Download a Blank Map of China from This Collection

China is one of the fourth largest countries in the world. Its area of 9.6 million sq. km makes up 81% of the East Asia region. Its population of an estimated 1.4 billion people makes China the most populated country in the world. Beijing, located in the north-east of the country, has over 21 million inhabitants, making it the most populated capital city in the world.

When it comes to the boundaries of the country, there have been some changes made in the last century and there continue to be disputes over certain areas (such as Taiwan and Hong Kong). Overall though, China’s boundaries are practically set.


Before we have a look at different blank maps of China, let us explain the differences between its four administrative divisions.


Blank map of China created with MapSVG

A province is the largest administrative region in China. Similar to what would be considered a state in the USA.

These are the provinces you will see on a map of China: Anhui, Fujian, Gansu, Guangdong, Guizhou, Hainan, Hebei, Heilongjiang, Henan, Hubei, Hunan, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Jilin, Liaoning, Qinghai, Shaanxi, Shandong, Shanxi, Sichuan, Yunnan, and Zhejiang.

You will also notice five autonomous regions on the China map: Guangxi, Nei Mongol (Inner Mongolia), Ningxia, Xinjiang Uygur, and Xizang (Tibet). There are four municipalities: Beijing, Chongqing, Shanghai, and Tianjin. Additionally, there are two special administrative regions: Hong Kong and Macau.


It could be said that municipalities are the highest-level cities in the country.

A municipality is a city that comes under the direct administration of the central government, not of a province.

Some lower-level cities may also use the term “municipality” when referring to themselves in English.

All the cities in China can be categorized into three ranks:

  • Municipalities (直辖市; 直轄市; zhíxiáshì);
  • Prefecture-level cities  (地级市; 地級市; dìjíshì), counting in sub-provincial cities;
  • County-level cities  (县级市; 縣級市; xiànjíshì), counting in sub-prefecture-level cities.

Autonomous Regions

An autonomous region is one where a minority makes up the bigger part of the population. In theory, those also enjoy more legislative rights.

There are five autonomous regions in the People’s Republic of China (PRC): Guangxi, Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Tibet (Xizang), and Xinjiang.

Special Administrative Regions (SAR)

These are regions that govern themselves, yet according to official designation still fall under the national rule. These unique regions are Hong Kong and Macau.

10 Fun Facts About the Geography of China

  1. China has the biggest variance in altitude on the planet.
  2. The north-east of the country freezes in winter.
  3. Two percent of the country’s area in the south is in the tropics.
  4. The Yangtze River is the third-longest river on Earth.
  5. China’s civilization was born along the riverbank of the Yellow River.
  6. The Pearl River Delta conurbation is the biggest urban area in the world.
  7. The third-largest desert on Earth is located in China.
  8. Natural grassland covers 40% of the country.
  9. China is home to half a million square kilometers of karst landscape (area of land made up of limestone) and the deepest canyon on Earth (Yarlung Tsangpo).
  10. There are over 100 cities with a population of over one million on the map of China.

The Best Blank Maps of China

Blank China Provinces Map

This blank map of China is perfect for use by teachers and parents. You can copy or save the image of the map. You can also download a printable version of the map.

The Map of China Template in PowerPoint format

The Map of China Template in PowerPoint format gives you two downloadable and editable slides. One is the China outline map, and the other – China political map.

China is divided into 34 political divisions.

Note that the template of the political map of China includes:

  • 22 provinces: Anhui, Fujian, Gansu, Guangdong, Guizhou, Hainan, Hebei, Heilongjiang, Henan, Hubei, Hunan, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Jilin, Liaoning, Qinghai, Shaanxi, Shandong, Shanxi, Sichuan, Yunnan, and Zhejiang.
  • Five autonomous regions: Guangxi, Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Xinjiang Uygur, and Tibet.

Map of China

This blank map of China shows the international border and the capital city.

China Provinces Blank Outline Map

Interactive Map of China

This map of China allows you to pick or change the color of any region by left-clicking on it. To remove the color or hide it, right-click on the region.

You can also add the title for the legend and create your own label for each color group. Then you can change the color of all regions in any group by clicking on it.

Map Of China With Rivers

This blank map of China includes the country’s boundary, the administrative divisions, and the Yangtze River.

