Get a Free Blank Map of Brazil from This List

You need a blank map of Brazil, don’t you?

We have your back.

But first, let’s dive into this intro about the beautiful country.

For those with an interest in Brazil, there are blank maps available that give an outline of this country. These maps help test knowledge of the 26 states and the federal district of Brasilia.

With the outline of the Atlantic coastline, it is easy to map out the beaches of Brazil. In other words, a blank map of Brazil contains a wealth of information and possibilities.

These maps make a job or assignment much easier and more practical.

They help with learning and quizzing about cities, rivers, states, and more. They are useful too for making calculations and various other analyses.

These blank maps of Brazil will contain boundaries and state lines. Some also have the states labeled on the map.

Geography of Brazil

Brazil is a large country in South America. It actually covers about half of the continent.

The highest peak is the Pico da Neblina which measures 2,994 meters, or 9,823 feet. The Pico lies on the Brazilian-Venezuelan border in the Serra Neblina.

The climate of most of the country is tropical. The very south, however, enjoys a more temperate climate.

Because of its size, Brazil shares borders with many other countries. These are:

  • Argentina
  • Bolivia
  • Colombia
  • French Guyana
  • Guyana
  • Paraguay
  • Peru
  • Suriname
  • Uruguay
  • Venezuela

These countries cover the borders in the north, west, and south. The Atlantic Ocean forms Brazil’s eastern border.

The 1988 Brazilian Federal Constitution states that Brazil consists of 26 states and one Federal District.

The largest river is the Amazon. The Rio Araguaia, Rio Japurá, Rio Madeira, Rio Negro, Rio Puras, Rio Xingu, São Francisco, and Tocantins are its main tributaries.

Ten Facts About Brazil.

  • The name Brazil comes from “pau-brasil”, which is Portuguese for the Brazil tree.

The Brazil tree has played an important role in Brazilian history and is an important natural resource. Hence, the Brazil tree is the national tree.

  • Brazil shares borders with almost every country on the South American continent. It does not share borders with Chile or Ecuador.
  • The capital of Brazil, Brasilia, took over three and a half years to build, from 1956 to 1960. Before Brasilia became the capital, Rio de Janeiro had filled this role for 197 years.
  • By size, Brazil is the fifth-largest country in the world. By population, it is the sixth-largest.
  • The official language of Brazil is Portuguese. It is the only Portuguese-speaking country in South America.
  • Measured by the amount of water that streams out of it, the Amazon River is the largest in the world.
  • One of the most famous UNESCO World Heritage Sites is the Iguacu National Park. Besides that, Brazil has 20 other UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
  • In 2012, Rio de Janeiro also became a World Heritage Site. This was because of its famous Carnival, an event that attracts more than 2 million people.
  • Most Brazilians descend from one of the three major ethnic groups. These are the African, Amerindian, and the European.
  • Each year, some 6.4 million tourists come to Brazil.

Collection of Free Blank Maps of Brazil

Free blank SVG vector map of Brazil

This map is created with MapSVG

Combine this SVG vector map with the MapSVG WordPress map plugin to add interactive features. Use it for any work-related or personal project.

Brazil Coasts with Latitudes

Transparent Map of Brazil

Hand-Drawn Blank Map of Brazil

States Of Brazil Map

Blank Physical Map of Brazil

States of Brazil

Brazil Regions

Blank Map of Brazil States Yellow

Blank Political Map of Brazil

Brazil Outline Transparent

Map of Brazil in South America

Transparent Map of Brazil States

Map of the states of Brazil in Portuguese

Brazil States Transparent Outline Map

Map of Brazil in Two Colors

Satellite Map of Brazil

Printable Map of Brazil

Brazil Coast

Printable Political Map of Brazil

Map of Brazil Regions

Transparent Map of Brazil

Map of Brazil Borders

Blank Transparent Map of Brazil with Neighboring States

Map of Brazil Biomass

Brazil Blank Political Map

Map of Brazil Hydrographics

Blank Map Brazil Regions

Blank Physical Map of Brazil

Outline Printable Map of Brazil

Brazil Map Drawing

Blank 3D Map of Brazil

Brazil Political Transparent Map

Map of Brazil Hydrography

Brazil State Map

Blank Coloring Map of Brazil

Map of Brazilian Regions by GDP

Map of Brazilian states by Income index

Brazil Blank Map

Map of Brazilian states by race

Map of Brazil Borders with Neighboring States

Transparent Outline Map of Brazil

Hydrography Map of Brazil

Map of Brazil Neighboring States

Map of Brazil Regions

Map of Brazil States

Simplified map of rivers of Brazil in the colors of Brazil’s flag. To be used for templates

