MapSVG 3.2.x tutorial

1. Regions and Database objects

MapSVG has 2 kinds of objects: Regions and Database objects.

Regions are active (clickable) objects loaded from SVG file. If you work with a map of USA - Regions would be US states. If you work with a World Map - Regions would be countries. If you work with a floorplan - Regions would be rooms.

You can add custom fields to Regions to store your information.

Database objects are user-defined objects with any set of custom fields. These objects can be anything - dealers, real estate properties, cars, places you visited during a travel or anything else.

Database objects can be connected to one or many Regions.

Database objects can be represented as Markers on a map.

And this is important to remember - every time you need to show Markers on a map, you should start with setting up a Database Objects with Marker custom field.

Both kinds of objects can have any set of custom fields, attached images, can be filtered, used in search, shown in Popovers, Tooltips and Details view.

Let's learn more about custom fields and their use in the next tutorial: 2. Templates.