The last WordPress map plugin you'll ever need.

Vector maps, Google Maps, Image maps.
In one plugin.

Used in projects for:

Interactive vector maps

Turn any vector or jpeg/png image into an interactive map with MapSVG WordPress mapping plugin.

More than 100+ countries and World maps are included in the plugin

Show tooltips & pop-ups.

Create any HTML content with custom fields, headers, images.

Disable some regions.

Visualize your data: show number of votes, average income, weather - by each region - with different shades of a color.

Show directory with a list of states / provinces / countries near your interactive map.

Create a list of objects with custom fields.

Possible field types:
text, textarea, radio, checkbox, WordPress post,
date, images, status, regions, marker.

Import large data sets from a CSV file.

Add markers by entering an address or lat/lon coordinates.
Choose one of included marker images or upload your own.

Add search and filters.

Do you need to create a store locator map with search for nearby shops by distance?
See examples on the Store Locator Map page.

Show Details View.
It can be located over the map or outside of it in any custom container.

Google Maps

Overlay vector maps on Google Map.
Positioning is done automatically.

Map type:

Thousands of map styles from SnazzyMaps
(works only with Roadmap / Terrain map types):

Draw your artwork in any vector editing software.
Overlay it on Google Map.

This map is also clickable.

Add object visibility toggles.

Image maps

MapSVG has drawing tools which allow you to create interactive Image Maps from raster JPEG/PNG images.

Custom functionality

MapSVG is extremely extendable with numerous javaScript event handlers.
Try to click on any building!

Custom styles

Fine-tune any styles with built-in CSS editor.