Blank Map with Names of Brazil States

Territory of Brazil and its territorial waters

3D Flag Map of Brazil

Brazil Main Cities

Map of Brazil with Rivers and Main Cities Marked

Outline Map of Brazil

map of Brazil divided by states

Outline Map of Brazil States

Blank 3D Map of Brazil Green

Flag Map of Brazil

Outline Map with States Names

Outline Map of Brazil with States in Different Colors

Outline Map of Brazil with States Names Colored

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How to Fix This Page Can’t Load Google Maps Correctly

The message “This page can’t load Google Maps correctly” may be a familiar one for any WordPress user who uses standard WP Google Maps elements. The appearance of this message has increased vastly since Google Maps has made use of API keys, mandatory for its users since June 22, 2016. In the previous ten years, it was not.

Anyone who started using a Google Map on their website since June 22, 2016, will have to sign up to get an API key. Older users, however, can continue their maps without a key.

When site visitors see the message that Google Maps did not load correctly, they will not be able to use the map functionality. They may even wonder whether the website is outdated and whether the information is still correct. It is therefore very important to fix the Map issue. This guide will show how to fix the “This page can’t load Google Maps correctly” message on a WordPress website.

What Is the Reason for This Message?

There is no clear technical reason for this. In the past, Google Maps used to work well. It was only a matter of using the embedded code and the map would appear without any difficulties. However, in 2016 Google decided to change its policies. They made it a requirement to use an associated API key for anyone who wants to use a Google Map on their website.

In 2018 Google Map made further demands on Google Map users. It is now a requirement if you are showing a map on another website, you need to set up a Google Maps API.

API is an acronym for Application Programming Interface. It allows Google to see how its software is being used on other websites and it can stop any malicious use of any of its associated components.

If an API key was already added, then use the Inspect Element functionality of Google Chrome. To do this go to Inspect Element in Chrome, and then to the Console tab. It could indicate that the key is not correct, or that the key is restricted.

Setting up an API key is not very straightforward, especially for users with little experience. Google Maps has designed the process in such a way that it is more friendly for developers and web designers. Since WordPress is the most popular CMS on the market, its users have very different experience levels, from expert to novice. This article will therefore show how to do it for a WordPress website.

Add Google API Key into your site settings

Anyone with a WordPress website that incorporates standard WordPress Google Maps elements, is in danger of showing the “This page can’t load Google Maps correctly” message instead.

As mentioned, since June 11, 2018, the Google API key and Google Cloud Platform billing account are mandatory. This means that anyone starting to use the service after June 22, 2016, needs to sign up for these services. If the maps were in use before this date, nothing changes and an API key is not yet needed.

Creating a Google Maps API Key

Even though the key is also used for billing purposes, its use may still be free. Google allows 28,000 dynamic map loads per month for free. For static maps, this number is as high as 100,000. Owners of high-traffic sites can find prices on this website.

The first step in solving the problem is creating a Google Maps API key. Here is how to do this:

  • Go to Plugin settings. This can differ per user, but it should have the option of adding an API key. If this option does not appear, this probably means that the plugin is old or outdated.
  • Go to Google’s Cloud Resource Manager
  • Sign in if requested.
  • Choose Create a new project.
  • Enter a suitable name.
  • Click Next. It will now redirect to the Set Up Google Cloud Platform.
  • Enter any payment information that is required. Users of YouTube Red or the app store that have previously entered payment detail will not have to do so again.
  • When all the information is entered the system will generate an API key.

