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This is a compilation of maps where whichever blank map of Canada you need is available. It includes maps of rivers and lakes, the coastline, the provinces and territories, maps with capitals starred, relief elevation of Canada, and more.

Canada – A Quick Country Overview

Canada is the second-largest country in the world, occupying an area of 9,984,670 sq km (or 3,855,103 sq mi). It is located in the northern part of North America.

It borders with the USA to the south, and the rest of the territory is encircled by three oceans- the Atlantic in the east, the Arctic Ocean in the north, and the Pacific in the west.

The capital is Ottawa, and there are two official languages: English and French. Over 81% of the 37,512,000 inhabitants live in urban areas, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica. The largest cities are Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and Ottawa.

The Head of State is the British monarch, Queen Elizabeth II.

The name of the country seems to originate with the Huron-Iroquois word ‘kanata’, which means “village” or “settlement”. The indigenous inhabitants were native Americans(the First Nations) and the Inuit peoples.

Provinces and Territories

Canada has two types of administrative divisions: provinces and territories.

Provinces receive their authority from the Constitution Act (1867). There are 10 provinces:  Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, and Saskatchewan.

Territories are empowered by the Parliament of Canada. The 3 territories include Northwest Territories, Nunavut, and Yukon.

Interesting Facts

  • Canada is one of the world’s most sparsely populated countries, despite its size. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, the density of population is 4.2 per sq km (or 10.8 per sq mi)
  • Nine out of ten Canadians live in the US – Canada border region. This is an area covering 160 square kilometers/ 99 square miles.
  • About 1.4 million Canadians refer to themselves as belonging to the indigenous people.
  • Lakes and wetlands cover about 1/5 of Canada’s total area. These include the world’s largest surface of freshwater, The Great Lakes. They form part of the US border. There are also Great Bear and Great Slave lakes, and Manitoba and Winnipeg lakes.
  • The longest river is Mackenzie, with 4,241 kilometers (or 2,635 miles). St. Lawrence is the largest river flowing into the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Canada is the world leader in uranium mining. The largest uranium mine in the world is at Cigar Lake in northern Saskatchewan.
  • Canada has the longest coastline in the world made up of 52,455 islands across the area of 243,042 kilometers (151,019 miles).
  • The life expectancy in Canada is 79.3 years for men, and 84.5 years for women.
  • Canada’s border with the contiguous United States to the south and the U.S. state of Alaska to the northwest forms the longest border in the world not patrolled by military forces. It covers an area of 8,891 km (5,525 mi).
  • Three Canadian islands are among the top ten biggest islands by area in the world. They are: Baffin Islands (507,451 sq km/195,928 sq mi ), Victoria Island (217,291 sq km/83,896 sq mi ) and Ellesmere Island (196,236 sq km/75,767 sq mi).
  • The highest mountain in Canada is Mount Logan with 5,959 m (19,551 ft). It is located in the Yukon Territory.
  • Canada is among the top ten countries with the world’s largest oil reserves. With under 170 billion barrels, it stands in the third position, which represents a 9.8% share of the global resource.

Curated List Of the Best Blank Maps Of Canada

Free blank SVG vector map of Canada

This map is created with MapSVG

You can download a blank vector map of Canada and make it interactive with the MapSVG WordPress map plugin. You can also use it in any custom project.

Blank Canada Map Colored

Blank map of Canada PNG image with transparent background

Blank Map of Canada with Longitudes

Blank map Provinces and territories of Canada transparent background PNG

Blank Map with Provinces, Territories, Capitals and Major City Names

This is a jpg map, and it will print out to make 8.5 x 11 blank Canada map.

Blank Map with Rivers

Boundaries, Provinces, Territories

Boundaries, Provinces, Territories, Names

Canada Blank Map

Canada Blank Map

Canada Blank Map, Red

Canada Blank Physical Map

Canada – Capitals Starred


Canada – Capitals Starred and Provinces Labeled

Canada – Capitals Starred, Provinces Numbered

Canada – Coastline Map

This map features only the coastline.

Canada – Provinces Outlined

Canada – Provinces Outlined and Labeled

Canada Map showing NTS Grid Coverage

Canada Map with Provinces

Canada Physiographic Regions

Canada Provinces and Territories Blank Map

Canada Provinces and Territories Labeled

Canada SVG Map

Canada with Province

This is a printable blank map with no names.

Coastline Map of Canada

Coastline Map of Canada with Latitudes

Colored Outline Map with Provinces

Hydrography Map of Canada

Main Rivers and Lakes of Canada

Multicolor Map of Canada

Outline Map of Canada

Outline Map of Canada (unlabeled)

Outline Map with Main Cities

Population Density Map of Canada

Printable Map of Canada

Provinces And Territories Of Canada Blank Map

Provinces of Canada

Relief Elevation Map of Canada

Simple Blank Map of Canada

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