Order of Malta

The list of projects of Order of Malta across the world.
Link: https://www.forgottenpeople.org/projects-we-support/

Established in 2012, the Global Fund for Forgotten People embodies the Order of Malta’s ethos of caring for those who need it most, whoever and wherever they are. The Fund raises money from private donors and charitable foundations, and uses these funds to support projects that benefit the most disadvantaged in society.

The Fund’s website https://www.forgottenpeople.org/ promotes best practice and knowledge-sharing between projects around the world, and raises awareness of the challenges facing poor and marginalised communities.. We needed to create a map that shows the 400+ grants the Fund has made since 2012, which allows users to search for projects they’re interested in. 

We did that with the help of MapSVG: the plugin helped visualize a large and complex dataset of information about our projects in a really clear way that was easy for visitors to the site-to use, and streamlined the process for updating the data that powered the map in the back end.

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