Adding the Google Maps API

The second step is to add the obtained Google Maps API. Here is how to do that:

  1. Open the WordPress theme options.
  2. Locate the API integrations.
  3. Enter the API key.
  4. (Add missing Analytics ID now that you are here)
  5. Click Save changes.

Google Maps API Security

Now, with the API key entered, the long number that we obtained in the steps above, the way is free to create and embed maps. However, there are some recommendations regarding security.

  • While in the API integrations environment, click the link To improve your app’s security, restrict this key’s usage in the API console.
  • Go to the Application Restriction tab.
  • Choose HTTP referrers (websites) under Application Restriction.
  • Add the entries that are shown below. Replace your website with the correct URL. Do not forget to use the asterisk (*) and http:// or https:// where applicable.
  • **
  • **
  • Click Save.

Still Having Problems?

If the ¨This page can’t load Google Maps correctly” error persists after following the steps above, here are some additional options.

  • The caching of today’s browser can be an issue here. Wait five to ten minutes and recheck the console.
  • A second option could be that there were two errors in the first place and only one of them was resolved. Refer to the information above to resolve other potential mistakes.
  • Clear browser cache.
  • Clean the reserve of any storing modules.

Ending thoughts on “this page can’t load Google Maps correctly

It is worthwhile to update and review the status of the Google Maps APIs that are in use on a website, including WordPress sites. Visitors are sure to prefer a properly loading map, instead of “this page can’t load Google Maps correctly”. It will enhance the user experience of any prospective customer.

Any visitor that encounters that message on a website should notify the website owner of this issue. If it is a website that welcomes many visitors each day it could also be that the limit of free loads has been reached. The owner of such a website should investigate changing his plan, for example to Premium. This is particularly true when maps are used on the website.

The Google Cloud support page has much more interesting and useful information on how to use Cloud APIs. The performance of a Google Maps API is dependent on many factors. These include billing, service usage, and terms of use. All these factors should be taken into account when using the service optimally.

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I take it you like maps as well so make sure to check out MapSVG, a great WordPress maps plugin you should check out.

Get a Blank Map of UK from This Free to Download Examples

I know you arrived to this article to get a blank map of UK.

Yet, let’s take a look at a short intro about the UK.

The United Kingdom is a complex country with a long history. This European country consists of one large island, part of a second one, and many small ones.

The total land surface area is 244,820 square kilometers.

Also in an administrative sense, the United Kingdom is rather complicated. It is non-uniform and multi-layered.

It consists of four major countries:

  • England
  • Scotland
  • Wales
  • Northern Ireland

Each of these countries has its local government, administrative system, and demarcation. So, there is no clear definition of the administrative units that form the United Kingdom.

To learn more about this fascinating country, check out the general information below. Then continue reading for a list of links, each with a blank map of the UK.

UK Geography

The United Kingdom shares only one land border. This is between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Apart from that land border, the UK is completely surrounded by water. In the south, the English Channel separates it from the European mainland.

In the east and northeast is the North Sea. In the west, the Irish Sea separates Wales and England from Ireland.

The Atlantic Ocean meets Scotland in the north and northwest.

Much of Britain and Northern Ireland consists of a rugged landscape with high hills. However, low hills and flat areas characterize the south and southeast.

Scotland has some higher peaks. This part of the country is divided into two parts: The Highland and the Lowlands.

The Highlands sit to the north and northeast of Scotland, with the Lowlands in the south.

Ben Nevis, the highest peak in the UK is in the Highlands. Its summit reaches 1,345 meters, or 4,413 feet, above sea level.

Key Facts about the United Kingdom

Official Name: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Although used synonymously, the United Kingdom and Great Britain refer to different entities. For further clarification, you should check out this video:

The UK includes Northern Ireland. Great Britain refers to the island including England, Wales, and Scotland.

