Indoor Mapping Software and Options for Dynamic Floorplans

Today, maps are an integral aspect of our lives. Maps for roads and the outside are easily accessible and widely used. However, the idea of mapping indoors is gaining popularity and has become one of the highest growing location analytics software.

Indoor mapping software converts floorplans into interactive digital maps. These maps help users visualize spatial data. They also serve to provide in-building navigational directions.

Indoor mapping obtains information from device sensors to deliver real-time indoor location intelligence. It also utilizes business rules, IoT, and localization.

A well made indoor map can look simple, but it takes thoughtful preparation to make it effective and intuitive. This article discusses software recommendations for building a dynamic indoor map. But first, here are some applications of indoor mapping solutions:

Main Applications of Indoor Mapping

Hospitals, shopping malls, and airports have been investing in indoor mapping software. They saw the potential to gain insights on customer and patient behaviors. With the appearance of COVID-19, this technology takes on new implications. Now it can be used to help businesses operate safely by providing real-time data to assure social distancing measures. There is also the possibility of implementing contact-tracing applications to track viruses.

The advancement of indoor intelligent software has the possibility of reshaping our daily lives. Currently, enterprises are in a unique position to capitalize on this technology. Here are some areas where indoor mapping can be utilized and the possible benefits.

Travel and Event Businesses

Using indoor mapping can help travel and event industries to:

  1. Organize layout to plan and accommodate people’s movements
  2.  Increase transportation efficiency
  3. Create a smooth experience for the movement between various locations. (For example, airport parking, check-in, security, and duty-free areas)

Retail Businesses

Indoor mapping software can help retail businesses to:

  1. Price products according to foot traffic data
  2. Efficiently place advertising banners
  3. Adapt opening and closing times according to demand
  4. Organize layout to accommodate customer movement
  5. Increase return on investment (ROI) by publicizing promotions

Industry Businesses

With indoor mapping software, industries can improve in:

  1. Safety in the workplace
  2. Automation of selected paths and processes
  3. Visitor tracking

Healthcare businesses

Healthcare businesses can use indoor mapping software to track:

  1. Cleaning frequency and other hygiene standards
  2. The efficiency of staff members
  3. Visitor access and behavior

Smart Buildings

Smart buildings can also utilize indoor mapping software for:

  1. Monitoring building operations and systems
  2. Analyzing and communicating data
  3. Managing security
  4. Enhancing building controls such as lighting and HVAC
  5. Improving energy efficiency. Artificial intelligence can be used to control and schedule lighting, temperature, power supply, and distribution

Best Indoor Mapping Software


MapSVG is a premium mapping platform full of features for you to create a dynamic indoor map. This mapping solution allows you to build Google, vector, or image maps and can display data in the form of an indoor map from any system.

This platform is full of unique features like useful map markers. It offers tooltips and event handlers with on click, mouseover, or afterload.

It supports latitude and longitude coordinates to set a marker. Other features include form building and custom CSS.

The back end makes building and editing maps straightforward and uncomplicated. It includes a drag-and-drop feature and realistic components to design a map of any type.

Point Inside

Point Inside is an advanced and flexible indoor mapping platform. One of the best features of this platform is the speed with which maps can be launched.

This platform is a natural match for retail businesses. Using the Fusion app created by this company, retailers can supply their customers with access to their indoor maps.

Instead of creating a complex map, retailers can use a basic map and add useful features. For example, features can be added to direct shoppers to specific areas. Point Inside has a further feature for shoppers to search for keywords. After typing in keywords the platform directs them to specific products or product promotions.

Retailers can also enable location-specific notifications to be sent to shoppers. Data is collected for market research.


Concept3D is an extensive multimedia company that offers mobile, web, and geolocation software development. Concept3D allows you to build dynamic maps and virtual tours.