Blank Map of China in png Format

Outline Vector Map of China with Provinces

Black and White Map of China

Blue Silhouette Map of China

Map of China with Provinces – Single Color

Transparent png Blank Map of China

Blank Map of China Work Sheet

Multicolor Map of China with Provinces

Blank Map of China with Indication of the Capital City, Beijing

Vector map of China with border countries

China blank map.svg

Flag Map of China

Outline Map of China with Provinces

Outline vector map of the Peoples Republic of China, the worlds most populous country

China Blank Map, Showing Provinces in Different Colors

Blank Map of China

China Blank Map with Provinces Divisions and Position of Capital Cities

China Blank Map with Yangtze River and Yellow River

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How to Make a Choropleth Map with MapSVG Easily

Choropleth maps have been used for a very long time because they allow the visualization of data in a geographical context.

Choropleth maps are versatile. For example, it is the simplest way to display election or census data. The color-coded regions give immediate insight by area.

These maps can display data in new and appealing ways. It may seem complex and, in the past, it used to require complex geographic information software.

It has become a very simple process with the availability of MapSVG making personalized choropleth maps more accessible.

What is a Choropleth Map?

The word “choropleth” is constructed from Greek; “choro” and “pleth”. “Choros” means “area”, and “plethos” means “multitude.” These thematic maps visualize statistical data in their geographical context. Proportional to the magnitude of the associated data, each area gets a different color or different shade of color. This representation simplifies how the data varies over a certain area and the extent of variation.

Maps similar to choropleth are the heat map and isarithmic map. Both use color-coding like the choropleth map, but do not use the geographical data in the same way.

Data is arranged by defined geographical boundaries, such as countries, states, and counties. The organization by these geographical units is relevant to the agencies that publish this data. This is the case for governments, but other sources also make use of this.

Choropleth maps are useful for displaying normalized and accumulated data. This data must be arranged by polygons. In this case, the polygons are counties, states, regions, or any area or region that can be geocoded.

Notes on Choropleth Maps

  • A Choropleth map is an excellent tool for showing regional patterns. An example could be a striking unemployment level in a specific county compared to the surrounding area. If the data does not show geographical patterns, it is best to use a different method to present the data.
  • Use the right colors to display the data. Colors determine how data is perceived, what message is conveyed, and the reliability of the data.
  • Choropleth maps are clearest when only one variable is presented. In certain cases, two variables can be shown indirectly by showcasing the difference between the two variables. An example of this is the change in the unemployment rate from one year to the next.
  • The patterns extracted from the data depend on the level of detail. A lower level of detail will reveal simplified patterns while using a high level of detail will show smaller trends.
  • Choropleth maps give an overview of the data, rather than highlighting subtle differences. Small color differences are hard to perceive on a large map.

What is MapSVG?

MapSVG is a WordPress map plugin that allows the user to publish feature-rich maps. It is quick and uses a smart admin user interface.

Besides the interactive map feature, it can create diagrams, infographics, anatomies, and house plans. The user can also import Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) files to edit and customize them. The wide range of colors, markers, popovers, tooltips, and other features allow the design of engaging interactive maps.

It is also possible to add external data, which is exceptional for making personalized weather maps, demographics, etc.

MapSVG is preloaded with nearly 200 geo-calibrated and uncalibrated vector maps covering both countries and regions. The plugin contains a complete set of tools for making a range of thematic maps.

These features include advanced custom fields, choropleth maps, customizable tooltips, integrated search, location filters, integration with other WordPress functionalities, map directory, and variable map detail. There are also many more features for customizing maps.

How to Make a Choropleth Map

To make a choropleth map, start with analyzing the reason for creating the map. Likely, there is location-related data that needs to be presented. Both are valid reasons for making a map with MapSVG. Whatever the reason, the ultimate purpose of a map is to present the data in a spatial setting.

MapSVG comes as a WordPress plugin. The plugin can be used to create thematic choropleth maps with the desired color scheme in an intuitive and simple way.

Choosing a map

After deciding on a choropleth map, you must then decide on the level of detail that is required. When a map of the United States is at its most practical, different levels of details are selected, for example,  at the state level, the county, district court, or congressional districts. These details can also differ per year.

The first step is installing and activating the plugin in WordPress. Now, a new menu item will appear with the name “MapSVG.” By clicking the dropdown menu, a list of all available preloaded maps will appear. There is a map for every country in the world, as well as a complete world map.