  • Total Land Area: 243,610.00 square kilometer
  • Total Population: 66,834,405
  • National Symbols:
    • Flag: Union Jack
    • Colors: Red, white, and blue
    • Animal: Lion
  • Major Urban Areas:
    • London (9,304,016 inhabitants)
    • Manchester (2,730,076 inhabitants)
    • Birmingham (2,607,437 inhabitants)
    • West Yorkshire (1,889,095 inhabitants)
    • Glasgow (1,673,332 inhabitants)
    • Southampton/Portsmouth (927,916 inhabitants)
    • Liverpool (901,708 inhabitants)
    • Newcastle upon Tyne (809,481 inhabitants)
    • Nottingham (787,610 inhabitants)
    • Sheffield (730,158 inhabitants)

Political Divisions

At the highest level, the UK is divided into nine regions, the most prominent one being the London Region. This is further subdivided into the City of London plus 32 London boroughs.

The Greater London Authority governs the London Region. The London Assembly is part of the Authority and is directly elected.

The other eight national regions consist of metropolitan and non-metropolitan counties.

In England, divisions are made based on counties. These are then subdivided into boroughs, royal boroughs, metropolitan boroughs, cities, and districts.

Authorities combine the functions of districts and counties.

The country of Northern Ireland traditionally consists of six counties. This is an informal division, as these counties do not have administrative purposes.

Scotland possesses 32 council areas, which also form the unitary authorities. Finally, Wales consists of ceremonial counties, which do not serve any official purposes. 

The United Kingdom also has fourteen Overseas Territories.

UK Blank Map Examples

SVG vector map of United Kingdom

This map is created with MapSVG

Get a free blank map of the UK here. Combine this map with the MapSVG WordPress map plugin for interactive features.

It is suitable for any type of work-related or personal project.

UK Coasts

Blank Map of the British Isle including Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and England politically

British Isles outline map

A blank map of the British Isles, with the largest islands and archipelagos, labeled

Green Map of UK

Blank Topographic map of the United Kingdom

Blank Map showing the regions of England within the United Kingdom

Outline Map of UK

A printable blank map of Great Britain within the British Isles and its islands

Map showing the geographical scope of Britain and Ireland, namely Great Britain, Ireland, and the Isle of Man. The Channel Islands are excluded

Nations of the UK – Blank Map

Outline Map of UK with Transparent Background

Seas around the British Isles, topographic map

Blank Map showing Ireland (the island) within the British Isles

Printable Outline Map of UK

UK Coasts White Blank Map

Blank Map of United Kingdom’s Counties

Blank Map of the British Isles with counties

Blank Map of the United Kingdom in Red Color

Flag Map of the UK Nations

A Blank Map of the UK Territory

Blank Map of the United Kingdom in Yellow with Transparent Color

Blank Map showing Scotland within the British Isles

Blank Map of UK Regions

Blank Map showing the United Kingdom within the British Isles

Blank map of the British Isles

Flags of Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, and England with their respective areas separated from each other

Blank Map showing Wales within the British Isles

Terminology Map of the British and Irish Isles

UK Coasts with Hydrography

Map showing England within the British Isles

UK Blank Map Green

UK Boundaries

Blank Map of UK – Blue

Blank Map of UK with Main Roads

Blank Map of UK Nations

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Outline Map of Great Britain Black

Blank Map with Names of UK Nations

Blank Map – England Administrative Counties

Blank Map of the United Kingdom

Blank Map of UK Counties

Colored Blank Map of the United Kingdom with Main Cities

Blank Map of UK with Main Cities Marked

Flag Map of the United Kingdom

Blank Map of England and Wales from 1890s

A blank map of England divided by NUTS 3 level subdivisions

Map of the border between England and Scotland (in black) within the United Kingdom (with the Anglo-Welsh border in dark green)

Blank Map of UK with UK Cities Named

Blank map of UK with transparent background

Blank Map of the Empire of the White Falcon 1043-1692

Map of the Lord Lieutenancy areas of the United Kingdom (as of 2008), highlighting the location of Greater Manchester

England Counties

Map of Scotland (dark blue) within the United Kingdom

Blank Map of UK with Counties and Main Cities Marked

Map of Wales (green) within the United Kingdom

UK Outline Map

Ireland & Britain, c. AD 500, roughly the period of the legendary King Arthur

England and Wales Blank Map

United Kingdom SVG Map

United Kingdom Blank Outline Map coloring page

UK Map with Nation Names in Different Colors

England Counties Colored

UK Map with Nations in Different Colors

UK Blank Map Colored

SVG blank map of the United Kingdom

Map showing the Republic of Ireland within the British Isles

UK Map with Countries in Different Colors

Blank Map of UK with Nations and Main Roads

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How to Create a Google Maps API Key to Use in WordPress

Many people need to embed a Google Maps item on a WordPress site.It may be for a specific event, or to enhance an organization or business website.

