The Best WordPress Mapping Plugins for Your Website

Maps deepen the understanding of the written word. They create appealing websites that attract viewers.

By optimizing content, maps allow your site visitors to absorb information quicker. Any type of website with a contact page can be enhanced with a map. Maps can take content from plain text to engaging visuals.

WordPress Mapping Plugins make embedding a map on your website quick and easy.

What are Google Maps Plugins?

A Google Maps plugin can be used to add an advanced, personalized map to a WordPress site. It can also enable map content optimization.

There are many benefits to using a WordPress mapping plugin. For example, the ability to create custom maps with advanced features. Another benefit is the option to reuse or update the maps you have already created.

With a Google Maps plugin, it is possible to create a map with pins, a locator map, or a travel map. Adding a map to a contact page results in a modern and professional look.

No matter what the mapping needs are, there is a WordPress mapping plugin that will meet them. From simple maps to more complicated ones, here are the best WordPress mapping plugins.

Versatile WordPress Mapping Plugins


MapSVG is an advanced Google Maps plugin that is loaded with features. It is one of the best plugins out there if not the best. It can be used for any project and provides an appealing interactive map that will attract visitors.

MapSVG can build vector maps and image maps, or display statistics using choropleth maps. Users can import and edit JPEG or PNG images to create an interactive map with clickable areas.

Location markers can be added by entering an address or latitude and longitude coordinates. Actions can be set up when hovering or clicking on areas of the map. There is an option to add custom fields, custom objects, filters, and region links.

Viewers can filter by distance or search for nearby locations. With SnazzyMaps, control the colors or add custom map style. Other features include tooltips, form creation, custom event handles, and custom CSS.

A live preview in the user-friendly dashboard allows the map to be viewed as it’s being built.


Mapify Pro is a powerful WordPress map plugin for adding versatile maps to a page. It’s possible to integrate Google Maps with this plugin or add a custom map.

This WordPress mapping plugin has a product or store locator. Using Google Maps functions it provides directions to and from a location. Easily edit a map by clicking on it to add more addresses. Instead of editing each map, it’s possible to select all the maps in which the new addresses should appear, and add an unlimited number of locations.

Add photo or video content to markers for a dynamic viewing experience. Further features include zooming, panning, custom tooltips, enable or disable pop-ups, and toggle zoom so viewers can lock the map.

This WordPress plugin also supports add-ons such as CrowdMaps. CrowdMaps allows visitors to contribute their own locations, details, photos, or videos.

Basic WordPress Mapping Plugins

WP Google Maps

If you are creating a simple map with pins, WP Google Maps is a very user-friendly option. It adds one customizable map from Google Maps to your WordPress site.

Customize the map by uploading your own map theme or use the nine themes provided. To add a marker, simply type in an address, then drag and drop your markers to edit them with ease. The addition of markers is unlimited.

Roadmap, terrain, satellite, or hybrid map types are available and Google street view is also supported. For more advanced features, there is a premium version available.

Google Maps Widget

Another simple and straightforward plugin is Google Maps Widget. This WordPress plugin lets you create a map with pins and then adds the map to the sidebars of your posts. When clicked on, the map opens in a lightbox popup for a larger view.

Its most prominent feature is its speed. The Google Maps Widget is not only fast to set up a map but the map will also load very quickly for your viewers. Built with a busy blogger in mind, you can build a customized map in a matter of minutes.

Choose from the four Google Map types of roadmap, satellite, terrain, and hybrid. Change the color scheme, zooming, and size of your map. A variety of pin colors are included, or you can upload an original image to use as a pin.

Toolset Maps

This is yet another map plugin for WordPress.

With Toolset Maps no PHP or coding knowledge is needed to create simple or fancy maps.

It is compatible with Google and Azure and can add custom fields, control zoom level, and change map type. Street view is supported, and the map can filter by distance. Customize marker icons and display information with a hover or click.

Basic Google Maps Placemarks

As the name suggests, this WordPress plugin is simple and uncomplicated. It adds placemarks to a Google Map and allows you to customize its settings. The map is then embedded using a shortcode.

Each marker is customizable. To organize the markers assign them to a category. Then control which categories each map will display. Create different maps on different pages with individual placemarks, map types, size, zoom level, and more.

Google Maps Easy

Use this WordPress plugin to add Google Maps to your website with extra media content. This plugin allows you to add videos, images, links, and descriptions to your map markers. It uses horizontal or vertical exposition sliders for an eye-catching display of the attached media.

You can add a map with a shortcode or PHP code, or opt to display it in the sidebar or a pop-up. The markers and the map are fully customizable with multiple themes available. It also offers marker clustering for a consolidated look.

