How to Pin Multiple Locations on Google Maps Easily

When we want to locate a place, whether to search for a particular street or find some available services nearby like a car wash or salon, it’s easier to tap on a smartphone rather than open up a map.

Google continues to empower people with digital tools and applications designed to simplify lives. Google Maps is one of the leading Google applications, and it is also the preferred navigation app to date because of its straightforward interface, application features, and capacity to provide clear and accurate directions. Most people have consulted Google Maps at least once on their mobile devices or computers.

One of Google Maps’ core capabilities includes plotting multiple markers. The app enables users to save or mark multiple locations through pins. These pins are used to mark a place with or without an address. Plotting pins allows people to easily navigate from point A to point B, and helps show rendezvous locations.

For business owners, using multiple pins not only provides potential customers with more information, but it also makes it easier to locate the business addresses. This also enables them to display their list of locations simultaneously, allowing viewers to have a broader view of the vicinity and compare distances.

This article provides for your convenience different methods on how to pin multiple locations on Google Maps and how to embed it on a website.

Pin Multiple Locations Using Saved Places on Google Maps

One way of dropping multiple pins is by adding locations to ‘Saved Places’, which can be found on the Main Menu of Google Maps. To do so, you must first sign into your Google account.

After signing in, click on the ‘hamburger’ icon or the three short lines to toggle a menu. Click on the ‘Your Places’ panel, then select ‘Saved’.

It will show default lists of pre-defined saved places such as ‘Favorites’ and ‘Starred Places’, and in the latest Google Maps version, it will also display ‘Labelled’ and ‘Want to go’. Select a list, and it will display a map with a pin on the saved location.

If you’re using the latest Google Maps mobile application, you will find ‘Saved’ at the bottom menu.

To add a location to ‘Saved Places’, you must first locate the place you intend to save by searching it on Google Maps. Click the red pin or the location marker, then select the ‘Save’ button. It will then allow you to save it under a default list or custom list of your choice. To create a custom list, click the ‘New list’ button. After saving a location, reload the map or refresh the page.

Pin Multiple Locations Using Google Maps Creator

You can also pin multiple locations by creating multiple maps. First, expand the main menu and go to ‘Your Places’. It will now display four columns which are, ‘Labeled’, ‘Saved’, ‘Visited’, and ‘Maps’.

The ‘Saved’ column classifies the places that you choose to visit or have saved for reference.

‘Visited’ is for the places that you’ve already visited before, and ‘Labeled’ is usually for locations that you have provided as part of your personal information such as home address and office address, or other places that you have labeled differently.

The column ‘Maps’ shows all the maps that you have created.

To create a map, go to the column ‘Maps’. At the bottom of the panel, click on the ‘Create Map’ link and it will launch Google My Maps on a new tab.

This feature enables you to create custom maps by drawing lines, adding markers and directions, and customizing layers and the base map. You can add multiple locations on every layer by drawing or importing data. It also allows you to customize the appearance of layer features on the map.

Adding Multiple Markers

Google My Maps allows users to customize maps and add different elements such as multiple markers, layouts, driving directions, and more.

To add a marker on your custom map, click the pinpoint icon under the search field. You may place the marker manually or find the location through the search bar.

Placing the marker manually requires you to name the location and provide a short description before adding it to the map, whereas adding a location through the search bar makes it easier and more accurate.

When you add a location through a search engine, the search results will display a green marker. You may click the ‘Add to Map’ option to add the location.

There are two easy ways to add multiple points on Google Maps through the search field. One is to search by the location coordinates, and the other is searching by name.

If you have the GPS coordinates of a particular address, you can simply paste the coordinates in the search bar, and Google will automatically place the marker on the address.

If you prefer to search the location by name, type the name of the city, street, landmark, or any place you wish to locate, and Google will provide a list of suggested results. Review the search results and choose your desired location.

How to Embed a Google Map on Your Website

To embed the map on your website, you must first get the code. To do this, check if the map is public. On the mobile application version, toggle the three-dotted icon menu, then select ‘Sharing options’. Under ‘List Type’, there are three options, ‘Private’, ‘Shared’, and ‘Public’. Click ‘Public’, and the changes will automatically save.

On the Google Maps website, click the ‘Share’ button beside the title of the map. Toggle the ‘Who has access’ drop down menu, then select ‘Public’.

After changing the privacy setting, click the menu icon, and select ‘Embed on my site’. The HTML code will generate in a pop-up window. Now copy the code and paste it into the code block of your web page. Re-publish your website to display the map.

However, please note that if the embedded code feature is not fully responsive it will require a minor edit on the code. The easy fix is to change the width to “100%”.  For example, width=”100%” height=”480″. There is no need to edit the height.

Ending thoughts on using MapSVG plugin with Google maps

Google Maps is without a doubt the most reliable navigation app, however, there is a limit to what Google Maps can offer in terms of design and visualization. If you opt to display or embed an interactive map for your website, you may integrate Google Maps with a map plugin.

MapSVG is a WordPress map plugin that converts any vector files into interactive and responsive maps. It combines any custom vector maps with Google Maps. It features a SnazzyMaps repository where users can choose and import designs from thousands of map styles. MapSVG also allows users to insert an interactive overlay on Google Maps.

This plugin enables users to create a map with multiple locations by entering the address or the latitude and longitude coordinates to insert location markers. These location markers are also customizable, as users can upload their image of choice for the markers.

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