Of course, there are many other possible reasons for doing so. Learn how to do it below.

Those are only the technical aspects. Deciding things like layout and what type of map to use is a different story.

Some may feel it is too difficult, so they take a screenshot and use the picture. However, this does not look very professional.

Google Maps offers many features that are free and easy to use and they will make a website look more polished.

This article shows how to do it and how to make use of the Google Maps API key. The use of API keys is a prerequisite now.

Why Add Google Maps to WordPress

To attract people to a business or a location, providing the address is essential. With the address, people can find their way to the business.

But by adding a map, visitors will get a better idea of where to go. They can see where the street is, what other landmarks are nearby, and how to get there.

To help potential customers, taking a screenshot might do. It does give certain information.

But that is not as nice as using one of the free Google Maps features. These are some ways in which using a Google Map is superior:

  • Because the user can move the map around and zoom in or out, they get a better idea of the location.
  • Highlight any location. Even multiple locations are possible.
  • Google Maps has the Street View options. So, people can see beforehand what the place looks like.
  • Users can take the location and share it with a mobile device. This allows them to use GPS when traveling to a destination they are not familiar with.

Google Maps API: Now a Requirement

To be able to use the Google Maps features, it is necessary to create a Google Cloud account.For users to access certain functions, the Cloud console needs to generate an API key.

In this way, Google knows when the website with the map is used and which billing profile it’s connected to.

The API key requirement became effective as of June 11, 2018.

This might explain why a Google Maps that worked in the past, now no longer works. Linking to a Google Cloud account may solve the problem.

Although the Cloud account links to billing information details, the use of Google Maps is free for most users. This is according to the Google Maps API pricing site.

It appears that no other changes occurred. So, to continue using these features, check the following:

  • Update the cloud account with valid billing information. This is a requirement, but it does not mean that the service is no longer free.
  • Update the embedded Google Map code or plugin settings with the API key.

How to Create a Google Maps API Key

What is an API key? It is a unique identifier that links a request with a project.

Its main purpose is identification and billing. There should be at least one API connected with any one project.

The first step is to enable the relevant API Libraries. There are many different Google Maps APIs.

These are the most important ones:

  • Google Places API Web Service (Essential)
  • Google Maps Directions API
  • Google Maps Distance Matrix API
  • Google Maps Elevation API
  • Google Maps Geocoding API
  • Google Maps Geolocation API
  • Google Maps JavaScript API
  • Google Maps Time Zone API

To enable them, go to the Google Maps API Libraries page. There are two libraries: ones that are currently enabled and those that are disabled.

At the top left corner select the relevant project. Now, enable all the necessary libraries.

Select them and click the Enable button. While here, disable the libraries that are not needed.

Choosing the right libraries depends on the features used in the Events Manager. Here is a list of the libraries that may be necessary:

  • Maps Javascript API
  • Places API for Web
  • Geocoding API. This library is necessary when using search forms with a geolocation option.
  • Maps Embed API. This must be enabled when using embedded maps or as a click action for a static map.
  • Maps Static API. Select this one for using static maps.

Setting Up a Google Maps API Key

The instructions on Google’s own website are not very clear. They are especially confusing for someone without developing skills.

Here is a step-by-step guide that makes the process clearer:

  • Select API Key. Next, the website will say that an API key was created and it will show the new key in a confirmation window.
  • Select Restrict Key.
  • If there is an API key already in the list, select it.
  • Change the Key Name to something recognizable and memorable. For example, “Events Manager Browser Key”.
  • Copy the API key.

Now it is time to turn to the WordPress Dashboard.

  1. Click Maps
  2. Click Settings
  3. Go to Advanced
  4. Paste the API key in the Google Maps API Key box.
  5. Click the Save Settings button.