Google Maps Easy is fully responsive for use on any device. It allows you to import or export markers and Google maps. The map can be shared on social media via the sharing buttons. It is easy to use and practical for many different applications.

Simple Google Maps Shortcode

We’re moving on to another map plugin for WordPress, this time one that focuses on using a shortcode.

This WordPress plugin is for those who want to add a simple map to their site. It works by supplying a mapping shortcode to insert anywhere on your site. The maps are cached for three months. Changing the address used for your map will refresh the cache.

With Simple Google Maps Shortcode you can add more than one map, change the dimensions of your maps and enable or disable scrolling. It is a great plugin for anyone who wants to add a map to their site in minutes.

Routing WordPress Map Plugins

Maps Marker Pro

Maps Marker Pro provides a creative way to map out your favorite places. It contains several advanced features to create a highly customized map.

With this plugin, you can use GPX Tracks to highlight a route. Extra details such as distance, duration, pace, and elevation data can also be included. Additionally, you can draw directly on the map with polylines. Marker clusters are available to create an uncluttered map.

Maps Marker Pro is compatible with many mapping systems like Google Maps, Google Earth, OpenStreetMap, MapQuest, OGD Vienna Maps, and Bing Map. Or you can upload a custom map for specialty projects.

Further diversify your map with a painting, satellite, or terrain map style. There are also mini maps and filters available, and this plugin is mobile responsive. Other features include unlimited maps and markers, custom markers, and marker categories.

Route Manager

This WordPress map plugin uniquely tracks your routes and allows you to add descriptions. Catalog walking, biking, hiking, traveling routes, and more.

Each route can include a detailed description with images, an elevation graph, temperature, and weather information. It enables you to mark and provide in-depth information for any location along the route.

Use the index map and categories to organize the information. Change the colors of the routes to distinguish each course. More features include six map themes and is mobile responsive for display on a phone or desktop.


This WordPress map plugin that maps routes. It is a highly customizable plugin to display personalized routes.

An unlimited number of maps and routes are supported. Distance and travel duration are automatically computed for every route. Individualize the pinpoints for every start and finish. Distinguish each route with a different color.

Waypoints allow you to control every turn of the route. With tooltips, apply unique graphics to each location. PrettyRoutes is available as an add-on to Mapify Pro with advanced features.

Informative WordPress Map Plugins

Progress Map

This WordPress map plugin has useful features for listing locations. Array your listings in an easy to read, attractive manner with Progress Map.

Locations can be displayed with markers. A carousel feature allows visitors to navigate through your locations with ease. When a location is selected on the carousel, the marker on the map is highlighted.

This plugin is manageable and customizable from the admin panel. Choose from 70+ map theme styles, use custom markers, and change the map language.

Multiple information windows can pop up when a marker is clicked. It is compatible with mobile touch swipe navigation and also supports thousands of map markers. It uses geo-targeting to determine the visitor’s location.

WP Store Locator

Inform your clients of your brick-and-mortar locations with this WordPress mapping plugin. WP Store Locator is a straightforward location manager. An unlimited number of store locations are supported.

Easily customize the map’s appearance, choose to show distance in kilometers or miles or display maps in different languages. You can also show search results either below or next to the map. Markers are placed by dragging and dropping.

Most importantly this plugin provides a lot of information to your clients. It’s possible to add custom labels, filter by radius, and show driving directions from their location to any of your store locations.

Provide extra details like contact information, descriptions, hours, or a URL. With shortcodes, you can show a store map, a store locator, or operating hours. This plugin is compatible with multilingual plugins like qTranslate X and WPML and is ready for translation into different languages.

Map List Pro

Map List Pro is a professional in listing maps. WordPress website owners can use this plugin to display store locators, addresses, or contact lists.

To edit, simply drag and drop the icons to where you want them. Use the filter features to help your visitors find locations with ease. Locations can be sorted by distance, searched by text, or filtered by category.

Adapt the maps to your needs with customizable icons and 35 different styles. Use the cluster markers for a clean appearance. This plugin also works well on mobile devices.

Interactive World Maps

Add large scale maps to your website with this WordPress mapping plugin. Interactive World Maps displays a customizable world map. Showcase your worldwide offices, global travel trips, global historical locations, or infographics.

According to the need, scale the map down to a specific continent, sub-continent, or country. Almost all countries of the world are included. For use in the United States of America, you can display a specific State and metropolitan areas.

Add active colored regions to your maps. Customize the look by changing the size of the map, the colors, the pins, and more. You can arrange for continents to open in the same window or a new window.

This plugin has a responsive design for use on any device. It is fast loading and SEO friendly. Interactive tooltips on hover enable you to add additional information or even images to each location. You can also set up actions for clicks.