This platform offers services from their family of products including CampusBird, Altas, and simuwatt. CampusBird provides interactive maps of schools. Atlas delivers interactive maps and map management systems. Simuwatt offers energy analysis tools.

The content management system (CMS) gives you the tools to build and edit with ease. You can integrate 360-degree videos, 3D images, data, and maps to create a customized virtual environment. Once completed, share your space from desktop, mobile, or virtual reality.


Navigine is an indoor mapping engine used to provide indoor navigation, analytics, and tracking. This platform uses a combination of device sensors, external infrastructure, and floor plans. By combining this technology Navigine can keep up with the evolution that can occur inside a building. It can also track users within one to three meters.

Navigine uses location data to send timely notifications and direct users to specific locations.


Mappedin has successfully built indoor maps for clients around the world. They work with campuses, airports, hospitals, malls, and more. This platform will help you visualize, create, and maintain your maps.

Mappedin is a flexible platform that provides pre-built or custom development tools. These tools allow you to build dynamic digital maps for use in several applications. The application is easy to navigate with a single content management system.

Meridian Apps

Meridian Apps also delivers interactive indoor maps. This platform shares locations and provides navigational directions inside physical locations such as sports stadiums and malls. This platform utilizes proximity awareness technology. This allows business owners to send location-specific notifications to mobile app users. Meridian Apps also provides asset tracking.

Meridian Apps is powered by Aruba Location Services and integrates with Aruba Beacons. With SDKs, this platform’s features can be added to existing apps, or a developer can use the AppMaker to create a customized indoor map from scratch.

Floor Plan Mapper

A good option for mapping your office space is Floor Plan Mapper. You can create an interactive map that displays and locates employees, printers, conference rooms, and more. Calendar integration and hot-desking allow you to organize your workspace by scheduling meetings and desks when available.

Floor Plan Mapper can be hosted online as a cloud-based system (SaaS) or it can be hosted on your dedicated servers. Floor Plan Mapper supports real-time Windows Active Directory, Office 365, Azure AD, and SharePoint. It also integrates with Facilities/Asset Management Systems like Top Desk, KACE, or ServiceNow.

Inpixon Mapping

Inpixon Mapping is an indoor mapping software that converts static floor plans into digital maps. This platform provides vector maps that can be separated into several layers and are geospatially accurate. Objects on the map can be linked to external data sources. Inpixon Mapping can be integrated, linked, and synchronized with external systems using REST APIs.

This platform includes a single set of maps that can be customized to your unique set of specifications. Once created and placed in apps, these maps can be utilized by the customer.


With SPREO you receive a cloud-based, flexible indoor mapping platform. This digital solution includes an expansive but simple CMS to build and modify with ease. With SPREO you can manage corporate efficiency with a real-time location system for tracking personnel or assets. It can enhance workplace organization by displaying when meeting rooms are available. Indoor navigation and proximity notifications are other useful tools contained in this platform.

Further features include smooth transitions from the outdoors to indoors. SDKs are also available to integrate this mapping platform with existing mobile applications.

Azure Maps

Azure Maps is a platform from Microsoft that provides tools to build mapping applications. Its features include displaying demographic information, overlays, and directing vehicles. This is a growing platform and its newest addition is a tool to build indoor maps. It adds layers and map data by including floor plans and representations of buildings. Map data is displayed as vector tiles. You can add your own data, like from IoT monitors, to these tiles.

The backend makes it easy to create and edit mapping tiles. Any customized maps can be added to apps, web, PC, or mobile devices.

Ending thoughts on these indoor mapping options

There is a growing demand for indoor mapping software because of useful applications such as managing workspaces. Workspaces can be managed efficiently with enhanced safety thanks to indoor mapping options. Consumers can navigate or be guided to specific indoor and outdoor locations. Indoor mapping is also useful for business owners to collect movement data to better understand consumers.

When synchronized with other platforms indoor maps are current and represent in real-time. With several possible applications, indoor mapping software is a powerful tool.

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