To avoid the API key showing in plain text on the website, follow the next steps.These steps are important because otherwise, people can copy the key.

This would allow them to use it for their website and consume the free uses.

Click the name of the API key to add restrictions. The easiest way to fix the issue is by adding an HTTP referrer, like*.

In this way, calls can only be made on this assigned website. The format of the restriction is very specific, so please use the format above.

Finally, click the Save button to keep the restrictions.

Restricting access to the API key

As mentioned, Google uses API keysfor billing purposes. So, they have set a limit on the number of free API requests that it can authorize per day.

This is important to monitor, especially for busy websites. There are ways to limit the number of API requests.

One way is to restrict the API key’s functionality and limit their use to white-listed domain names.

The Google website has some security tips to prevent unauthorized use of API keys. Please have a look at them if this is necessary.

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I take it you like maps as well so make sure to check out MapSVG, a great WordPress maps plugin you should check out.

Download a Printable Blank Map of Israel from This Set

Ever needed a map that was practical and that made your work easier? Maybe a map that works for study or for data analysis.

This article provides links to various blank maps of Israel. Each map of Israel in this list will be useful for the purposes mentioned above.

A blank map of Israel serves different purposes. A blank map shows the border outline of the country.

An added bonus of these maps is that they are free. For those needing to print using a black toner or a photocopier, a black and white image is most convenient.

A printed map is very practical for referencing or quizzing. It is also useful for students to use in class or while studying.

About Israel

Israel has a long history and so it has many different names. These include the Land of Israel, the Holy Land, and Palestine.

It is the place where the Jewish people have their roots. As such, Israel has large religious significance in different faiths.

It is where the Hebrew Bible finds its origin, and where Judaism and Christianity started.

The first thousand years or so of the history of the people of Israel is in the Bible. In fact, much of what historians know about Israel and the Jewish people comes from that ancient book.

During this period, the cultural, national, and religious identity of Israel took shape. Even after centuries of exile, this identity remained and is still perceived today.

Many consider Abraham to be the father of the nation of Israel. This assignment is also made based on information from the Bible.

It is possible to trace the origins of the Jewish people back to him, through his son Isaac. As the father of the nation, he is also the father of Judaism, and through his other son Ishmael, father of Islam.

The name Israel comes from the grandson of Abraham, Jacob. In the Bible, God renamed him “Israel”.

Later, Isaac’s descendants were slaves in Egypt before they settled in the land of Canaan. Ancient Canaan roughly corresponds to what is now Israel.

Scattered all over the world, the Jewish people never lost touch with the Promised Land. After 2000 years, the state of Israel was reestablished in 1948.

The official name of Israel is the “State of Israel”. It is at the eastern extremity of the Mediterranean Sea and it forms part of the Middle East.

In the north, it borders Lebanon and Syria. In the east and southeast, it shares a border with the country of Jordan and in the southwest with Egypt.

The western border is the Mediterranean Sea.

The capital and seat of government is the ancient city of Jerusalem. However, this assignment is in dispute at an international level.

Israel is not large in size, but its geography is very diverse.

In the west, there are coastal plains, highlands in the north and center, and the large Negev desert in the south. The Great Rift Valley cuts through the eastern part of the country from north to south.

Selection of Blank Maps of Israel

Blank SVG vector map of Israel

This map is created with MapSVG

Get a free blank map of Israel. Use this SVG vector map in combination with the MapSVG WordPress map plugin to add interactive features.

Use it for any work-related or personal project.

Satellite Image of Israel

Blank Transparent Map of Israel

Blank Physical Map of Israel

High Resolution Israel Blank Map

Map of Israel, Transparent Background

Administrative Map of Israel

Blank Physical Map of Israel with Transparent Background

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict – Blank Map

Israel Borders

Israel Physical map (with boundaries)

Simple outline map of Israel

Israel Borders with Hydrography

Israel boundaries, buffer zone, territories

Blank Outline Map of Israel

Israel relief location map

Israel with Nazareth and Tel Yavne Identified

Israel SVG Map

Bisan District Before 1948

Blank Satellite Map of Israel

International borders of Israel sketched with some parts of the neighboring countries

