The Best WordPress Image Map Plugins to Use

Maps are a powerful tool of communication and direction. They provide information at a glance and help the viewer remember it. Including a WordPress image map on your site can attract and impress visitors.

Image maps will enhance a contact page, a travel blog, or a post about favorite places to visit.

Adding a WordPress image map does not require programming skills. There are several easy and efficient ways to add an image map using WordPress map plugins.

Some of the best WordPress image map plugins


MapSVG is a WordPress image map plugin for every project. It provides powerful yet easy to use tools to create customized, informational, and interactive image maps.

It features Google Maps, vector, and image maps. Choose one of the thousands of map styles to change the look of Google Maps or add an interactive overlay to make your map stand out.

Display statistics with color-shading, or make a jpeg/png image interactive. While building your map, you can adjust and view it with the live preview feature.

Main features:

  • Google Maps integration
  • Vector maps
  • Image maps
  • Tooltips
  • Markers
  • Filters
  • Custom objects
  • Custom CSS
  • 100+ country/world maps
  • Custom event handlers
  • Latitude and longitude coordinates
  • Choropleth maps


This WordPress image map plugin has a wide range of unique and multipurpose features that you can use for image mapping. Upload your own map images or use the ever-expanding, built-in maps. Mapplic is perfect for building floor plans.

You can create any type of map with customizable pins and unlimited landmarks. Each location can be referenced with its own URL. Mapplic supports a wide range of devices and gives an optimal experience for touchscreen devices.

Main features:

  • Vector maps
  • Unlimited landmarks
  • Unlimited floors
  • Deep linking
  • Responsive design
  • Touchscreen devices supported
  • User-friendly backend
  • User guide included


This WordPress plugin adds pins to create interactive images. You can adapt it to any type of image map, or import your own pins, using the seven different types of pins.

iMapper offers over 600 Google fonts. Display your content below the image, with a bubble, a link, lightbox image, or lightbox frame.

With 3 easy steps, this WordPress image map plugin can attract visitors to your WordPress site and encourage them to linger.

Main features:

  • Interactive pins
  • Google fonts
  • Fully customizable
  • Lightbox supported
  • Add custom pin
  • Easy to use
  • Multiple ways to display content

Image Map Hotspot with Lightbox

Use this WordPress image map plugin to display tooltips with icons or numbers (after version 1.3.3). Adjust the popover to display with either a click or hover. You can display content in four directions. Drag icons to new positions in the backend and use the live preview feature to adjust easily.

Image Map Hotspot with Lightbox supports lightbox.

Main features:

  • Hotspots as icons or numbers
  • Click on or hover display
  • Tooltip position (top, bottom, right or left side)
  • Live working preview
  • Draggable icons to reposition
  • Supports lightbox
  • Unlimited hotspots
  • CSS3 transition effects

Advanced Image Map Hotspot

This WordPress plugin adds clickable icons to create interactive images. Use these icons and tooltips to describe parts of the image, add videos, downloading options, and more. You can create an appealing, interactive image map with a live working preview in the backend.

Main features:

  • Unlimited hotspots
  • CSS3 transition effects
  • Tooltip position (top, bottom, right or left side)
  • Easy customization
  • Live working preview

Flat 360⁰ Panoramic Image Viewer

Bring panoramic photos to life with this WordPress image map plugin. It adds hotspots and scrolling to any panoramic image and gives users access to right and left rotation arrows for 360⁰ visibility. You can create an immersive viewing experience for your users.

Main features:

  • Supports only flat panoramic images
  • 180/360 degree rotation
  • Gutenberg editor compatible
  • Ability to add hotspots
  • Lightbox plugin compatible
  • Auto-scroll with sliding controls
  • Localization ready for translations
  • Step by step instructions included

Availability Image Map

This WordPress image map plugin features an availability map, which is useful for showing property availability for rent or sale. You can add, edit, and otherwise manage apartments from the backend. Many style settings are provided for customization.

Main features:

  • Template builder with custom SVG-map
  • Custom fields with SUM and COUNT functions
  • Custom user filters
  • Comments history for apartment
  • Polygon hover tabs
  • Polygon hover tooltips
  • Polygon click popups
  • Polygon click redirect
  • Admin Columns plugin compatible
  • Advanced Custom Fields plugin compatible

Basic Google Maps Placemarks

This is an uncomplicated plugin that creates a custom post type for placemarks on a Google map. You can use the  provided shortcode to insert the map onto posts or pages. Customize the markers by using a featured image meta box.

Placemarks can be assigned to categories, and each individual map can be customized to show the desired categories. You can also customize the type of map, center location, navigation controls, etc., according to your needs.

This WordPress plugin has many filters so developers can extend it as needed.

Main Features:

  • Creates custom post type
  • Setup tailored maps on different pages
  • Custom marker icons
  • Easily tailored according to needs
  • Lots of filters so developers can extend the plugin

Qual Z

Qual Z is a unique plugin for WordPress that creates layers on an image. Upload any panoramic image and create layers to highlight aspects of the image. You can provide information related to those layers, including maps or videos. Qual Z lets you control the size, color, background, thickness, and opacity of the layers.

Main features:

  • Upload panoramic pictures
  • Create a layer
  • Control the size of the layer
  • Control the color, background, and opacity of the layer
  • Add related information with a rich text editor

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