The Best WordPress Store Locator Plugins to Download

In the age of online retail, brick and mortar shops are increasingly needing to move to the digital space. A big reason for this is drawing online traffic to their physical location.

The benefit of WordPress powering so much of the internet is that it provides many useful plugins to help stores navigate the web and do business. Using a WordPress store locator plugin for example is a great start.

Why Use a WordPress Store Locator Plugin?

These plugins allow stores to seamlessly integrate their physical locations into their online ones. They allow the owner to always direct customers to the physical store and potentially capitalize on any online business they get. Linking an online space with a physical location is also an asset for yellow pages sites, and can increase a store’s rating on online directories.

With a wealth of options out there for useful WordPress plugins, however, it can be hard to decide on which ones to use. To help you choose, we have put together a list of some of the best WordPress store locator plugins available on the platform.

24 of the Best WordPress Store Locator Plugins

1)   MapSVG Store Locator

A truly customizable plugin, MapSVG allows users to choose from thousands of map designs thanks to SnazzyMaps and a huge array of customizable options so you can create a custom map for your website.

Use filters to let visitors search by address, city, or any way you like. It even lets you add more map locations if you need to. This can help visitors to find stores that are nearby, and help drive internet traffic that will convert into real-world customer footfall in your physical stores.

2)   MapifyPro

Although it has only been available for the last five years, this has quickly become one of the most widely used store locator plugins.

Its success can be found down to its wide range of features, which lets the user create a simple yet beautiful store locator.

3)   Store Locator Plus Free WordPress Plugin

As a more involved plugin in terms of the amount of control that’s available, this plugin is nevertheless a great and powerful tool.

Use its admin tools to alter the plugin using CSS and HTML. This gives you an extra level of customizable options, letting the user categorize locations, activate and deactivate search tools, and much more.

4)   WP Multi Store Locator Pro

Here’s another great store locator plugin which lets the user include extra information along with the maps, such as website links, addresses, and directions. These features make it easy and quick for your visitors to view nearby stores while allowing you to potentially gain customers easily with minimal effort.

It also has other features such as statistics, adding store managers, and more.

5)   Gwebpro

This easy to use plugin offers flexibility without complications. The base version of this plugin lets the user add multiple store locations, allowing you to manage them all in one place.

The UI is simple and clean, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t effective. One of the many plusses is that you will not require any add-on software to complement it.

6)   Map List Pro

This plugin is focused on allowing its users to add multiple locations and addresses easily. The simple interface makes it a breeze to manage all of these locations in the same place.

A big bonus is the more than 35 designs you can choose from.

7)   Themify Store Locator

Although Themify Store Locator has fewer features than some of the others on this list, it does benefit from having a really great interface.

Add descriptions, addresses, and phone numbers, as well as change the display layout, all using a simple and easy-to-use interface. This is a great option for those who are unfamiliar with website design and are looking for a powerful and customizable plugin without the difficulties of coding them directly.

8)   SimpleMap Store Locator

This great plugin allows the user to create an SEO optimized international store locator with ease. There is also a huge array of customizable options. The big benefit of this plugin, and a major way it differs from others, is the use of great SEO tools. This will help your site rank much higher on search engine results, thereby driving traffic straight to your site and to your business.

Another big benefit of this plugin is its ability to list an unlimited amount of stores, letting you manage everything in one location.

9)   Advanced Google Maps Plugin for WordPress

With the powerful engine of Google Maps behind this plugin, it is a really reliable option.

It is best suited to a stable number of locations, as opposed to changing ones. It allows the user to alter map filters, offer different routes for each visitor, and allow the visitor to “search nearby”, allowing for more results, as well as much more.

10)  Locatoraid

This simple but powerful plugin is designed for any kind of business, from stores to restaurants. It is based on zip codes and shows nearby results based on the zip code given by the customer.

11) Local SEO for WordPress Plugin by Yoast

This plugin offers huge customization opportunities using shortcodes as well as a useful interface. Create store locators that rank locations by any parameter you want, from the state, zip code, and more. The shortcodes also allow the user to embed information on any page, publication, and placement page they would like.

It also lets you use a WordPress widget to create a store locator from your website.

While you do require a year-long license to use it, this plugin offers some rich features that others do not.

