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I know you arrived to this article to get a blank map of UK.

Yet, let’s take a look at a short intro about the UK.

The United Kingdom is a complex country with a long history. This European country consists of one large island, part of a second one, and many small ones.

The total land surface area is 244,820 square kilometers.

Also in an administrative sense, the United Kingdom is rather complicated. It is non-uniform and multi-layered.

It consists of four major countries:

  • England
  • Scotland
  • Wales
  • Northern Ireland

Each of these countries has its local government, administrative system, and demarcation. So, there is no clear definition of the administrative units that form the United Kingdom.

To learn more about this fascinating country, check out the general information below. Then continue reading for a list of links, each with a blank map of the UK.

UK Geography

The United Kingdom shares only one land border. This is between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Apart from that land border, the UK is completely surrounded by water. In the south, the English Channel separates it from the European mainland.

In the east and northeast is the North Sea. In the west, the Irish Sea separates Wales and England from Ireland.

The Atlantic Ocean meets Scotland in the north and northwest.

Much of Britain and Northern Ireland consists of a rugged landscape with high hills. However, low hills and flat areas characterize the south and southeast.

Scotland has some higher peaks. This part of the country is divided into two parts: The Highland and the Lowlands.

The Highlands sit to the north and northeast of Scotland, with the Lowlands in the south.

Ben Nevis, the highest peak in the UK is in the Highlands. Its summit reaches 1,345 meters, or 4,413 feet, above sea level.

Key Facts about the United Kingdom

Official Name: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Although used synonymously, the United Kingdom and Great Britain refer to different entities. For further clarification, you should check out this video:

The UK includes Northern Ireland. Great Britain refers to the island including England, Wales, and Scotland.

  • Total Land Area: 243,610.00 square kilometer
  • Total Population: 66,834,405
  • National Symbols:
    • Flag: Union Jack
    • Colors: Red, white, and blue
    • Animal: Lion
  • Major Urban Areas:
    • London (9,304,016 inhabitants)
    • Manchester (2,730,076 inhabitants)
    • Birmingham (2,607,437 inhabitants)
    • West Yorkshire (1,889,095 inhabitants)
    • Glasgow (1,673,332 inhabitants)
    • Southampton/Portsmouth (927,916 inhabitants)
    • Liverpool (901,708 inhabitants)
    • Newcastle upon Tyne (809,481 inhabitants)
    • Nottingham (787,610 inhabitants)
    • Sheffield (730,158 inhabitants)

Political Divisions

At the highest level, the UK is divided into nine regions, the most prominent one being the London Region. This is further subdivided into the City of London plus 32 London boroughs.

The Greater London Authority governs the London Region. The London Assembly is part of the Authority and is directly elected.

The other eight national regions consist of metropolitan and non-metropolitan counties.

In England, divisions are made based on counties. These are then subdivided into boroughs, royal boroughs, metropolitan boroughs, cities, and districts.

Authorities combine the functions of districts and counties.

The country of Northern Ireland traditionally consists of six counties. This is an informal division, as these counties do not have administrative purposes.

Scotland possesses 32 council areas, which also form the unitary authorities. Finally, Wales consists of ceremonial counties, which do not serve any official purposes. 

The United Kingdom also has fourteen Overseas Territories.

UK Blank Map Examples

SVG vector map of United Kingdom

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UK Coasts

Blank Map of the British Isle including Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and England politically

British Isles outline map

A blank map of the British Isles, with the largest islands and archipelagos, labeled

Green Map of UK

Blank Topographic map of the United Kingdom

Blank Map showing the regions of England within the United Kingdom

Outline Map of UK

A printable blank map of Great Britain within the British Isles and its islands

Map showing the geographical scope of Britain and Ireland, namely Great Britain, Ireland, and the Isle of Man. The Channel Islands are excluded

Nations of the UK – Blank Map

Outline Map of UK with Transparent Background

Seas around the British Isles, topographic map

Blank Map showing Ireland (the island) within the British Isles

Printable Outline Map of UK

UK Coasts White Blank Map

Blank Map of United Kingdom’s Counties

Blank Map of the British Isles with counties

Blank Map of the United Kingdom in Red Color

Flag Map of the UK Nations

A Blank Map of the UK Territory

Blank Map of the United Kingdom in Yellow with Transparent Color

Blank Map showing Scotland within the British Isles

Blank Map of UK Regions

Blank Map showing the United Kingdom within the British Isles

Blank map of the British Isles

Flags of Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, and England with their respective areas separated from each other

Blank Map showing Wales within the British Isles

Terminology Map of the British and Irish Isles

UK Coasts with Hydrography

Map showing England within the British Isles

UK Blank Map Green

UK Boundaries

Blank Map of UK – Blue

Blank Map of UK with Main Roads

Blank Map of UK Nations

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Outline Map of Great Britain Black

Blank Map with Names of UK Nations

Blank Map – England Administrative Counties

Blank Map of the United Kingdom

Blank Map of UK Counties

Colored Blank Map of the United Kingdom with Main Cities

Blank Map of UK with Main Cities Marked

Flag Map of the United Kingdom

Blank Map of England and Wales from 1890s

A blank map of England divided by NUTS 3 level subdivisions

Map of the border between England and Scotland (in black) within the United Kingdom (with the Anglo-Welsh border in dark green)

Blank Map of UK with UK Cities Named

Blank map of UK with transparent background

Blank Map of the Empire of the White Falcon 1043-1692

Map of the Lord Lieutenancy areas of the United Kingdom (as of 2008), highlighting the location of Greater Manchester

England Counties

Map of Scotland (dark blue) within the United Kingdom

Blank Map of UK with Counties and Main Cities Marked

Map of Wales (green) within the United Kingdom

UK Outline Map

Ireland & Britain, c. AD 500, roughly the period of the legendary King Arthur

England and Wales Blank Map

United Kingdom SVG Map

United Kingdom Blank Outline Map coloring page

UK Map with Nation Names in Different Colors

England Counties Colored

UK Map with Nations in Different Colors

UK Blank Map Colored

SVG blank map of the United Kingdom

Map showing the Republic of Ireland within the British Isles

UK Map with Countries in Different Colors

Blank Map of UK with Nations and Main Roads

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