How to Add Google Maps To WordPress Without a Plugin

Adding a map to your website is an excellent visual display to demonstrate all kinds of different information. Being able to add Google Maps to WordPress is relatively simple and a useful ability to have.

Google Maps is one of the most commonly used interactive map platforms. It is reliable and can display information in a wide variety of formats. This includes street view, terrain, satellite images, and a traditional map view.

Having a Google Map on WordPress allows visitors to see your location with directions, in relation to other points of interest. It’s also very easy to share in a blog post or page, email, or on social media.

How to add Google Maps to WordPress? It is easier than you think. Here are some ways to do it without using a WP Google Maps plugin.

Why You Might Want to Add Google Maps to WordPress

Of course, you could just display your address on your WordPress site, but then you’re leaving it up to your customer to look it up on a map. Including a map does the work for your visitor. It shows them where you are in relation to other nearby landmarks or recognizable points of interest.

Also, adding a Google Map to WordPress is superior to just a screenshot of a map. There are several reasons why it is better:

  • It can instantly provide potential customers with directions from wherever they are to your business.
  • Google Maps is a reputable platform and seeing your business on that platform thus makes your business look more reputable and legitimate.
  • Having a Google Map embedded in your WordPress website creates a good first impression because it looks organized and professional.
  • Seeing where your location is and what your hours make it easy for your potential client to decide when to visit.
  • If your potential customers see that your business happens to be close to them, they are more likely to pop by.
  • Google Maps is a popular app that is well-recognized by a majority of people who also already know how to use it. Therefore, you’re giving potential customers more reason to trust your business.

Adding Google Maps in WordPress Without a Plugin

Embedding Google Maps in WordPress without a plugin is a simple way of adding a map with a single location or a set of directions. Alternatively, you can use “My Maps” on Google Maps to create a more detailed map with your own customizations. With My Maps, you can add multiple locations, custom colors, and notes.

Here are the steps to embed Google Maps in WordPress:

Creating the map container

First, we need to create a container. This is the space on your webpage where the map will be placed. We do this by creating a div tag that has google-map as the attribute.

<div id="google-map">

Then we need to add the styling. Using CSS, we will include information about the height and width.

#google-map {

Creating the map that you want to embed

There are two options to create the Google Map that you can choose from. Either of these methods will generate a Google Maps embed code.

The first option is a standard Google Maps map. Go to Google Maps and enter the location that you want a map for. Then click on the Share button and select the option Embed Map. This will give you a code that you’ll need to copy. Keep this embed code handy for the next step.

The second option is to go to My Maps in Google Maps, which you’ll need to have a Google account for. Click on the button to Create a New Map and follow the steps to create your own custom map.

When you’re happy with your map, click on the Share button and change the viewing permissions from Private to Public. Then click the menu button that looks like three dots and select Embed on My Site. Like above, this will give you a code that you’ll need to copy to use in the next step.

Adding the Google Maps Embed Code To Your WordPress Site

Now you will put that code that you copied to good use. Go to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to the page or post that you want to include the map on and select to edit it. In the text editor, paste your code from above.

You can continue to make alterations to the width and height in the editor until it looks just like you want it to. When you’re satisfied, hit the Publish button and you’re done!

How to Embed More Complicated Maps Without A Plugin

Using the official Google My Maps tool will allow you to create more complicated Google Maps for your website. If your business has multiple locations, you can use My Maps to include all of them on the same map. You can use custom location markers as well as additional information in the form of annotations.

Then you can add the map to WordPress by following the steps outlined above. Click the Share button, change the permissions from Private to Public, and copy the provided code.

Ending thoughts on how to add Google Maps to WordPress without a plugin

An interactive Google Map is truly the best way to display your business location. It is a highly recognizable medium for a majority of potential customers. Most people are very comfortable with using Google Maps. They will easily be able to identify nearby points of interest and navigate to your location. It also makes your business look more legitimate and professional.

Embedding Google Maps in WordPress is a very easy process with a number of methods to do so. You can even add a map to WordPress without having to use a plugin.

For simple maps, you can share a regular Google Maps map. Alternatively, if you have multiple locations or want to be able to customize your map, then you can use My Maps in Google Maps. Whatever map you choose, you’ll be making life easier for both you and potential customers.

And here’s where we’re advocating for using a plugin to add Google Maps to WordPress. The plugin that we suggest you use is MapSVG.

MapSVG is a WordPress map plugin that helps you create custom content (people, real estate, events, or anything else) and show it on a vector, image, or Google Maps – with filters and search.

Store locator section created with MapSVG

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