Download MapSVG WordPress map plugin

MapSVG Lite MapSVG Premium
Price Free $46
Vector maps Yes Yes
Google maps Yes Yes
Image maps Yes Yes
SVG maps of all countries included Yes Yes
Upload custom SVG files Yes Yes
Tooltips Yes Yes
Popovers Yes Yes
Database Yes Yes
Database custom field types Limited Textarea, Marker All Text, Textarea, Radio, Select, Multiselect, Checkbox, Post, Date, Image, Region
Attach Database objects to Regions No Yes
Attach images to Database objects / Regions No Yes
Region statuses Default Enabled / Disabled Custom Example: Sold/Available, Active/Inactive etc. With different colors for each status.
Custom Google Map styles No Yes
Go to URL on click on a region of a map No Yes
HTML support in Tooltips / Popovers / Details view No Yes
Choropleth maps No Yes
Details view No Yes
Directory No Yes
Search No Yes
Filters No Yes
Markers addition Manually by clicking on a map By entering an address or lat/lng coordinates
Support Basic Premium
Download Purchase $46