Google Maps CP

This plugin inserts a Google Map into your blog or any WordPress template that displays multiple posts. It uses geolocation data to add markers to your maps. Pin multiple locations with a physical address or coordinates. Google Maps CP can handle large volumes of map markers but any change you make will apply to every map.

Google Maps CP  free has two further premium versions available. One premium version targets professionals and the other is the developer version.

The free version allows customization of maps and markers. There are a variety of map types, full scalability of maps, and zoom capability. If a map is displayed in a single post it will carry markers from other posts within related categories. Maps inserted into a template that displays multiple posts will contain all the markers associated with the posts. Hovering over a marker will highlight the corresponding post. It also supports multiple languages.

The professional version supports multiple maps but will still display the same points in all the maps. It also allows drawing shapes, marker clustering, and changing map styles. You can insert the map as a widget in the sidebars, and add a search box.

The developer version includes all the above along with the ability to create a contact form. It will send email notifications to the user based on information from the form. For notifications, link a different email address to each point, or choose to link a single email address to all points on the map. You can also use an image associated with the point as the icon on the map.

Nomad World Map

Nomad World Map is a great plugin to create a travel map. Use it to create multiple maps and display them on the same page. For each location, you can choose how much information to display. Display a blog post excerpt, a customized description or simply display travel dates.

Another feature is the carousel underneath the map. As the viewer slides through the carousel, the map will automatically zoom to the linked location.

Multi-functional Google Maps Plugins

Location Manager

Location Manager allows users to pin several locations to a map. This plugin has several features that enable you to display information-rich content.

Customize your map using unique icons for each location or use tiles to layer information on top of the map. Each location can have several images attached to it.

This plugin can add lines or shapes to each map. Use categories and an index page to organize and tidy up your map. There are six themes and a variety of map types to utilize. Google Maps Navigation is included.

Interactive Geo Maps

This plugin allows you to customize and expand the functionality of your maps.

With the free version, display colored and interactive pins, open a new link with a click, or display tooltips with a hover. It features over 200 maps covering all the countries of the world, with the option to add zoom controls.

The Pro version provides a wider range of features such as custom images for your markers, connecting markers with lines, 10+ map projections, advanced zoom, and individually colored regions. Use it to create drill-down maps, overlay maps, or heatmaps.

Maps can be inserted using the shortcode or custom Gutenberg block.

Advanced Google Maps

Advanced Google Maps supports unlimited maps and unlimited markers.

You can use this plugin to display multiple custom filters on the frontend enabling visitors to search for keywords. The application of radius filters to each map allows visitors to search for locations near them.

Advance Google Maps will link and display posts on the map. The post’s title, description, and featured image will be visible. Or display the post’s information below the map in list or grid format.

SnazzyMap Skins are supported and info window templates are included to personalize the appearance of the maps.

WP Google Map Plugin

WP Google Map Plugin can embed maps on pages, posts, and widgets with shortcodes.

Google autosuggest assists in creating map markers. Drop multiple pins on a Google map, then attach links to display messages or redirect visitors. Adjust the map height and width and use custom pins to fully personalize your map.

The premium version includes features such as map layering and the ability to import and export locations. Draw and display unlimited shapes. When clicked, these shapes present messages or redirect visitors to an external link. Additionally, display post information, featured images, and taxonomies on info window messages using placeholders. Use marker clusters to organize and make your map more appealing.

Hero Maps Premium

Hero Maps Premium provides many customization options to create a dynamic map. You can display fully responsive, full-screen maps or set the map to a fixed width. It is easy to manage through the dashboard. Simply drag and drop markers to place them on the map.

Use marker clusters, category filters, and tabbed filters to make an organized, consolidated map. Many skins and themes are available. There are three marker color packs included, or you can upload your own marker for more personalization. Additional features include multiple maps and shape drawing.


MapPress is teh last Google Maps plugin for WordPress that we’re presenting in the article. It offers a free and a premium version.

The free version enables you to add Google Maps and directions to your pages and posts. It allows multiple maps per page.

MapPress Pro is the premium version that has many more features. More than 100 marker icons are included in the Pro version. Also available are map mashups, which allows you to combine several maps. It supports images of specific locations and includes widgets for a sidebar map. There are marker lists that display a list of marked locations below the map. Additionally, it includes TurboCSV integration.

The Pressing World of WordPress Mapping Plugins

Twenty-three WordPress mapping plugins have been considered in this article. Each of them are able to create an engaging, fun, and appealing map. To choose the right one for your needs, it’s important to take time to review the various features.

By choosing one of these WordPress plugins, you can add an impressive and interesting map to your site. This will attract visitors and enable them to understand and remember your content.

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