourist Attraction

Each year the US receives over 77 million tourists. This makes the United States one of the countries that attracts the most visitors.

Tip the Waiter

It is customary in the USA to leave a tip for the waiter. Not leaving one is extremely rude.

For most restaurant workers the wage is very low, so it is kind to leave them a 15-20% tip for a good service.

Regional Stereotypes

The stereotypes that are common in movies do exist, according to an article in Time magazine.

Popular opinion holds the Mid-Atlantic states and New England as temperamental and uninhibited. The South and Midwest are commonly characterized as friendly and conventional.

The article describes the Pacific coast, Sun Belt, and the Rocky Mountains as relaxed and creative.

Imperial Measurements

According to the CIA website, the “use of the metric system has been sanctioned in 1866.” Yet, it is hardly used in the US.

So, height is still measured in feet, football fields in yards, and longer distances in miles.

A Young Country

Native Americans have inhabited the continent for more than a thousand years. The founding of the United States occurred much more recently, in 1776.

America celebrated its 244th birthday on July 4, 2020.

Turn Right on a Red Light

Less waiting time! When the traffic light shows red but it is safe to turn right, it is okay to do so.

This is a rule in all of the 50 states of America, as long as turning right is not prohibited.

Blank Maps of the United States to Use and Print

The following blank maps of the United States are here for you to explore. Enjoy this list of blank maps and use them for any project.

Download for free blank SVG vector map of USA

This map is created with MapSVG

Blank Map of the United States with States and Main Cities

Blank map of the United States

Blank Map of USA States and Regions

Outline Map of the United States

Blank Map of the United States with Transparent Background

Blank Map of USA Coasts

Blank map of the United States with Boundaries

Blank Map of USA States in Different Colors

Printable US Map with States Labeled

A map of the United States including the offshore territories Puerto Rico, Guam, the United States Virgin Islands, and the Northern Mariana Islands. The locations are indicated by their name.

A blank map of United States with stripes to be re-colored as needed

Map of states of the USA in actual positions, Lambert Conic projection

Printable blank US map of the 50 States, without names

A blank map of the territory of the United States with borders of 1860

Blank Satellite Map of USA

Labelled version of Image:Blank US map borders

Blank Map of USA Coasts White

Map showing Mainland USA without state borders

Blank Map of US Counties

Blank Map of USA with Transparent Background Green

Blank Map of USA Coasts and Latitudes

Blank Map of the United States Transparent

Blank Elevation Map of the USA

Blank Map of the United States in 7 Contrasting Shades

Blank Map of USA Borders

Location Map of the United States

Blank Hillshade Map with USA States Labeled

Blank map of the United States in 1861 with States andTerritories

Blank Map of Main USA Rivers

3D Blank Map of the United States

USA Lakes and Rivers

Map of USA showing unlabeled state boundaries

Blank United States Map with States

Map of the USA showing borders of states and counties

Outline Map of USA States

Map of the USA showing borders of states and counties. Colored version

Blank Map with USA Interstate Highways

Blank map of the United States with state boundaries colored

Blank Map of USA States Labeled

Blank map of USA states transparent

Simple Map of the United States

3 Dimensional Blank Map of USA

A blank map of all of the U.S. congressional districts (as of the 110th Congress)

Blank Map of USA with Capitals of the States

Transparent Map of the United States with State Boundaries

Blank map of United States House of Representatives districts, with white borders

3D Blank Map of the USA Green

Transparent Outline Map of the United States

Blank Map of the USA with Main Cities Labeled

Simple Outline Map of the United States

Outline map of USA States

Outline Map of the USA with Capitals Labeled

Outline Map of the USA with States Labeled in Different Colors

Outline Map of the USA with States in Different Colors

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Amazing Maps That Will Change Your World Perspective

Looking to see some amazing maps?

We have a lot here that will change the way you look at the world.

But first, let’s start with an intro.

Most people use maps to locate a specific place in the world. It presents a graphical representation of the geographical features of an area. As such, maps fulfill a similar function as graphs and charts. They organize information and help to get a better understanding of certain phenomena.

Combining maps with charts or graphs results in a really interesting new kind of amazing map. They give a new representation of data in relation to earth’s geography. Studying these maps satisfies the curiosity about our planet.

Our planet as well as our environment changes rapidly. Therefore, it is important to take a step back and have a different look at the planet where we live. It helps us to reset our brains and reassess our attitudes towards our surroundings. We may come to the realization that we need to change certain assumptions or attitudes, or we may conclude that we do not need to change anything.

Below are some examples of maps that give a different view of some places on the earth. These amazing maps help us to take that step back and reflect.

Those maps were made by very talented and skilled chart makers. They help us see the world from a different perspective than that we are familiar with. These representations go around and beyond the geography lessons commonly taught in most schools. This trip will show new little-known facts about the world and about our own countries.