Click on one of the maps to begin customizing. Then go to Menu > Database > Edit fields. Here, a new text field can be added and  given any name, not limited to numbers:

To select the choropleth map option, go to Menu >  Settings > Choropleth > On. Then, select the previously created field from the region dropdown menu:

Below the map, a gradient appears. The regions do not have colors yet. To add colors, values must be added to the “numbers” field.

To add the numerical values, go to Menu >  Database >  List. By clicking on a particular region, a box appears where the corresponding number can be typed. After adding the values for a couple of regions, the numbers start to appear.

Under Menu >  Colors, the map colors can be changed. Gradients can be adjusted in Menu >  Settings > Choropleth > Gradient labels.

An additional option is to add lists of objects with custom fields. This allows adding images coupled with text, which is useful if a person has to be connected with a specific location.

That is essentially how a choropleth map is made. MapSVG allows the user to manage the map in different ways. It can be done externally or via API calls to receive feedback for the map. The most practical option is managing it directly in the WordPress admin environment. That way, the map can be maintained without an additional code editor.

MapSVG is a complete map creation tool. Besides the features described above, it contains countless more common map functionalities.

Ending thoughts on how to make a choropleth map

With the MapSVG plugin, anyone can make their own choropleth map.

No matter the level of experience, creating stunning maps is simplified. 

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The Absolute Best SVG Animation Examples (Must See)

When we talk about graphic formats, the SVG or Scalable Vector Graphics isn’t as popular as the commonly used graphic file formats like PNG and JPEG, but SVG is the most popular choice among web developers and designers for creating high-quality graphics in web development.

SVG is an Extensible Markup Language or XML-based vector image format used for creating crisp graphics at various scales, as well as vector animations for websites and applications. Using the SVG format provides good browser support for animating graphics.

There are different ways to create SVG animations. One common way is through JavaScript and JavaScript engines such as GSAP and Snap. Aside from JavaScript, developers can also use built-in SVG animation functionality or CSS3 animations.

SVG animations are ideal design elements for websites and applications. Thus, this article created by our team at MapSVG (the #1 WordPress map plugin), provides you a list of the best SVG animation examples to guide you with your web development and design requirements.

Why Use SVG Animations?

In 1999, the World Wide Web Consortium or the W3C developed the SVG specification, an open standard for SVG content.

A wide variety of transition animation can be applied to an SVG element. Normally, CSS is used to style and animate vector graphics. However, there is a limit to the SVG properties that CSS can animate. An SVG element is composed of SVG presentation attributes, a set of attributes or data that can be modified to create vector animations. CSS can only animate a handful of SVG attributes. Other attributes like SVG path, for example, can be modified and animated through SMIL and JavaScript.

Using SVG animations in web development has a lot of advantages. One popular core capability of SVG is its scalability. Its capability to provide crisp and sharp graphics at any given scale makes it perfect for retina displays. Another key characteristic of SVG is its responsiveness. SVGs are widely supported by different browsers.

As an XML-based graphics format, SVG file sizes are usually smaller and easier to compress. Furthermore, since SVGs are completely scalable, vector images load across all sizes thus making the website load multiple times. This also keeps developers from using separate, different images for other visual design requirements.

Let us now look at the list of different SVG animation examples that you can use for your websites.

The Best SVG Animation Examples

Border Animation 

See the Pen SVG Animation by Sean McCaffery (@seanmccaffery) on CodePen.

by Sean McCaffery

This CSS animated border starts to smoothly trace a rectangular path around the text when a pointer hovers over it. This is the kind of animation that you get by default when you use a Slider Revolution template.

Halftone Transition

See the Pen Halftone Transition by Larissa Davidova (@Larathedev) on CodePen.

By Larissa Davidova

This SVG transition animation was made with HalftonePro. Using the SVG halftone effect and hexagon pattern, it transitions from one div to another when hovered by a pointer.

Elastic SVG Sidebar Material Design

See the Pen Elastic SVG Sidebar Material Design by Nikolay Talanov (@suez) on CodePen.

By Nikolay Talanov

This animated JavaScript sidebar was simply made using requestAnimationFrame and custom easings without any JavaScript animation libraries. The sidebar reveals the inbox as you drag or pull it to the right. The sidebar stretches into a curve when dragged, similar to an elastic band.

Interactive SVG Info Graph

See the Pen Interactive SVG Info Graph by Chris Gannon (@chrisgannon) on CodePen.