Topography of Israel

Israel boundaries, buffer zone, territories names

Israel Flag Map

Israel size and dimensions

Israel location map

Blank Map of the State of Israel’s sovereign land area (Area C included)

Israel coasts

Blank Printable Map of Israel

Blank Israel Map

Israel Outline

Israel blank map with antique sites

Israel Outline Map

Israel districts, buffer zone, territories names

Israel topo blank map

Israel antique regions

Outline map of Israel

Israel boundaries, buffer zone, territories, main cities

Map of Israel with Transparent Background

Israel Outline

Outline map of Israel districts

Outline map of Israel districts with names

Flag Map of Israel with Transparent Background

Israel cities outline map

Outline map of Israel districts in different colors

Israel districts with names, different colors

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A Large Collection of The Most Beautiful Maps You Can See

Do you want to see a collection of the most beautiful maps out there?

We’ll get to those in a bit.

But first, let’s start with an intro.

The shapes of the features, the place names, and bodies of water can produce a variety of meanings and associations in people’s minds. It teaches something about a place and at the same time raises more questions.

The Terra incognita has a magical attraction.

Maps also help people to see their surroundings, from a bigger perspective. This is true whether they have been to the location or not.

They build anticipation for visiting a place or exploring new areas. At any rate, the art of making maps has a long history that connects with man’s urge to explore.

In many ways, cartography has determined how humans see the world. Below is a list of some of the most beautiful maps from human history.

Lots and lots of beautiful maps

Duke’s Plan Of New York

In the year 1664, the English became owners of what is now known as New York. They traded it with the Dutch.

The Duke’s Plan of New York is an astonishing map of the area. It contains the spelling that was common in the seventeenth century.

It shows the Hudson’s River, Longe Isleland, and Mannados. At that time, New York was not yet called New York.

The purpose of the map was that James, Duke of York would see it and name the area after himself.

Comparative Heights, of the Principal Mountains and Lengths of the Principal Rivers in the World by William Darton and W. R. Gardner, 1823

Monte’s map

Urbano Monte produced Monte’s map in Italy in 1587. This is a large and colorful map of the entire globe, based on the information then available.

More than four centuries later, David Rumsey collected and assembled the parts of the map. It shows climates, daylight hours, architecture, and flora and fauna of the different areas depicted.

Nova Totius Terrarum Orbis Tabula by Hendrik Hondius, 1630

Planisphaerium Arateum Sive Compages Orbium Mundanorum Ex Hypothesi Aratea In Plano Expressa

Another of these beautiful maps is the planisphere of Aratus. It is a depiction of the heavenly orbits according to the Greek astronomer and poet Aratus.

It was planarly drawn by the cartographer Andreas Cellarius in 1660. It is part of his collection Harmoniae Macrosmica, which translates as Harmony of the Macrocosm.

Brion World Map

A map of the world represented as a double hemisphere. Its purpose was mainly as decoration and it was made in 1783 by Louis Brion de la Tour.

An additional feature of the map is that it shows the travels of James Cook, the famous explorer.

Mappe Monde, by Jean Baptiste Nolin, 1755

Exploratory Soil Map of Kenya (1980)

It has been said that the colors and hues in this map are an abstract painting in themselves.

The image is amazing. It would look beautiful hanging on a wall with a nice frame or even as a screensaver.

Ortelius Islandia

This is a map of Iceland made in 1587 by the cartographer Ortelius. A colorful map with mythological sea monsters and erupting volcanoes.

Book Of Navigation

Piri Reis was an Ottoman admiral from the sixteenth century. He made many beautiful maps.

Several of these maps are in his collection ‘Book of Navigation.’ Being a sea admiral, he put less emphasis on the landmasses than on the seas.

The included land areas were drawn and colored in a playful application of the possibilities of those days.

A Map of the Wonderous Isle of Manhattan


The Cheonhado map is from Korea around the turn of the nineteenth century. The name Cheonhado means “Complete map of all under Heaven.”

The center of the map is the fabled Mount Meru. This stems from Buddhist, Hindu, and Jain philosophy.

These regard Meru as the physical and spiritual heart of the cosmos.