Amazing maps examples


In this map, the territory size is not proportional to its geographical size, but rather to its global wealth. The southern hemisphere looks very skinny. The bloated countries in the northern hemisphere hint at the unequal distribution of riches.

Map of rivers

Favorite Fast Food Joint in Every State in U.S.

A European missionary’s map of Africa, circa 1908

This is a very interesting map from a historic point of view. The borders are very different from the way they are now and tell their own story. Above all, it is a reminder of Africa’s colonial history. Europeans claimed territory and divided the continent the way they wanted, without any consideration for the feelings of the local people.

Map of shadows in NYC

Non-military aircraft routes

This world map shows the concentration of civil air traffic. At a glance the concentration of air traffic in North America and Europe is striking. The other thing that is obvious is that there are specific traffic nodes. Not all cities have direct flights to a variety of places.

Classic Old World Map

This is a classic old map of the world. These kinds of old maps are beautiful and show what people back then thought the world looked like.

Languages and dialects of the Middle East and Central Asia

It is amazing to see how many languages are spoken in the Middle East. This part of the world has been inhabited by many different kinds of people since long ago. The map shows how languages are distributed from Iraq all the way to China and Russia.

Map of Medieval Bologna

Map of flight patterns

Map of Vikings


This world map shows the countries by percentage of the global population. The two most populous countries on this planet, China and India, appear much larger than their land areas indicate.

Netherlands building age map by Parallel

Maps are an amazing tool for showing data. There is so much information that one single map can show. This three-dimensional map of the Netherlands shows all 10 million buildings in this country. A color code shows the date of construction of each single one of them. This is a truly captivating example.

Medieval Map of Brugge

Much of America is uninhabited

This map was made by Nik Freeman. He gathered information about the distribution of population in the United States. Some 4,871,270 census blocks, covering around 4.6 million square kilometers report no inhabitants. That means that the area is uninhabitable. That could be because of the terrain, man-made restrictions on habitation, or that it is an industrial or commercial zone.

Cracow 1493

Budapest in 1617

Red Hair Population in Europe

Brazil Is Bigger Than The Entire Continuous USA

The next on this list of amazing maps shows a comparison of the sizes of the countries of Brazil and the United States. Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world. An overlay shows that Brazil is about 11% larger than the mainland of the United States, not counting offshore territories.

The Size of Vatican

This map shows an interesting fact. The entire state of Vatican City is in fact smaller than the largest building in the world, the Aalsmeer Flower Auction house in the Netherlands.

Geological Map of Ireland

Florence 1493


Australia is a huge country, that is a fact. It measures 7.7 million square kilometers. That is the same as the size of twenty countries. Albania, Austria, Cambodia, Ecuador, East Timor, Germany, Greece, France, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Portugal, Romania, South Africa, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, the United Kingdom, and West Malaysia together fit in the mainland of Australia. Denmark would fill the island of Tasmania.

The most popular brand from each U.S. State

The 7000 Rivers that Feed into the Mississippi River

World Map of Vegetation on Earth

If you swap water and land


This map from NASA shows the density of the world’s population. Red dots represent a high concentration of people. Many red dots together show high levels of urbanization. This is especially clear in China and India.

World Map of the Different Writing Systems

Comparison of the sizes of Pluto and Australia

Each U.S. County’s Closest Sports Team

What is the closest sports team in the highest tier of American Sports competitions? This map gives the answer by county. Included are the 120 teams in the MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL.

Hamburg 1572

Most frequently photographed places

Metric Vs. Imperial System

It was the Brits who introduced the imperial measurement system in the world. This map, however, shows that only three countries currently continue to use it. These are Liberia, Myanmar, and the United States. The rest of the world uses the metric system, including the United Kingdom.

Longest Land Route

The longest road journey that is possible on this planet is the subject of the map. The trip leads from Portugal all the way to Vietnam.

College Football Fandom

College football enjoys the interest of many fans. In fact, millions of fans have their own favorite college team. This map shows which college football teams dominate which areas. The influence of some teams spread over a large area. Others, like UCLA, can hardly win their own city.

Map of Contiguous United States Overlaid on the Moon

Venezia 1550

Paris 1550


The continents have not always looked the way they do now. Pushing the continents back together to the way they looked more or less 200 million years ago leads to interesting insights. For example, Australia and Indonesia are relatively close together at the present time. In ancient Pangea, they were on opposite sides of the globe.

Frequency of Lightning Strikes Throughout the World

You are a tiny speck of nothingness

The last of the amazing maps on this list may be the most spectacular. Most people’s universe revolves around themselves, or may one other human. But looking at this map of the part of the universe would make them think twice.

Scientists call this corner of the universe Laniakea. It contains more than 100,000 galaxies and measures an incredible 500 million light-years from end to end. In all this vastness, our planet is not even visible, let alone the cities or houses.

Ending thoughts on these amazing maps

These are some really amazing maps. They have the power to impress and surprise us, besides their educational value. Some simply show information, others interpret additional data in exciting and creative ways. Hopefully, some even make us smile.

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