By Chris Gannon

This JavaScript graph animation was created using TweenMax. The animation allows users to trace the line graph by dragging the white dot. The white dot also shows the numerical data on the coordinates as you ease it through.


Velocity is an accelerated JavaScript animation framework built with the same API as the JQuery Animate function. It is an animation library that features color animation, transformations, loops, scrolling effects, SVG support, and easings for various types of content. It allows developers to integrate CSS3 and jQuery into one place.

SVG Bubble Slider

See the Pen SVG Bubble Slider by Chris Gannon (@chrisgannon) on CodePen.

By Chris Gannon

This fun and dynamic SVG slider, allows users to click and slide the bubbles sideways to reveal emoticons. The slider can be used with either icons or text.

Monster Transitions SVG

By forestevcorp

Monster Transitions is a set of 32 SVG transition animations that use different patterns and elements such as circles, shutters, stripes, and triangles in transitions. This can be applied to projects for modal transitions and between pages.

Project Deadline

See the Pen #2 – Project Deadline – SVG animation with CSS3 by Jonathan Silva (@jonathansilva) on CodePen.

By Jonathan Silva

Project Deadline is a quirky animation that features a grim reaper slowly moving its way towards a man that is preoccupied with work as it counts the days left until the deadline. This countdown animation is customizable, though it can be used freely as it is. If you’re looking for a creative and fun SVG animation, you may consider using Project Deadline.

Hot and Sticky

See the Pen Hot and Sticky by Mariusz Dabrowski (@MarioD) on CodePen.

By Mariusz Dabrowski

Hot and Sticky is a fun and interactive SVG animation that shows a hanging marshmallow and a steaming cup. The string animation lets you drag the marshmallow into the hot cup or simply pull it in any direction.

CSS/SVG Lines App Concept

See the Pen CSS/SVG Lines App Concept by David Khourshid (@davidkpiano) on CodePen.

By David Khourshid

This SVG/CSS animation features a blue line or long dash that smoothly glides and underlines the input field as you click on it. This CSS line animation is supported on Google Chrome and Firefox.

Pull Down to Refresh 

See the Pen Pull Down to Refresh (Paper Plane) by Nikolay Talanov (@suez) on CodePen.

by Nikolay Talanov

This is a cool SVG animation for the ‘Refresh’ command of the website. It tells the user to “pull-down” the page to refresh. As you drag down the page, the vector image stretches, and the paper plane icon sets to fly. The plane icon then takes off when you release hold.

Clip-path Hover Effect

See the Pen SVG clip-path Hover Effect by Noel Delgado (@noeldelgado) on CodePen.

By Noel Delgado

This SVG hover animation is an attempt to make a portfolio grid hover effect using SVG clip-path and CSS transitions. It features different vector images masked by a gray solid color and a text. The animation reveals the vector image as you hover the pointer over it.

SVG Animation With Sliders

See the Pen SVG animation with sliders by Kenneth Aamås (@knekk) on CodePen.

By Kenneth Aamas

This awesome SVG animation features a house and three sliders. Each slider serves as a control to adjust the width or height of certain parts of the house. Users are allowed to play with these sliders to modify the structure. This SVG slider is customizable so they can make the house taller or wider.

SVG Plane Trails

See the Pen SVG Plane Trails by Chris Gannon (@chrisgannon) on CodePen.

By Chris Gannon

This vector graphic animation features an airplane leaving trails as it moves. The plane was designed by Simon Child, and it is controlled by simply hovering and moving the pointer over it. The plane also spins when you click it. A CSSTransform plugin from GreenSock was used to make the trails follow specific points.

A Christmas loop in SVG

See the Pen A christmas loop in svg by kittons (@airnan) on CodePen.

By kittons

This festive SVG logo animation is an ID for FOX Channel. This loop was created in Adobe After Effects by Gabriel H. Fermanelli. The animation features Christmas elements in one loop.

Just Keep Going (simple version)

See the Pen Just Keep Going ( simple version ) by Diaco M.Lotfollahi (@MAW) on CodePen.

By Diaco M.Lotfollahi

This SVG animation features the quote, “No matter how hard it is, just keep going”, and a human model walking in a loop. Cape motion was applied to the character to create the walking motion.

SVG Loaders

By Sam Herbert

SVG Loaders is a library of animated SVG loaders that are surprisingly made with just SVG. These loaders are customizable. Users can change the color of animated SVG icons by modifying the fill attribute.

