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On the map of Europe, Spain lies in the southwestern extremity. It is located on the Iberian Peninsula.

Spain occupies around 85% of the land area here. The other 15% is part of Spain’s neighbor, Portugal.

Below are some interesting facts about Spain, followed by a list of links, each leading to a blank map of Spain.

Geographical Information

The surface of Spain covers 505,990 square kilometers or 195,360 square miles. It is the largest country in southern Europe. 

It is the second-largest country in the European Union and the fourth largest in the European continent.

The largest city in Spain is Madrid, which is also its capital. It is at the very center of the country and is central to Spain’s road system.

In the middle of Madrid is the Puerta del Sol (The Sun Gate). Other major cities include:

  • Barcelona
  • Valencia
  • Seville
  • Zaragoza
  • Malaga
  • Bilbao

Besides bordering Portugal in the west, Spain shares a land border with France in the north. Squeezed between these two countries lies the small principality of Andorra.

In the southernmost tip is Gibraltar, which used to be part of Spain, but is now British.

Culture and Languages of Spain

There are large differences between Spain’s regions. These differences include climate, landscape, customs, and languages.

Besides Spanish, there are four other official languages:

  • Aranese
  • Basque
  • Catalan
  • Galician.

Things Spain Is Famous For

With all its diversity, Spain has much to offer to its visitors. It is the third most popular tourist destination in the world, only after France and the USA.

These are some of the most famous things from Spain.

Corrida de Toros (Bullfigting)

In Spain, bullfighting has ancient roots. Not enjoyed by everyone, it involves one bull and three matadors in a fight to the death.

La Siesta

An afternoon nap or break of around three hours. Most Spaniards and many other Mediterraneans enjoy this break.


Tapas, or small bites, are enjoyed in the many bars in Spain. Drinking and eating is a great opportunity to catch up with friends.


Originally from Valencia, paella is a rice dish, garnished with seafood and meat or fish. This is probably the most famous product from Spanish cuisine.


Art is everywhere in Spain, but a live Flamenco dance is something to behold.


Vineyards cover almost 3,000,000 acres of Spain’s land area. That is more than any other country in the world.

La Tomatina

Spain is a land of tomatoes and festivals, resulting in many tomato festivals. La Tomatina is the most famous of these. 


Sangria is famous around the world. Not much is known about this alcoholic drink, except that it is from Spain.


Ibiza is an island off the east coast of Spain, known for its nightlife and parties. The most famous DJs in the world often perform there.

Pablo Picasso

Picasso has had a tremendous influence on the 20th-century global art scene. He worked on ceramics, paintings, prints, sculptures, and set making. 

El Clasico

Spanish football, or soccer, is loved around the world. One of the most famous matches is the one between Real Madrid and Barcelona, two of the best teams in Europe.

Blank Map of Spain Examples

SVG vector map of Spain

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Coasts of Spain Two Colors

Blank Map with Main Cities Marked

Blank Map in Two Colors

Blank Map of  Spain Administrative Division

Transparent Map of Spain

The simple outline map of Spain

Map of Spain in 3D

Vector Map of Spain

Map of Spain in Yellow

Airports in Spain

Coasts of Spain One Color

Outline Map of Spain with Transparent Background

Provinces of Spain in Different Colors.

3D Map of Spain

Flag Map of Spain

Map of Spain: Administrative Division

Hi-resolution vector map of Spain regions with names

Spain Provinces Colored

Autonomous Communities of Spain With Other Countries

Spain Coast and Borders

Outline Map of Spain Provinces with Transparent Background

Map of Spain: Provinces with Transparent Background

Municipalities and provinces vector map of Spain

Autonomous Communities of Spain

Map of Spain Hydrography

Spain Blank Map in Color Transparent Background

Map of Spain autonomous communities

Blank Map of Iberian Languages

Map of Spain in Grey

Spain Main Cities Map

Map of Spain: Borders and Hydrography

Spain Location in Europe Blank Map

Mapa Espanha Cc

Map of Spain

Map of Spain in Green

 Vector map of Spain provinces

Ports of Spain Satellite Map

Blank Map of Spain Boundaries and Roads

Outline Map of Spain in Grey

Printable Map of Spain

Spain boundaries, autonomous communities

Spain Flag Map

Spain Rivers Outline Map

Blank Map of Iberian Peninsula

Spain Autonomous Communities Labeled

Spain Railways

Blank Spain political map

CCAA of Spain (Blank map)

Blank Map of Spain Autonomous Communities and Provinces

Spain Provinces

Spain physical map

Spain Counties Blank Map

Outline Map of Spain

Spain Provinces Labeled

Spain satellite map

Empty map of Spain

A blank map of Spain (modern style)

Blank Spain Map (Autonomous Communities) SVG

Outline Map of Spain Provinces

Spain map (peninsula) element for SVG

Outline Map of Spain Autonomous Communities in Different Colors

Blank Map of Iberian Peninsula

Spain Provinces Blank Map on One Color

Outline Map of Spain Autonomous Communities Labeled in Different Colors

Spain SVG Map.

Blank Map of Spain Brown Color

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