Elcome (marine industry)

The company sells printed maps for marine industry. Clickable areas of the map are linked to WooCommerce products. Link: elcome.com/snc

Dani Gorgon (marketing manager): “MapSVG looked like a plugin we could use for integrating with our WooCommerce products. We contacted the plugin developers and checked if the customization was possible. They responded with great enthusiasm and confirmed that customization was possible. We agreed and the paid customization work was completed within two months.

During the customization phase, our requirements changed considerably as we started seeing more context to it and feature requirements increased. MapSVG team pleasantly completed the whole project even though the customization work has dramatically changed. They were highly flexible and very good at communicating with our projects.

We now have the map integrated with our WooCommerce and displaying more than 3,600 products as maps. On top of the custom work, the MapSVG team has also contributed to the project beyond our initial specifications such as search functionality, recommending changes in our database, etc.

I take this opportunity to recommend MapSVG as a strong contender for your map-related projects in WordPress. The plugin is capable of doing much more than what it seems like it can do out-of-the-box. If you would need some paid customization to expand the scope of map functionalities, then I would recommend the MapSVG team as the best partner for fulfilling your requirements.

Best of luck to team MapSVG.”

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