Animated Drum Kit

See the Pen SVG Animated Drum Kit (Play Me!) 🥁 by Josh (@iamjoshellis) on CodePen.

By Josh

Using HTML audio elements, this interactive SVG animation simulates a drum kit where users can tap or click to play a beat. The vector graphics were created in Adobe Illustrator and were animated in GreenSock. You may turn up the volume for a more immersive experience.

Login/Logout animation concept

See the Pen Login/Logout animation concept by Nikolay Talanov (@suez) on CodePen.

By Nikolay Talanov

This is an SVG animation concept for logging in and out of an account. Using a solid color and wipe effect, it smoothly transitions to a calendar when signing in, transitions back to the login page when signing out. It also has animated SVG icons.

Let’s Travel 

See the Pen SVG Animation by jjperezaguinaga (@jjperezaguinaga) on CodePen.

by jjperezaguinaga

This is one of the cool and vibrant animations with CSS. It features a loop of famous tourist destinations from various countries and airplanes rotating in slow motion.

Color Change Buttons

See the Pen Color Change Buttons by Mariusz Dabrowski (@MarioD) on CodePen.

By Mariusz Dabrowski

This simple animation features buttons that expand and change color when clicked. The background color also changes according to the buttons.

Menu toggle animation 

See the Pen 🍔 <-> ❌ (version 1) by Tamino Martinius (@Zaku) on CodePen.

by Tamino Martinius

This SVG animation shows a hamburger menu icon smoothly morphing into a cross icon when clicked. This animated SVG icon is perfect for creating toggle menus.

Shattering Text Animation

See the Pen Shattering Text Animation by Arsen Zbidniakov (@ARS) on CodePen.

By Arsen Zbidniakov

This SVG text animation features the text, “In one piece” that forms and shatters as it moves on a path. The shattering effect slows down when you hover a pointer over it.

Ending thoughts on these SVG animation examples

Ensuring that the graphics on a website remains responsive and crisp across different devices, screen sizes, and display resolutions is a challenging task for any front-end engineer and web designer. Thus, they often use SVG animations.

Images in SVG format are completely scalable and responsive. They are easier to animate and smaller in file size compared to other graphics formats such as JPEG and PNG. SVG animations are perfect for creating stunning websites and applications.

This article has provided you with SVG animation examples that you can refer to or use for your website. Keep in mind that there is a wide variety of ways on how to animate SVG thus there are SVG animations for any design requirements.

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Awesome Websites with Maps That You Should See

Maps have become a real asset for websites. Maps display data to help visitors visualize that data better than words could. Websites with maps attract visitors and create a memorable experience.

Advancing technology has made it possible to design creative and interactive maps. Now maps are not used only for contact pages but they can define a website and become the main attraction.

Some awesome websites with maps that you should see

IntraHealth International

IntraHealth is a website with maps that showcases the worldwide impact of their organization. The website displays a map of the world under the “where we work” tab. This interactive map is color-coded to highlight countries in which they have worked. The grey shading signifies countries where they have worked in the past. Blue shading highlights featured countries. Visitors can click on these featured countries to learn more information.


Trendsmap is an example of a website with maps that showcases popular trends around the world. This website displays the trending topics of Twitter. Hashtags and other topics overlay a map of the world. Visitors can zoom into any part of the world to see what topics are popular in that area. Visitors can also search for keywords to see where people are talking about a certain topic. They can also explore past topics and set up alerts for specific topics.


Airbnb has been successful in providing travelers with alternative accommodations other than hotels. It uses Google Maps to display available locations and show users where they will be staying. After entering a destination and the dates of the stay, a list of options appears.

A map displays the locations of available housing and their prices. This allows users to search by price or by location, choosing a location close to the landmarks they wish to see. Airbnb is a good example of websites with maps that create a user-friendly experience. is a very versatile website with maps. Visitors can use it to book flights, hotels, and rental cars. It also includes information and reservation options for main attractions. uses Google Maps to display the location of hotels, main attractions, and rental car locations.


The map appears on the Volkswagen website on the “Find a Retailer” page, to allow visitors to find the closest Volkswagen retailer. The map uses grouped icons to stay organized. Visitors can enter a location or can manually search the map by zooming in. Conveniently, the map is easy to see on mobile devices.

Atlas Of Historical County Boundaries

The boundaries and names of American counties have changed over time. This website displays data on a map for every county in the United States. It explains the creation and changes of the shape, size, and location of counties. The website includes information about non-county areas. The interactive map allows visitors to click on any state. It then displays information and details about all the counties in that state from creation to modern-day.