12) Responsive Store Locator Plugin for WordPress

This simple plugin is great for adding store locations and managing them easily. It uses shortcodes [wc_store_locator] to display the maps on your site pages. It includes multiple Google map types, such as satellite, roadmap, terrain, and hybrid types.

13) WP Store Locator

This handy plugin lets you add multiple store locations in a map, and offers full customization. The map and directions can be in whatever language the visitor desires, and offer many different ways of displaying instructions.

It also offers some shortcodes to help embed the maps wherever on your site you would like. They also help to allow the user to define addresses, add opening hours, and customize the store locator maps.

14) Super Store Finder

This fully responsive WordPress plugin offers a powerful store locator. Its customization suite is massive, allowing you to change styles, colors, labels, and much more. It also comes with a Marker Cluster add-on for WordPress, but must be purchased separately.

15) Bullseye Store Locator

This plugin comes with the standard options to create location maps for your site. But the bonus is that it also allows you to display a Google map directly above or next to your result list. It can also utilize GPS on a customer’s device to automatically detect their location and help them find nearby stores.

16) Google Maps WD

This is a great and reliable plugin that makes wonderful use of the heavy-hitting platform of Google Maps. It lets you add an unlimited number of locations and stores.

Along with offering full customization to the admin, it also has extra features, such as giving full information about a result when a visitor hovers over the listing.

17) As Store Locator

This great free plugin by Alfio Salanitri uses a dynamic but approachable interface to get the job done. This little-known plugin packs a big punch, offering a great store locator service for your website.

Don’t let the small number of downloads put you off. This a plugin that punches high above its weight and offers a great deal in a small package.

18) Store Locator (Google Maps) for WordPress

Use the vast service of Google Maps directly on your site with this plugin. Also, make use of the multiple options for layouts and designs available to you.

It includes all the usual admin controls for managing locations and categories, but also includes shortcodes for added customization. You can control everything from the units of distance (km/miles) to the size of your map.

19) Agile WordPress Store Locator

Perhaps one of the most customizable plugin on our list, Agile lets the user control a huge range of functions.

Use preset templates or create new designs for maps. Import and export multiple locations. Sort locations and information based on a variety of settings such as states, cities and more. The possibilities really are wide open to you.

20) 10Web Google Maps

This handy little plugin allows you to make use of the powerful engine of Google Maps. Embed multiple maps and use them to make store locators.

The big selling point of this plugin is the customization options – specifically its dedicated map builder.

21) Advanced Store Locator

This is perhaps one of the most widely used plugins for the creation of store locator tools on WordPress. It benefits from using AJAX technology as vital support.

A unique feature of this plugin is its geolocalization ability. This means that it takes an address and converts it into exact coordinates, giving pinpoint accurate locations for stores.

22) VO Store Locator

This great plugin is a solid choice for creating your very own store locator on your WordPress site. It includes many features that are commonplace in these types of plugins, with an added bonus.

This plugin makes it simple and easy to integrate its functions and controls directly into your visual composer, making the management of stores and locations that much easier and more fluid.

23) Store Locator Plus for WordPress

Before we list the benefits of this plugin, it is important to make note of one particular point: most of these features come with the premium add-ons which are paid for.

That being said, its features are great. It can support thousands of locations, use HTML and CSS to achieve a more unique design, and support multiple languages for visitors.

24) WordPress Store Locator

This helpful plugin is more than a simple store locator (although it is that too). It allows the user to embed and link products directly on the page. The visitor simply has to click on the product and the locator shows them where it is available. This can be a great boost to sales.

Combined with its great customizable options, such as over 10 inbuilt layouts and 90 map designs, this is a great choice for any eCommerce website.

The Right WordPress Store Locator Plugin Is Out There

When creating a website for a business, it is important to keep your brand consistent. Linking your physical location to your online location is a great way of doing this. As a result of this, including a store locator plugin to your site is a great way to increase foot traffic and get more sales.

Hopefully, we have helped you see that if you are using WordPress, there are many, many options out there for you. Whether you are fluent in the language of website coding, or a novice to the world of eCommerce, you are bound to find a plugin from this list to help you.

The important thing to consider, as ever, is what is the right thing for your business. While some of these plugins may seem very similar, they all offer something slightly different, which will fit various businesses differently. No two businesses are the same! Once you have figured out exactly what your business needs, your choice from this list should be a lot easier to make.

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