Carte Generale De La Terre

This shows the journeys by explorers like Bougainville, Cook, Halley, Magellan, and Tasman.

The maker of this Carte Generale is Jean Baptiste Louis Clouet. He published it in 1785.

Leo Belgicus by Hondius & Gerritsz, 1630

Catalan Atlas

The Catalan Atlas is one of the older maps of the world. It was published in 1375 as a portolan chart.

These charts served navigators in their work to identify their locations. The information on this map is from the information that Marco Polo gathered on his travels.

Geological Investigation Of The Alluvial Valley Of The Lower Mississippi River

Made in 1944 by Harold Norman Fisk, a geology professor. It traces the changes that the Mississippi River had undergone.

Looking at the colorful result, one may start thinking of muscle tissue or ribbon candy. The overall result is abstract art.

Bonsignori Map Of Western Africa

The next on this list of maps is the 1580 gold map of West Africa by Stefano Bonsignori.

Nova orbis terrarum delineatio singulari ratione accommodata meridiano tabb by Philippus Eckebrecht, 1630

Yongying County In China

A very interesting map created in China between 1734 and 1779. It gives an overview of the Yongying Country rivers delta.

In the western world, it is common to display North at the top and South at the bottom of the map. However, this map shows it the other way round.

This Fantasy Map Of Sarkamand

This map looks like an ancient Arabian map. Robert Altbauer created this recently using Photoshop and Illustrator.

It shows a large capital city in the middle of a desert. The map contains illuminated Arabic-looking lettering.

The name Sarkamand, refers to the city Samarkand, an old city in what is now Uzbekistan.

Desceliers World Map

This map existed before Francis Drake made his journeys. The information reflects the knowledge of the world in those days.

Pierre Descelliers made this planisphere chart in 1550. The bottom left corner bears the arms of Henry II of France.

The lower right corner shows the arms of the Duke of Montmorency.

The Cedid Atlas Tercumesi

The next beautiful map is by Selim III, Sultan of the Ottoman empire, in 1803. Selim was a modern emperor who was ahead of his time.

He introduced many changes and modernizations. This map is the first Muslim atlas to use a European-style cartographic style.

Ptolemaic World Map

This map shows the then-known-world as interpreted by Ptolemy. He was a Greek mathematician from the second century.

The World’s First Geological Map

In 1815 William Smith introduced a new type of map, the geographical map. It changed the way maps were used and it introduced an era of renewed exploratory efforts.

The map in the link is probably one of the most famous maps by William Smith. It shows the stratification of England, Scotland, and Wales.

Fra Mauro

A 1459 map by Fra Mauro. It shows an alternative perspective of the world, with information from Marco Polo’s travels.

The c. 1900 Taride edition of Louis Bretez and Michel-Etienne Turgot’s monumental 1739 map of Paris

Atlantic Ocean Floor: Plate Techtonics Map

Echo-sounding is a new technique. It makes it possible to map the ocean floors.

This image shows one of the maps of the ocean beds produced in the 1960s.

New York

An amazing minimalistic map of New York. The absence of color shows roads and rivers.

Mapping the Heavens in 1693

Ignace Gaston Pardies was a cartographer. He created a series of sublime constellation maps.

He was active during the late 1600s. The six maps he made join together to make a complete view of the sky.

Besides map making, Pardies was a professor of mathematics and a Jesuit. He was a friend of famous scientists like Huygens, Leibnitz, and Newton.


A detailed representation of Manhattan. It uses a traditional color scheme, which gives the appearance of an atlas entry.

Tokyo Transit System

A stylized and minimalistic representation of Tokyo’s transit system. An amazing example of what can be achieved by only using strong lines.

Ending thoughts on beautiful maps

In past times maps served two main roles: They had to be accurate and beautiful. Maps were expensive because they were made by hand and they were hard to reproduce.

Some maps were commissions for a personal library and had to reflect the status and wealth of the owner. Even now, aesthetics continues to be an important feature.

This article took a journey through a variety of artful maps. It is clear that ideas for new designs can come from any place.

Sometimes it takes a trip into lesser-known territories to find inspiration.

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