A Breathing Earth

A Breathing Earth is a  breathtaking website for those who love seeing the Earth from space. This website showcases the seasonal transformation of Earth during one year. The images come from NASA’s Visible Earth team from the Blue Marble Next Generation series. To accomplish this feat, John Nelson downloaded one picture taken at each month of the year to make the GIFs.


Crossrail uses a map on its website to display the new train line in London. Filters are included to prevent the map from looking overcrowded. This map is compatible with mobile devices. Visitors have the option of searching for stations, tunneled sections, and more. Clicking on the icons in the map displays images and detailed information.

Historic Map Works

Historic Map Works provides historical maps to subscribers. It includes more than 200,000 colorful and high-resolution maps. It contains property maps, antiquarian maps, and city directories.

Weather Network

The Weather Network contains a Google Map displaying the weather of various locations on the homepage. The map allows them to scroll and zoom for specific locations. They can click on a location to discover the weather forecast for the day, week, or month. A map is an invaluable tool for weather websites to create an enjoyable user experience.

Alfoart Photo Travel

Alfoart Photo Travel is a good website for those who like visiting historical places. It displays an antique style map with customized icons that symbolize famous landmarks. Visitors can move the interactive map to discover more places.

David Rumsey Map Collection

For thirty years the David Rumsey Map Collection has been collecting maps. It now has more than 150,000 maps displaying countries and seas all over the world.  The collection includes rare maps, wall maps, atlases, globes, and much more. Visitors can browse through the large collection and download images of the maps. When visitors click on a map, the website includes details like the year it was drawn, its author, size, and more.


Windy contains a global map that displays live weather. On the right-hand side, a panel allows visitors to choose which weather element they would like to see. Visitors can see live wind patterns, snow and rainfall, temperatures, and more. The options are collapsable on the mobile version to create a nice user experience.


This website uses Google Maps to display the locations of fast-food restaurants. It displays fast food locations anywhere in the United States, allowing visitors to search for specific food chains.

Sailing Seas of Plastic

Plastic pollution is an increasing global problem. Many studies have shown that plastic has polluted the earth’s oceans to a great extent. The Sailing Seas of Plastic website sheds light on that problem. It uses a map to help visitors visualize the amount of plastic in the world’s oceans. Each white dot represents 20kg (44 lbs) of plastic and shows the distribution of said plastic. The website also displays expedition routes and the data discovered from those expeditions.

50 Years of the Rolling Stones

This website has an interactive map that displays the concert tours of the Rolling Stones. The map starts in 1963 with their first tour and ends in 2005 with their last tour. Each tour has a page with a description of the tour and a map displaying all the locations they visited.

World of Merix

Merix Studio is an international web design agency that offers attractive graphic designs. The World of Merix website scrolls over a worldwide map. This map displays the locations of their clients, offices, and web resources. A panel on the right allows visitors to scroll on the map and display different options.


Civitatis is a tourism website that displays a tourist map of London. A map legend appears on the screen so visitors can select what type of attractions they would like to see. Clicking on a specific attraction in the list makes the map zoom to the location. The attractions on the map have numbers that correspond to the list. The website also provides detailed information including prices.

Old Maps Online

Old Maps Online has collected over 400,000 maps. Klokan Technologies GmbH and The Great Britain Historical GIS Project collaborated together to complete this project. This website allows visitors to search for historical maps. They can search for specific locations and explore the archived historical maps available.

Impossible Foods

Impossible Foods sells food made from plants to substitute meat products. The plant product can be cooked like meat. Under the “Find” tab, a map displays the locations that sell Impossible Foods’ products. Visitors can search for a location and the map will display restaurants and grocery stores that sell their products.

Oil Spills in the Beaufort Sea

This website directs attention to the damage caused by oil spills in the Beaufort Sea. The map opens to possible oil spills that visitors can click on, and then watch different scenarios to reveal the impact of that oil spill. They can also add layers, for example, different types of wildlife to learn more about their relevance.

World City Populations – 1950 -2035

This website displays city population numbers from 1950 to the modern-day. It also displays projected population numbers for 2035. Each year is assigned different colors and displayed in circles to help visitors visualize the growth. Hovering over a specific city displays a graph with the exact and projected population numbers.

Fire Insurance Maps

This website highlights the role fire insurance maps have in discovering family ancestry. Many companies produced fire insurance maps. The maps include property line information, building materials, and neighboring houses and businesses. This website explains where visitors can find fire insurance maps and how to use them.


Treepedia measures the green canopy in certain cities around the world. The researchers used Google Street View to measure the human perception of the environment when walking on the street. Their maps display this data from a birds-eye view. The website compares the green canopy of various cities worldwide.

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Get Your Blank Map of Africa from This Selection

“One cannot resist the lure of Africa”, said Rudyard Kipling. He was describing the unique charm of the world’s second-largest continent. The diversity of cultures, languages, wildlife, and landscape is fascinating.

Many oceans encircle Africa. The Mediterranean Sea lies to the north, with the Isthmus of Suez and the Red Sea on the northeast. On the southeast coast lies the Indian Ocean, and the Atlantic Ocean is on the west. The climate ranges from tropical to subarctic. There are deserts, savanna plains, and dense rainforest regions.

With 1.3 billion inhabitants it is the second-most populous continent. Residents speak up to 1,500 distinct languages (Encyclopedia Britannica).

This article created by our team at MapSVG (the #1 WordPress map plugin) helps you to discover some intriguing facts about African countries, and use the links to obtain a blank map of Africa.

Africa – what you may not know

Blank map of Africa created with MapSVG

The African continent contains 5 subregions. These are Northern Africa, Western Africa, Southern Africa, Eastern Africa, and Central Africa.

The topography of the continent is varied. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, forests cover about one-fifth of the total land area. Woodlands, bushlands, grasslands, and thickets occupy about two-fifths. The remaining portion consists of deserts.

Kilimanjaro (19,340 feet, or 5,895 m) is the highest peak, while Lake Assal is the lowest point at 515 feet (157 m) below sea level.

Africa boasts the longest river in the world – the Nile. It is about 4,132 miles (6,650 km) long. On the borders of Zambia and Zimbabwe, is another unique attraction,  the breathtaking Victoria Falls. This waterfall is about twice as wide and twice as deep as Niagara Falls.

The African continent is famous for its unique fauna and flora. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, typical herbivores include the African antelope, zebra, giraffe, hippopotamus, rhinoceros, and African elephant. The carnivores include the lion, leopard, cheetah, hyena, and others. Africa is also home to the world’s largest ape, the gorilla.

African flora boasts the well-known baobab tree, which grows in the savanna regions of the continent. Succulents populate the deserts, and ironwood or iroko trees grow within tropical forests.

The continent is famous for its national parks. Almost every African country has at least one. However, these vary in their accessibility and degree of protection.

Tanzania is home to Africa’s largest national park, the Selous Game Reserve. It also features the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, the home of the semi-nomadic Maasai. Also located in Tanzania is the Serengeti National Park. This park is known for its massive annual migration of wildebeest and zebra.

The Kruger National Park is located in South Africa. People come here to see The Big Five – lion, leopard, elephant, rhino, and buffalo.

Namibia is host to the Etosha National Park. Visitors can spot the endangered black rhinos there. The Namib-Naukluft National Park offers a different type of landscape with typical orange dunes. The animals include hyenas, jackals, and snakes.

In Kenya, Lake Nakuru National Park boasts pink flamingos and other birds. Visitors may also see white rhinos, cheetahs, giraffes, and more.

Visit the Virunga National Park to see rainforest, volcanos, mountains, and swamps. It’s home to the protected mountain gorillas and lowland gorillas. The park is located in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

To visit Victoria Falls, it’s necessary to travel to the Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe. This park is also home to elephants and lions.

Africa consists of 54 countries, Algeria is the largest one by area. The smallest country is the Seychelles, an archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean. Nigeria is the most populated state.

Some of the largest cities in Africa include Cairo (Egypt), Lagos (Nigeria), and Kinshasa (the Democratic Republic of the Congo). African nations cooperate through the African Union.

Encyclopedia Britannica reports that the majority of Africa’s peoples are indigenous. The first colonial settlers were Dutch and arrived in South Africa in 1652. Other European settlers arrived at the end of the 19th century.

The Atlantic slave trade (16th-19th century) led to up to 10,000,000 people being transported to the New World. The encyclopedia continues: “Such a loss of people, together with the devastating warfare and raiding associated with it, was the major cause of the subsequent weakness and decline of African societies.”

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